Delhi University (DU) First Cut-Off 2020-2021

The Delhi University (DU), has now announced the first cut-off list for merit-based admissions to undergraduate courses for the academic year 2020-21. As per schedule, the second cut off list would release on October 17. Known as the best university to pursue undergrad courses like B.A., B.Com, and B.Sc, Delhi University is a coveted institution for students all over India. DU affiliates a host of top colleges of the country and students consider it a matter of pride to get admission to them.

Students can seek admission from 10 am on October 12 to 5 pm on October 14. Also payment of fee would be open till October 16 until 5 pm. Nearly 91 colleges under Delhi University offer admission to UG programmes based on DU admission cut off marks. The University is going to start its new academic session for UG programs from November 18. Another cut-off would be announced on November 18 and admission would be done till November 20 on the basis of the same. 

Merit based admissions to BA, BCom and BSc courses, in colleges under Delhi University would begin from October 12. The entire admission process will be online this year due to the COVID19 pandemic. An online help desk has been formed by the University for the students to submit grievances related to undergraduate admissions through an online form, available on university website.

Delhi University Admissions 2020 begins from today. Here’s a quick look at Top 10 DU Colleges, courses offered, 1st cut off list and number of seats available for this year’s admissions.

The Lady Shri Ram College for Women has pegged 100 percent score for three courses for general category aspirants — BA (Hons) Economics, BA (Hons) Political Science and BA (Hons) Psychology, having the highest cut-off among science courses. Lady Shri Ram College has also released a cut-off of 99.75 percent for admission to B.Sc (Hons) Statistics for general category students. Hindu College on the other hand has released a cut-off of 99.25 percent. The college has also made a cut-off of 99.33 percent for B.Sc (Hons) Physics. To check the cut-off, visit Delhi University website

Documents required for admission:

Class 10 pass certificate or mark-sheet indicating dates of birth and parents’ names.

Class 12 mark sheet

SC/ST/OBC/EWS/CW/KM Certificate (if applicable)

OBC (Non-Creamy Layer) Certificate (if applicable)EWS Certificate from competent authority certifying the applicant can claim reservation under this category. Income certificate is also required.

Top 10 Colleges of DU

As per NIRF 2020 Rankings, Miranda House, which is also the Top College in the country is the best college in Delhi University. All these colleges are also amongs the Top 20 All India Ranks. 

  1. Miranda House
  2. Lady Shri Ram College for Women
  3. Hindu College
  4. St. Stephens College
  5. Hans Raj College
  6. Shri Ram College of Commerce
  7. Atma Ram Sanatam Dharm College – ARSD
  8. Sri Venkateswara College
  9. Deen Sayal Upadhyaya College
  10. Gargi College

Rankings and courses offered

St. Stephen’s College4B.A. Economics (Hons)B.A. History B.A. English (Hons)B.Sc Mathematics (Hons)B.Sc Chemistry (Hons)
Lady Shri Ram College for Women (LSR)2B.A. EnglishBachelor of Commerce (B.Com)B.A. Psychology (Hons)B.A. Economics (Hons)B.A Journalism (Hons)
Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC)12B.Com (Hons)B.A. Economics (Hons)
Sri Venkateswara College14B.Sc Mathematics (Hons)B.Sc Chemistry (Hons)B.Sc Physics (Hons)B.Com (Hons)B.A. Economics (Hons)
Hindu College3B.Com (Hons)B.A. History (Hons)B.A. Philosophy (Hons)B.A. Political Science (Hons)B.A. Economics (Hons)
Jesus & Mary College37B.Sc Mathematics (Hons)B.A. Psychology (Hons)B.A. Political Science (Hons)B.Com (Hons)B.A. Economics (Hons)
Hans Raj College9B.Sc Physics (Hons)B.Sc Chemistry (Hons)B.Com (Hons)B.Sc Mathematics (Hons)B.A. Economics (Hons)
Kamala Nehru College43B.A. Economics (Hons)B.A. Political Science (Hons)B.ComB.A. Journalism (Hons)B.A. Psychology (Hons)
Miranda House1B.A Philosophy (Hons)B.A Political Science (Hons)B.Sc Mathematics (Hons)B.A. English (Hons)B.A. Economics (Hons)
Gargi College16B.Sc Chemistry (Hons)B.A Psychology (Hons)B.A Political Science (Hons)B.ComB.A. Economics (Hons)
Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies (CBS)57B.Tech in Computer ScienceBachelor’s in Business Studies
Delhi College of Arts and Commerce (DCAC)B.A. History (Hons)B.A. Political Science (Hons)B.A Journalism (Hons)B.ComB.A. Economics (Hons)
Ramjas CollegeB.A Political Science (Hons)B.Sc Statistics (Hons)B.ComB.A History (Hons)B.A. Economics (Hons)
Shaheed Bhagat Singh CollegeB.Sc Mathematics (Hons)B.A Political Science (Hons)B.A. English (Hons)B.Com (Hons)B.A. Economics (Hons)
Indraprastha College for Women (IP College)43B.A Political Science (Hons)B.A. English (Hons)B.ComB.A. Mass Media & Mass CommunicationB.A. Economics (Hons)
College of Vocational Studies (CVS)B.A English (Hons)B.A History (Hons)Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)B.Com (Hons)B.A. Economics (Hons)
Kirori Mal College (KMC)19B.A Political Science (Hons)B.Sc Mathematics (Hons)B.A. English (Hons)B.Com (Hons)B.A. Economics (Hons)
Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College (ARSD)13B.Sc Mathematics (Hons)B.A. Political Science (Hons)B.Com (Hons)B.A. Economics (Hons)
Daulat Ram College26B.A. History (Hons)B.Sc. Mathematics (Hons)B.A. Psychology (Hons)B.Com (Hons)B.A. Economics (Hons)
Maitreyi College35B.Sc. Chemistry (Hons)B.A. History (Hons)B.A. Political Science (Hons)B.ComB.A. Economics (Hons)

Courses, 1st Cut off List 2020, No. of Seats for Top 10 DU Colleges

1. Miranda House

Course Name(Gen)(OBC)(SC)(ST)(PwD)(KM)(EWS)Total Seats
B.A. (H) Bengali7068656462656810
B.A. (H) Economics98.759794.59392.597.598.2578
B.A. (H) English9997.5959494.594.59878
B.A. (H) Geography98.597.759796.5929398.2558
B.A. (H) Hindi9288858383819078
B.A. (H) History98.75989696.759498.259858
B.A. (H) Philosophy9793.591.59090909658
B.A. (H) Political Sc.9998.25979795969868
B.A. (H) Sanskrit7571696565657239
B.A. (H) Sociology98.596.2594.594.594.594.7597.565
B.Sc. (H) Botany979694.3391.3388.339096.6739
B.Sc. (H) Chemistry97.3395.6790.6786.67909096.6778
B.Sc. (H) Math.98.7598.2596959598.2598.588
B.Sc. (H) Physics9897938993939786
B.Sc. (H) Zoology97.6796.3395.3392909297.3339
B.Sc. Life Science96.67959491909096.3344
B.Sc. Physical Sc.97.3396908990909743
B.A. Programme(all combinations)98.7598.598989698.598.5 

2. Lady Shri Ram College for Women (LSR)

B.A Programme (Computer Applications + Economics)97.2594.5092.0091.0091.5095.0091.5078
B.A Programme (Computer Applications + Mathematics)96.5094.0092.0091.0090.0096.0092.00
B.A Programme (Economics + History)99.0098.0097.0096.0095.0097.0097.00
B.A Programme (Economics + Mathematics)97.7595.0092.5091.0091.0096.0094.00
B.A Programme (Economics + Political Science)99.2599.0097.0096.0095.0099.0096.00
B.A Programme (History + Political Science)99.0098.0096.0095.0094.0098.0097.00
B.A Programme (History + Sociology)98.5096.5095.0094.0094.0097.0096.00
B.A Programme (Political Science + Psychology)99.0098.0097.0097.0095.0097.0096.00
B.A Programme (Psychology + Sociology)98.7597.7596.7596.7594.7596.7596.00
B.A. (Hons.) Economics100.0099.7599.5099.5099.0099.7599.00106
B.A. (Hons.) English99.0097.5095.5095.0093.5098.0096.00106
B.A. (Hons.) Hindi91.0089.0087.0085.0085.0090.0085.0039
B.A. (Hons.) History99.5099.0098.0098.5095.0099.0097.00106
B.A. (Hons.) Journalism99.5098.0097.5098.0098.0097.0097.0029
B.A. (Hons.) Philosophy98.0097.0095.0096.0095.0097.0097.0049
B.A. (Hons.) Political Science100.0099.0098.0098.5096.0099.0098.00106
B.A. (Hons.) Psychology100.0099.0098.5098.5098.7599.0098.7561
B.A. (Hons.) Sanskrit70.0068.0068.0068.0068.0069.5068.0029
B.A. (Hons.) Sociology99.2597.5096.5096.5096.0097.0097.0039
B.Com (Hons.)99.7599.5099.0099.0099.0099.5099.2568
B.Sc (Hons.) Mathematics97.2596.5093.0092.0090.0096.5093.5058
B.Sc (Hons.) Statistics99.7599.0096.0095.0099.0099.5099.0039

3. Hindu College

CourseGenOBCSCSTPwdEWSKMTotal Seats
B.Sc (Hons.) Statistics99.2598.2598.0097.5097.0098.5098.0040
B.Sc (Hons.) Botany97.0095.0093.0093.0091.0096.0094.0040
B.Sc (Hons.) Chemistry98.3397.0095.0090.0087.0097.6691.0079
B.Sc (Hons.) Mathematics99.0098.2598.0096.0098.2598.2597.0049
B.Sc (Hons.) Physics99.3398.6697.0091.0087.0098.6694.0079
B.Sc (Hons.) Zoology97.3396.3395.3392.3390.0097.0094.3340
B.Sc (Prog.) Physical Science with Chemistry97.3396.3394.0089.0086.0096.6690.0059
B.Sc (Prog.) Physical Science with Electronic97.0096.0088.0079.0076.0096.0090.0040
B.A. (Hons.) Economics99.2598.5093.7592.2595.0098.5096.0068
B.A. (Hons.) English98.5097.7596.0095.0096.5097.7596.5049
B.A. (Hons.) Hindi92.0090.0089.0084.0090.5091.0091.0040
B.A. (Hons.) History98.7597.5096.5096.5096.5097.5096.0049
BA (H) Philosophy97.0094.0090.0090.0088.0093.0090.0049
B.A. (Hons.) Political Science99.5098.5097.0097.0097.0098.7597.0049
BA (H) Sanskri78.5072.0072.0070.0070.0075.0070.0029
BA (H) Sociology98.7597.5096.2596.2596.2597.2595.7549
B.Com (Hons.)99.2597.5095.7594.0093.5097.0092.5079
BA Programme (History + Political Science)98.7597.7595.0095.0095.0098.0096.00 
BA Programme (English + Economics)98.5097.5094.7594.7594.7597.7595.75 
BA Programme (Hindi+Philosophy)95.0093.0091.2591.2591.2594.2592.25 
BA Programme (Sanskrit + Political Science)97.2596.0093.5093.5093.5096.5094.50 

4. St. Stephen’s College

Admission process for is complete. Being a minority college, St. Stephens does not take part in the normal admission process of DU, hence cut off and details are not provided hence.

5. Hans Raj College

B.A. (H) Economics98.7596.2594.2592.594.2598.594.25135
B.A. (H) English989594949496.59568
B.A. (H) Hindi9088878589898968
B.A. (H) History97.59695.595.595.59796.568
B.A. (H) Philosophy96.595.7594.7594.595969558
B.A. (H) Sanskrit7268676564707049
B.A. Prog. (Sanskrit + History)9493.592.7591.7592.7593.7592.75250
B.A. Prog. (Eco + Commerce)979695.259594.59695.75
B.A. Prog. (History + Eco.)96.759695.2591.7592.7593.7592.75
B.A. Prog. (Philosophy + History)95.594.594.593.593.594.2594.75
B.A. Prog. (Phy. Edu. + History)95.594.7594.7593.593.594.7594.75
B.Com. (H99.2597.595.7593.59298.7594.25260
B.Sc. (H) Anthropology939290908992.669039
B.Sc. (H) Botany959489.668585949378
B.Sc. (H) Chemistry979692849096.339587
B.Sc.(H) Computer Science97.2596.5959095979658
B.Sc. (H) Electronics9897.3394919497.339539
B.Sc. (H) Geology97.6695.3392929297.339658
B.Sc. (H) Mathematics96.7595.7593.259093.2596.596.7578
B.Sc. (H) Physics98.3397.33949095989687
B.Sc. (H) Zoology96.6694.3391.3385.3386.3395.3395.3378
B.Sc. Life Science9594908785949378
B.Sc. Physical Science (Chem.)96.6695.6691.669090.3396.3393.6639
B.Sc. Physical Science (Comp.)96.6695.6691.669090.3396.3393.6639

6. Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC)

CourseGenOBCSCSTPwdEWSKMTotal Seats
B.Com (Hons)99.5098.0096.2594.5094.0097.5093.00626
BA (Hons) Economics99.0097.7597.0095.7597.7595.2594.00155

7. Atma Ram Sanatam Dharm College (ARSD)

CourseGenOBCSCSTPwdEWSKMTotal Seats
B.A. (Hons.) Economics98.0096.0091.0086.0088.0097.0089.0096
B.A. (Hons.) English96.0094.0092.0092.0092.0095.0090.0049
B.A. (Hons.) Hindi85.0082.0080.0079.0080.0084.0081.0049
B.A. (Hons.) History96.0095.0093.0094.0092.0095.0093.0049
B.A. (Hons.) Political Science97.0095.0092.0093.0089.0096.0090.0096
B.Com (Hons.)98.0094.0092.0090.5091.0097.0091.00174
B.Sc (Hons.) Chemistry95.0092.0087.0081.0084.0094.0085.0086
B.Sc (Hons.) Computer Science96.0094.0091.0088.0088.0095.0089.0058
B.Sc (Hons.) Electronics93.0091.0086.0084.0084.0092.0084.0039
B.Sc (Hons.) Mathematics96.0094.0090.0086.0088.0095.0088.0096
B.Sc (Hons.) Physics96.0094.0090.0085.0085.0095.0085.0086
B.Sc Applied Physical Sciences with Industrial Chemistry91.0089.0083.0078.0080.0090.0081.0057
B.Sc (Prog.) Physical Science with Chemistry92.0090.0085.0080.0081.0091.0082.0077
B.Sc (Prog.) Physical Science with Computer Science93.0091.0086.0082.0081.0092.0083.0075
B.Sc (Prog.) Physical Science with Electronic92.0090.0086.0082.0081.0091.0082.0077
BA Programme (Sanskrit + English, Hindi, Political Science, Economics, Maths, Comp.Sc, history)85.0082.0080.0077.0084.0076.0079.00118
BA Programme (Hindi  + English, Sanskrit, Political Science, Economics, Maths, Comp.Sc, history)89.0087.0084.0082.0088.0080.0082.00
BA Programme (Comp. Sc + English, Sanskrit, Political Science, Economics, Maths, Hindi, history)91.0089.0086.0085.0090.0085.0085.00
BA Programme (Maths + English, Sanskrit, Political Science, Economics, Hindi, Comp. Sc, history)90.0087.0084.0082.0089.0080.0082.00
BA Programme (English + Hindi, Sanskrit, Political Science, Economics, Maths, Comp.Sc, history)94.0091.0088.0087.0083.0086.0086.00
BA Programme with any two Disciplines (History, Political Science, Economics)94.0091.0089.0089.0093.0087.0087.00

8. Sri Venkateswara College (Venky)

CourseGenOBCSCSTPwdEWSKMTotal Seats
B.A. (Hons.) Economics98.5096.7595.5092.5094.0098.0095.0049
B.A. (Hons.) English97.0095.0091.5091.5090.0096.5092.5049
B.A. (Hons.) Hindi85.0083.0080.0079.0080.0084.5080.0058
B.A. (Hons.) History96.5094.5093.0091.0090.0096.2590.0049
B.A. (Hons.) Political Science91.0095.0093.5092.0091.0096.7591.0049
BA Hons Sanskrit66.5065.0064.0061.0061.0066.0061.0049
BA Hons Sociology96.2594.2593.2591.0090.0096.0090.0049
B.Com (Hons.)98.0095.7593.2591.0093.2597.7593.25115
B.Sc (Hons.) Statistics97.0095.2592.0091.0091.5896.7594.2539
B.Sc (Hons.) Botany95.0093.0090.0085.0085.0094.6692.0039
B.Sc (Hons.) Chemistry96.6695.0094.0090.6690.0096.0091.0078
B.Sc (Hons) Electronics97.0095.0091.3389.0090.0096.6690.0049
B.Sc (Hons.) Mathematics97.0095.0092.0090.5090.5096.5094.00115
B.Sc (Hons.) Physics97.6697.0094.0091.0091.0097.3393.0049
B.Sc (Hons.) Zoology95.6693.6691.3388.3387.6695.3391.0039
B.Sc (Hons.) Bio-Chemistry97.0095.6692.0091.0090.0096.3393.0049
B.Sc (Hons.) Biological Sciences95.3393.3391.3390.3390.0095.0092.0058
BSc Prog Life Science93.5092.0087.0084.0085.0093.0092.00154
BA Programme       115

9. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College

BA (H) English94.5092.5087.5082.5094.0085.0084.5040
B.Com Hons97.0092.0084.0070.0096.0075.0087.00154
B.Sc. (Hons.) Botany92.0088.0082.0075.0091.0075.0082.0040
B.Sc (Hons) Chemistry95.0093.0085.0075.0095.0075.0085.0040
B.Sc (Hons) Computer Science96.0094.0090.0080.0095.0075.0086.0060
B.Sc (Hons) Electronics93.0091.0086.0074.0092.0076.0083.0060
B.Sc. (H) Mathematics97.0094.0087.0073.0096.0075.0087.0078
B.Sc (H) Physics97.0094.0090.0078.0096.0075.0087.0060
B.Sc (H) Zoology94.0091.0087.0076.0093.0075.0084.0040
B.Sc (H) Life Science91.0087.0080.0072.0090.0070.0081.0040
B.Sc Phy. Sc wth Chemistry92.0088.0075.0070.0091.0070.0082.0040
B.Sc. Phy. Sc. With Computer Science93.0089.0075.0075.0092.0070.0083.0040
B.Sc Mathematical Sciences94.0091.0085.0075.0093.5070.0084.0040
BA Economics + History91.0086.0085.0074.0090.0075.0081.00120
BA Economics + Political Science91.0086.0085.0074.0090.0075.0081.00
BA History + Political Science91.0086.0085.0074.0090.0075.0081.00

10. Gargi College

B.A. (Hons.) Ap. Psy.98.0093.0096.0093.0093.0097.0096.0047
B.A. (Hons.) Eco.97.0094.0090.0088.0090.0096.0094.0059
B.A. (Hons.) English98.0092.5090.5090.5086.5096.5098.0059
B.A. (Hons.) Hindi82.0080.0075.0075.0075.0079.0075.0059
B.A. (Hons.) History97.0093.0092.0092.0090.0096.0090.0059
B.A (Hons) Philosophy90.0083.0083.0083.0087.0087.0087.0040
B.A. (Hons.) Pol. Sc.97.0095.0092.0092.0090.0096.0090.00114
B.A. (Hons.) Sanskrit50.0045.0045.0045.0045.0049.5045.0047
B.Com. (Prog)96.0091.0085.0080.0082.0095.2590.00230
B.Com. (Hons.)97.0092.0088.0082.0085.0096.2592.00156
B.Sc. (Prog.) Life Sc.91.0088.0079.0078.3360.3390.6688.00114
B.Sc. (Prog.) Phys. Sc93.0092.0088.0077.0072.0092.0088.0077
B.Sc. (Hons.) Botany93.0090.0081.0081.0060.0091.0092.6677
B.Sc. (Hons.) Chem.96.0095.6690.0085.0085.0095.6695.0040
B.Sc. (Hons.) Microbiology95.0093.0090.0085.0090.0095.0093.0040
B.Sc. (Hons.) Physics96.3396.0090.3388.3385.0096.0093.0040
B.Sc. (Hons.) Zoology94.6692.6684.6682.6665.3394.0088.6677
B.Sc. (Hons.) Math96.5095.5092.0091.0090.0096.0095.0059
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