Encouraging Employbility Series- Article 6 – Preparing For GD

Group discussion popularly known as GD is a group of individuals, discussing a topic and sharing ideas and insights to solve problems or give comments. GD in job interviews is aimed at assessing the skills of candidates including communication skills, leadership skills, managing skills, team-building skills, social skills, problem-solving skills and presence of mind. At the end of the GD, the rating is usually given on a scale of 1 to 10.


GD is often preceded by a written exam on quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, general English and computer-knowledge. On clearing the first round of written test a candidate is sent for the second round of assessment which is normally a group discussion. After this the PI or personal interview which is the final stage of the assessment process takes place. Types of topics in group discussions are broadly current affairs, abstract topics, and social issues.

Following are the details under these four categories for GD –


Business & Economy:


  • Current trends in business and economy,
  • Major policy initiatives,
  • Latest business trends, and their impact globally and nationally


Current Affairs:


  • issues of national and international importance
  • Read the newspaper regularly to know the opinions expressed
  • Follow the updates on that news on the net


Abstract topics:


  • Smart work vs Hard Work, Does size matter? Haste makes waste, red or black, Freedom is a myth, change is the only constant
  • Be ready to quickly correlate to your own life
  • Then look for possible business situations where this may be impacting and present that


Social Issues:


  • Government schemes for social causes
  • Daily occurrences and habits of the community we live in
  • Eg: Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao, Swacch Bharat, the building of toilets, Rise in crime, financial inequality in India, pollution and the environmentetc..
  • Read the newspaper regularly
  • Discuss the pros or cons of the issues with friends and family so you become aware of the various points of view and how to express your own


Sample Topics


Business & economy


  1. The IT Industry in India -Will it create more jobs in the future?
  2. The 2019 Union Budget: A Pathway to Dreams or False Hope for India
  3. Knowledge Based Indian Economy: Crucial for Development of India
  4. Banks Merger in India: Is it good for Indian Economy?
  5. Is FDI Good for Indian Economy?
  6. Universal Basic Income: Is this a good idea for India?
  7. Indian Economy in 2019- Performance & Policies of Modi Regime
  8. Ease of Doing Business Ranking of India: Will the Improvement in Position really help?
  9. RBI Autonomy: Is the Government out to Impound its Autonomous Status?
  10. Renewable Energy: Can India lead Solar Energy, Wind Energy revolution?
  11. Banking Frauds: Result is Rising NPAs; Better to Prevent now than to run after
  12. Cashless Economy: Is Society ready for transformation?
  13. Impact of Technology on Jobs: Will Automation & Artificial Intelligence reduce or increase Jobs?
  14. Crypto Currency: A bright future or just a fad?
  15. Startup India: Boosting Entrepreneurship


Current affairs


  1. Article 370: Abrogation & Reorganization will Open the Doors of Development in Kashmir & Laddakh
  2. Space Research Projects: Is it Waste of Money?
  3. One Nation One Election: Benefits are more for India
  4. Will India become a Superpower in coming decades
  5. EVMs Vs Paper Ballots: Which one is Better to Use?
  6. 10% Quota Reservation Bill for General Category Poor Passed
  7. Statue of Unity: Symbol of Pride or Wastage of Public Money?
  8. US Trade Policy: Is Trump creating World Trade War?
  9. Media Freedom: Should there be a limit?
  10. Fake News will kill Social Fiber of India unless checked
  11. Is India ready for Electric Vehicles?
  12. Modicare: Affordable healthcare or a piped dream?
  13. Bullet Train: Does India really need it?
  14. Mission to MARS: Can India afford spending a fortune on such projects?
  15. War Kashmir Crisis: War not dialogue will end the Crisis?
  16. Linking of Aadhaar: Is making Aaadhar mandatory a good idea?


Social issue


  1. Death penalties for perpetrators of crime against women. Is it justified?
  2. Travelling: Helps in Generating Ideas and Experiential Learning
  3. Free Metro Ride for Women: Step for Women Empowerment or a Political Gimmick
  4. Travelling: Helps in Generating Ideas and Experiential Learning
  5. Plastic Ban: Economy Vs Environment
  6. Women Empowerment & Gender Justice
  7. Swachh Bharat Mission: Success is still at Large
  8. Social Media: A boon or a bane for society and individuals
  9. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao
  10. Browsing at Workplace affects productivity
  11. Smart City Project will give wings to growth
  12. Gender bias in portraying Women in Advertisements


Abstract Topics


  1. Hard Work Vs Smart Work
  2. Me Too Campaign
  3. Ethics or Profit?
  4. Work- Life Balance
  5. Famous Or Important
  6. Patience: A virtue in Business and Management.
  7. Innovation Vs Invention: What is more important?
  8. Change is the only constant
  9. Freedom is a myth
  10. Fact Vs Opinion: There are no facts only opinions
  11. Leader or Follower
  12. Strategy or Execution
  13. Effective manager or Ethical Manager
  14. Brevity is the soul of wit
  15. Gender bias in portraying Women in Advertisements


Top 10 tips for GD


  1. Keep eye contact while speaking
  2. Initiate the GD pr conclude the GD: only if you know what the topic is all about. Speaking without knowledge can create a bad impression
  3. Allow others to speak: even if you don’t agree with them, let them finish
  4. Speak Clearly & politely: don’t get aggressive, express your feelings calmly
  5. Bring the discussion on track: remind everyone how we all need to bring the discussion back on track
  6. . Positive Attitude: Show it with your body language, be confident, don’t try to dominate
  7. Speak sensibly: don’t worry if you are taking less time to speak, length doesn’t matter, content does. Be clear on your stance. Oppose or support the motion.
  8. Listen carefully to others: so you understand who is with you, and what the other person’s argument is
  9. No need to go much into details: you have limited time, be precise and stick to the point
  10. Formal Dressing: Be comfortable and in formal clothes


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