Environmental Biotechnology and Sustainability Summer Bootcamp for High School Students

As human beings, we are part of the environment. With over 7.5 billion human population on Earth, our combined actions also have a big impact on the environment. Sustainable development encourages us to conserve and enhance our resource base, by gradually changing the ways in which we develop and use technologies. In order to encourage more high school students to think about the environment and sustainable development, SHRM Biotechnologies and Stoodnt are launching a new Summer Program on Environmental Biotechnology Science and Sustainability.

Why Should We Study Environmental Science and Sustainability?

Our environment is very important to us because it is where we live and share resources with other species. Environmental sustainability is a key requirement for future generations.

Environmental science enlightens us on how to conserve our environment in the face of increasing human population growth and anthropogenic activities that degrade natural resources and ecosystems.

Why a Bootcamp at the School Level?

Education forms the basis of everything in today’s world including the environment. Environmental Science and Sustainability Education impart knowledge about the current situation and future prospects of nature. It teaches people to explore all the problems related to the environment, and engage in wise ways of preserving it.

A number of schools have taken the initiative to provide practical as well as theoretical knowledge about the impact of human activities on Nature. They take students out of the four walls of a classroom and make them do activities like gardening, watering plants, meditation in community parks, etc. Education is the only way to make the best minds work productively.

What does the field of Environmental Science and Sustainability involve?

This domain of study largely encompasses various aspects of physical, biological, and information relating to the environment and the solutions to the problems these topics entail. When you study environmental science, you commit to learning about subjects like the understanding of earth processes, evaluating alternative energy sources, the effects of climate change, and controlling pollution.

But why should you invest your time in learning about these topics? Why is environmental science important? It is because the damage we’ve done to the world will only be reversed by professionals who fully understand the extent of the problem and want to work hard to fix it.

In the last few decades, the threat to the environment in the form of global warming, ecological damage, glacier melting, and much more has seen an increase. Hence, it’s a very critical issue right now.

Environmental Science and Sustainability Summer School Progam for High School Students

By SHRM Biotech and Stoodnt

Who Can Attend This Program?

If you’re thinking of going into a career in biology, ecology, agriculture, zoology, or any other environmental or wildlife field, this is an extremely relevant program.

Even engineering/STEM, medical, and liberal arts aspirants would find this program relevant.

Ideally, we would like to see Grade 7 – 12 students in this program. However, junior (Grade 5 or 6) and senior (1st-year college students) can also join.

How this Online Program on Environmental Science and Sustainability going to help high school students?

The environment is a vital part of our everyday lives. It affects everything we do, from climates to animal survival, to air quality, and much more. Let’s take a look at some of the Earth’s main environmental problems which will, in turn, define how this online program will help high school students to develop a sense of understanding the environment:

  • Public Health
  • Land Management
  • Waste Disposal and Pollution
  • Overpopulation
  • Water
  • Deforestation
  • Ecosystems
  • Endangered Species
  • Climate Change

That is not an exhaustive list of concerning issues that affect us all. To get a better understanding of why these things are so important, we’re going to provide this online course specially designed for high school candidates.

Environmental Science and Sustainability Curriculum

Day 1:

  • Theory: Understanding our various components of environment and ecosystem.
  • Practical: Try Composting at your Home

Day 2:

  • Theory: Different types of pollution occurring due to various human activities and their possible remedial measures.
  • Practical: Try Eggshell seed starter at your Home

Day 3:

  • Theory: The critical scenario of energy crisis of 21st centuries and strategies to overcome them through various sustainable and green approaches.
  • Practical: Determination of Proximate composition of Matter [(Moisture Content (MC), Fixed Carbon (FC), Volatile Matter (VM)]

Day 4:

  • Theory: Industrial and domestic waste-water treatment.
  • Practical: Determination of Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD).

Day 5:

  • Theory: Various smart and sustainable agricultural techniques to feed the ever-growing population.
  • Practical: Methods for detection of common Adulterants in Milk & Milk Products.

Day 6:

  • Theory: Food adulteration and Food Biotechnology
  • Practical: Determine the Total Hardness of given Water Sample

Day 7:

Career and College Admission Guidance Session

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Dates, Timing and Fees

  • Program Fee: Rs. 4,000 (all-inclusive)
  • Dates:
    • 1st Batch: May 16 – May 28
    • 2nd Batch: June 6 – June 18
  • Timing: May Batch will be in the Afternoon (2:30/3 pm start) and the June batch will be in the Evening (6:30/7 pm start) | Each class will be of 2-hour duration. There will be 3 classes (6 hours) each week

Faculty Members and Trainers

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