Everything that You Need to Know About Ethical Hacking

If you are someone who is really interested in Ethical Hacking and is planning to make it your future career, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be discussing the latest Ethical Hacking Certification Training (CEH v11) course which is being offered on the online platform of KnowledgeHut. The aim of the course is to help transform the tech career of interested individuals with the CEH v11 course by imparting training in thousands of hacking tricks, techniques, and tools. Let us understand this course in further detail:

Overview of the Ethical Hacking Course CEH v11

The Ethical Hacking Certification Training (CEH v11) course is an ideal opportunity to make a career invested in Ethical Hacking if this domain really interests you. Throughout this course, you are given intense training by the certified trainers from the EC Council who have gained extensive years of experience in this field. However, to excel in this field, you need to be a skilled ethical hacker who possesses all the requisite knowledge and experience to stand out from your non-certified counterparts. This is the reason the Ethical Hacking Course is curated as it will lead you through extensive training sessions to learn the updated commercial-grade hacking methodologies and gain cutting-edge expertise. After gaining momentum in learning the concepts, you become self-sufficient to explore other proven techniques and practices that are best suited to ethical hacking. But most importantly you are taught about how to protect your organization from outside malicious attacks with this course.

The Ethical Hacking Training will be a comprehensive course of 5 days on CEH v11 that is in tune with the NICE 2.0 framework. Upon the successful completion of the course, participants are provided with certification that validates their skills and understanding learned so far from the course. This CEH certification training focuses on the latest trends of security threats, practical real-time demonstration of hacking tricks and techniques, and security measures through which you’ll get to cultivate practical skills. For this purpose, the training sessions will be focused on gaining skills through theoretical and practical interactive sessions. The five major steps of ethical hacking will be the main focus of the course i.e., Reconnaissance, Enumeration, Maintaining Access, Gaining Access, and covering your tracks. Overall, the aim is to prepare you to pass the CEH exam in your very first attempt and become eligible to gain the certification.

Significance of Ethical Hacker CEH v11 certification

In the IT industry, security is a major issue, particularly in a booming market. In this respect, ethical hacking evaluates and tests the security system of the corporate environment via the application of real-world techniques. The CEH training course is designed by EC-Council with the objective of training interested individuals and imparting to them the skills and expertise required to protect the systems and networks. 

LinkedIn lists Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) courses among the Top 6 most obtained certification courses. Forbes also describes it as one of the top 10 most popular cyber security certifications. Considered one of the critical skills in an IT security expert, ethical hacking revolutionizes cyber security in the present world and also gives an added advantage of earning more than others. With CEH v11 certification, you’ll earn an average of $119,289 per annum.

What You Will Learn in the CEH v11 Course

  1. Gain hands-on experience of working in the world of ethical hacking through CEH course’s 24 challenges across 4 levels of complexity, covering 18 attack vectors including OWASP Top 10.
  • Master the new methodologies of hacking Web Applications, web API hacking and security, Web shell concepts, and Webhooks.
  • Work on dedicated modules on Cloud and IoT and CSP’s container technologies.
  • Master the five phases or security standards of ethical hacking as defined by the EC Council.
  • Learn both the dynamic and static Malware Reverse Engineering to do malware analysis.

Final Remarks

There are absolutely no prerequisites that participants are required to meet in order to take up the certified ethical hacker training course on KnowledgeHut. The course is open to anyone interested in IT security, thus both novices and professionals can attend it and gain the advantage of learning about Ethical Hacking in an extensive manner from certified expert trainers.

So, enroll in the course today and take a step forward towards excelling in your future career. Happy Learning!

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