Fall 2022 Deadlines for MS in USA

The application deadlines around just around the corner. Here are the fall 2022 deadlines for MS in USA along with basic guidelines on applications and timeline.

You need to follow the timeline so that you do not lose track of multiple things that need to be completed. Applying late or very close to deadlines can be detrimental to success. You do not want to do that. Also, in case you have a low GRE score or haven’t appeared for GRE, look at the list of Universities offering MS in USA without GRE for fall 2022.

It’s not a first come first serve stuff. However, applying early is extremely important; especially, if you are targeting the top-tier universities for MS in USA.

Fall 2022 Deadlines for MS in USA for the Most Selective Universities

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MS in USA – Fall 2022 Deadlines for Other Top Universities

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Application Timeline for MS in USA – Fall 2022 Intake

MS in USA application process can be overwhelming and cumbersome. Here is a timeline for reference –

July – August 2021

  • Spend quality time researching the schools and programs. Make a broad list of target univeristies (8 – 15)
  • By now, you should have booked the dates for the standardized tests – GRE/GMAT and IELTS/TOEFL.
  • By all means, you must clear all the exams by the end of September or early October. It will make the whole process smooth. Another advantage of doing so is that if you fail to score the desired score, you can attempt a re-take in November.
  • If you are eyeing integrated MS-PhD in the US (or top US universities for MS), MS (with thesis) in Canada, or MRes in Europe, you must reach out to the Professors before submitting an application.
  • It’s also wise to touchbase with your referees (recommenders) once in August.

Need Personalized Guidance

Want to discuss the right universities, application strategy, or just want to clear your doubts? 

September – October 2021

  • Shortlist universities (ideally, 5 – 8)
  • Apply for WES, in case of your shortlisted schools require a WES evaluation
  • Check for scholarships and financial aid options
  • Few universities (e.g. Stanford or UT Austin) have early application deadlines in October – so keep those things in mind. Applying in October can increase your admission and scholarship chances.
  • Start working on your CV and SoP (the generic one). Writing an effective SoP or Personal Statement takes time. It demands multiple rounds of brainstorming, reiteration, proofreading, and editing. On average (as per my experience in the last 3 – 4 years), the final draft for the Generic SoP takes 3 – 5 weeks.
  • Get in touch with your potential referees (recommenders). Let them know that you will need either soft copies of LoR or they might need to email the universities directly in November, December, or January. It’s not at all a good practice to ask your College Professors or Manager (or Supervisor / Team Leader) for LoR just one or two weeks before the deadline.

November – December 2021

  • Once you are done with the tests (GRE/GMAT & TOEFL/IELTS) and have the scores, it’s time to prepare the final list of colleges/universities. Once you have the final list, prepare the application kit for individual universities.
  • As mentioned previously, always try to submit the applications at least 3 – 4 weeks before the deadlines. Anything can happen at the last moment – may be the application portal is down, your referee could be out of the station, or you might come across an unavoidable circumstance. So, be an early bird.
  • Apply to the most selective (or ambitious) universities by mid-December. You can apply ot a few safe schools in January (or early February).

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