All about finding jobs in London in 2021

London is one of the most exclusive cities in the world. Having a prominent name as a popular international hub and excellent career opportunities, this English metropolitan city attracts a large flock of students every year. In fact, according to the recent numbers, 750,000 students fly to the UK every year and are expected to reach a million in 2021.

Being a familiar name amongst the international populace, London is a well-searched name for both part-time and full-time careers. With the city being highly connected to various nearby cities, it only makes a competition for the students to find suitable employment opportunities. Every year, we get hundreds of emails from international students regarding the various tips on finding a fixed income position in London.

That’s why this year we have decided to introduce our delicate yet straightforward student-oriented article that will cover some of the best tips on how to find a job in London with a higher success rate. So let’s begin with the most critical point.

1. Get a head start

These are by far the most common mistakes that many students make. Giving yourself a head start by applying before the year begins ensures that you are free from competition from a large pool of applicants. In addition, applying for various companies that fall inside your circle of competence allows you to maintain an edge over your peers and bring ample time for interview prep, leaving any last-minute hassle.

2. Make a top-notch CV

This goes without mentioning, but you must develop your CV with proper methodologies. Always write what you know and make sure you use the best CV templates for presenting a good overview of your experience. Moreover, don’t go for any copy-paste step and aim towards transparency while mentioning any past shortcomings. (And don’t forget to proofread it before sending!)

3. Be careful with social media

In such times of heightened digitalization, most employers that you will apply for jobs under will also be looking over your social presence before taking an interview. To clutter out the junk applications, every prominent employer usually chooses social media as a differentiating aspect to assess the character build-up of their employees and take an overview of the applicants.

To make sure your social handles don’t portray a negative image, try increasing the social media security of your handles to the maximum. You can also prevent any posts that might make you stand in a bad light. Furthermore, you can also sign up for various professional social media such as LinkedIn or Monster Jobs, which are regarded as two of the most aspiring tools for getting employment. So, make sure you aren’t left out of the race here as well.

4. Partner with recruiting agencies

This is also a great mechanism that allows young students to take professional help from those who are in the field of employability. These agencies help job seekers to earn valuable employment opportunities against small expenses. While these expenses can be monthly or yearly, these agencies are a significant part of young students in London to attain a sound track record in job interviews.

5. Find a place to stay in London

Many students fall short when it comes to finding a flat or student housing in London. However, as the city is filled with hundreds of rental accommodation places, you also should keep in mind that there are equivalent hundreds of students competing to find suitable employment opportunities. That’s why booking affordable student accommodation before traveling to the UK is necessary for every wanderer coming to London.

6. Start building your network

Apart from choosing recruiting agencies, students should also consider increasing their networks in the city. This brings a whole new thread to find jobs in any city you may choose to go to. While you may be an introvert or an extrovert, increasing network scale helps you convert your friendship into a professional tool and gives you the ability to generate better job prospects.

Here are the topmost ways by which you can increase your network in London-

●Attend weekly/monthly meetup in local recruiting agencies/ cultural groups

●Visit co-working spaces

●Open social media handles on different professional platforms (both local and international)

●Increase your skill set by applying for career-oriented classes.

7. Apply for a work visa

Work visas are travel authentication documents that allow job seekers to enter the country on behalf of an employment opportunity. This opportunity can be an employer’s interest in your resume (job sponsorship) who can guarantee your character based upon the previous interviews taken. As every student can apply for a particular period of stay in the UK, the government gives ample time to find jobs in the country with utmost quality standards.

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8. Nail the interview

This could be the best point to end our article. As you read the most crucial points mentioned above, now is the time to take care of your interview. First, prepare your resume or CV, and make sure you look up every minor or major detail mentioned. In addition to that, do healthy research for the company you applied for and positively present yourself so that the employer can’t hesitate to hire someone else in your place. 

In a Nutshell

So, these are the top eight points on how to land a job in London. These points that we discussed are not only suitable for Londoners but will also take care of your job anxiety in any city. So, do sell yourself like it’s your last chance and give all your best in the field.

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