Problems All First-Year College Kids Will Face

Going to college is an enormous change in the lives of a whole youth. When we are young, at teenage, all we want is to have nice fun and enjoy our “days of freedom”. But, often we forget about thinking of going to college and studying some particular area. Usually, it is because it represents a huge transition in our lives in so many ways.

We are assured that many of you passed through a similar period in your lifetime, so why shouldn’t we have a look at what are the problems first-year students must face.

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Complicated financial situation

The first “problem” that new students will certainly face is one of financial nature. Although it depends on which country you live in, everywhere is the same when it comes to financials; more or less. 

This is a period when you are unemployed and you don’t have your own income. So, you have to be dependable for your parents or cousins. But all changes when you realize that can be changed. 

Wonder why?

Well, because you are getting a new important obligation to your life. Young ones often want to become independent at this period which leads to the waiving of many things. No more staying up awake lately, reduced going outs, etc.

As a student in the first year, you will probably need to start paying rent for your apartment, if you go to another city to study of course. But that’s not the only thing you will encounter with. Even if you stay with your parents, a high, ungrateful tuition fee awaits you. Also, in some countries, students must pay for the literature they want to use. 

So, if you plan to go to college, be aware of those things above, it will make you think twice about getting to college or not.

Solitude & homesickness

Other issues that might appear in your first year at the college are loneliness and homesickness. It is not a rare case that many newbie students start to feel alone and get a desire to come back home as soon as possible. Those “symptoms” can be found due to lack of friends and developed social life which many used to have before going to college. Probably you will manage to get close to someone after some time but until you get that, you will be on your own. 

The best way to cope with this is not to think about home, old friends, and love ones. Try to focus on new things that are ahead of you and don’t look back. Time will start passing much quicker that you will not even notice when the Christmas and going to home visit time comes.

Problems with possible roommates

This is probably one of the most common issues that new students face. If you leave in a dormitory or you rent a house, you will still get a need to share it with someone. That way you can share all the financial things and overall it can provide an easier way to continue your studying. 

But it is not as perfect as it sounds.

Often there will not be enough space for both of you to feel comfortable and harmonize all your necessities and habits. Perhaps someone likes to listen to a piece of peaceful music while learning a lesson while another one will not feel good about it. In addition, you will have to make an agreement with your roommate about everything; time of learning, going to bath, watching tv, and even when you will go to sleep. 

All of this can be solved If you get open to each other as soon as possible and start communicating about everything. That way, your schedule will not be in a mess and you will defeat all your challenges much easier.

Stress & Anxiety

We all know how college time can be stressful and annoying. Every day we encounter things that get on our nerves and sometimes it can be really unpleasant. It is a typical day for a new student to get stressed over a new environment, new people, new town, new professors, and so on. Two things that perhaps gives the worse headaches to the students are the colloquiums and exams. In spite of that, we can find the appropriate treatment to calm down our senses.

The truth is that people will rather escape from the problems instead of fighting them and trying the best possible solutions anytime they can. Especially when you reached 20+ years recently and think you can beat the world. That’s why it is so important to learn to cope with them at this age, while you are in college. As soon as you figure out there is no point in avoiding them, you will find the solution faster.

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