Five Free Ways to Improve Your Chances of Success

Many people get stuck in a rut when it comes to their job.  It is extremely common.  It can make a person really discouraged.  This leads to the feeling that there’s no way to break free and do something new and better.  A slim paycheck just adds to the anxiety that life can’t get better.

You can improve your chances of success with these five suggestions. Each is free, although there are costs in terms of time and commitment.  None is so hard that the average person couldn’t do it, if they just give it a try.  


Almost Become a Genius:

Did you know that someone can become a genius after 10,000 hours of study?  Why not put in ten hours a week or every two weeks and see where it gets you?  Knowledge can be power when you walk into a job interview.   New skills will make you more marketable to employers, including your current one.

There are so many free ways to improve your skills.  You can research nearly any subject on the internet and find free, non-commercials sources of information. There are videos on every subject on YouTube. Some universities offer free workshops or entire courses.

To find these things, you need to be disciplined enough to pass up entertainment websites and other distractions. It may mean that you take off time from gaming or hanging out with friends.   You may want to get a friend or family member to make a similar commitment. The buddy system always makes it easier to follow through.


Use Social Media Wisely:

One of the biggest problems for prospective employees is their social media presence. You should guard your reputation and use social media wisely.  If you need to go back and delete something that casts you in a bad light, do it.  You want your social media to demonstrate that you are a responsible person with a likable personality and a good attitude. 

You can also use social media to establish yourself. Linked In is the most obvious choice for this, but you may be good as using Instagram or Facebook to accomplish your goals. 

Let’s say you want a job in hospital management. Healthcare recruitment firms aren’t going to drop in your lap, but you can use social media to look for them.


Sacrifice a Little to Gain a Lot:

So how do you find that extra ten hours a week?  Instead of tuning out the world with mindless entertainment, use your time to better yourself. This could range from physical exercise to sharpen your computer skills.  You may find a way to volunteer for a charity and learn some skills as you do it.  

With the time you are saving, you’ll have more time to put into almost becoming a genius. Sure, it’s not as much fun to read and study, but when you improve your chances at a better career, you won’t regret a minute of the shows you missed.  


Give Up Your Most Expensive Habit:

Although this list is free, that doesn’t mean it won’t cost you.  The truth is, our most expensive habit is probably why we can’t save money.  Saving money is essential to being ready when opportunity knocks. It’s a good reason to look at sensible used cars instead of overspending on a new car.

It just means that if we have money in the bank and we see an opportunity to improve our careers, we are more likely to try it.  Here are just some of the things that extra money may make possible. You can make a small investment in new clothes to interview for a job.  You can spend $100 on a specific course or certification that will make you eligible for a promotion. You can go to conferences where you could meet new contacts and prospective employers.  

With the money you save by giving up your most expensive habit, you are ready for these opportunities. They won’t pinch your budget because you have already saved for them. You won’t spend the money badly because you had to give up so much to save it. Again, I am definitely not recommending that you use it on a get-rich-quick scheme.  The path to success is slow and steady.


Prepare for a Raise:

Sometimes we overlook the opportunities that are right in front of us. This is especially true if our job is boring or unfulfilling. That doesn’t mean we aren’t doing a good job. If we are doing a good job, shouldn’t we make more money?

To prepare for a raise, you should evaluate your own performance. If you determine that you can’t make a good case, start working harder.  Find ways to make yourself known to the management.  Agree to overtime on a limited basis.  Try to show you are a team player without being a total push over.

Once you’ve established yourself as a hardworking team member, you have a better shot at getting a raise. At that point, you can feel prepared and go to management with your big ask. Be ready to hear a no and ask what you can to do to turn that into a yes.  Perhaps there isn’t a pay raise for which you are eligible, but maybe there is another job in the organization where you could make more money.  You want to appear eager to stay but certain you are worth more.

Now let’s say you get that raise. What are you going to do now?  Well, you probably know what I am going to say.  Save that extra money!  Did you forget that you aren’t in the job you want?  

Even if you can’t get a new job, having extra money in the bank is going to come in very handy.  You need to keep your eye on the big picture, moving up the career ladder. It’s not as hard to climb if you are almost a genius.  


About the author:

Laura Bell contributes regularly to websites on a variety of subjects.  Her interests include modern trends, technology, health care, and anything else that affects the quality of life of her readers.


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