From 3000 BC to 2020 AD……… Ayurvedic Inheritance to Artificial Intelligence       


 By Shahnaz Husain




Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems to have taken us into the world of robots, like scenes from a science fiction movie. You may ask, “How does Ayurvedic Inheritance figure in today’s Artificial Intelligence.” Actually it is a fascinating combination of 3000 BC and 2020 AD. Artificial Intelligence can be simply defined as “machines that imitate human behaviour.” In fact, computers and robots are programmed according to human behaviour, because they use language, memory, ability to recall, rectify mistakes and so on. Sophia, a Robot, created in 2015, not only resembles a human being, but is made of a material that allows her to show emotions. She can converse and even has a sense of humour! Perhaps, she can also provide beauty advice and recommend specific products!  AI can be ideal for the Shahnaz Husain formulations, as we are into “Care & Cure” and have become known for our therapeutic products and treatments for specific problems, like acne, pigmentation, scars, blemishes, premature ageing, hair loss, dandruff, alopecia, etc. Our treatments are personalized and prescribed, taking individual needs into account.


Combining Ayurveda with advanced scientific know-how


My experience has been in Ayurvedic Beauty Care, where we have combined Ayurveda with advanced scientific know-how. Programming can help to prepare a database that takes many individual characteristics into account, so that it is possible to formulate a safe, personalized product for each individual, from any part of the world.


When I started my first herbal salon, more than four decades ago, I followed the principle of Care & Cure, at a Client Card level. I kept receiving letters asking for cures for various skin and hair problems. People would attach pictures of their skin, hair or body condition. We noted down details of individual clients in the Client Card, like basic Personal Details, Haemoglobin levels, Allergies, past and current Treatments. The client went for pathological tests, if required. I have always believed that the external body condition is a reflection of internal health. Such records helped us to know which products to select for each client. Now, with AI, if a person has an allergy to a certain substance, we can prescribe or customize products that do not contain that ingredient.


Role of Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence has made it possible to create personalized products. The “search” for the products must be detailed and specific, so that the customer can find the specific product online that is best suited. The program can take all the details and differences into account, including personal allergies, country, climate, skin colour, ethnic background and so on. The customer can refer to the Card online and fill in the details. The custom made product, taking all the details into account, would then be available online. Thus, with the help of Artificial Intelligence, the customer can find a skin or hair profile that is totally personalized. Indeed, the possibilities of Ayurvedic Inheritance, combined with Artificial Intelligence, are limitless.


Today, we must return to the future, because our future lies in turning the clock back to natural living and Ayurvedic Inheritance, taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence. In a world dominated by Artificial Intelligence, Ayurvedic Inheritance is India’s gift to the world.



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