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Parents, your nervousness will not help… and it is not warranted either

As a parent who has seen two kids through college, I can tell you that nothing could be worse for your child than showing your anxiety and nervousness. It rubs off the wrong way. It is bad. Period.


Grades, AP Courses, SAT/ACT, Subject SATs, debate, soccer etc. and the list of what a student needs to accomplish goes on ad nauseum. Many high school students are even doing internships, summer programs, and research projects; their resumes can put the resume of a person with 10 years of experience to shame. As parents, we feel the pressure and we pass this anxiety to our kids.


Why put so much pressure? Simply to get into an Ivy League university? Or do you worry about the fact they will not get a job? Or something else? Your worries are probably legitimate, but is it really such a grim scenario that we drive ourselves (and our kids!) crazy? I don’t think so.


First and foremost, you should take solace in the fact that your child has worked hard, you have made sacrifices to provide all the support you can, and you have instilled good values in them. You have done your part. Let the kids do the rest. And they will do it. From what I have seen, and my sample size is not insignificant, they all land up in good places regardless of the school journey; realize that this is merely a blip in the long journey that is to ensure, with many such repetitions. So chill.


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Secondly, there are 4,000+ Universities / Colleges in the US alone with an enrollment that is north of 17M students. I will argue that most students aspiring for a college placement have a spot in this university universe. There are universities looking for students like yours.


They are looking for kids with intellectual curiosity, kids who have built stuff in their basements, kids who have done small acts of kindness by helping out in the local community and so on. No, you don’t need a national recognition medal. What you need to know is that your child is unique and has a place to contribute to this society.


Finally, where you go for your undergraduate studies has little to no correlation with success in life. A student can go to a Tier 1 college and have a nightmare of an experience. Trust me, I have seen this happen. Conversely, a student can go to a Tier 3 college and have a blast. Also, this student is likely to have a successful career.


Ok, you are still worrying… Here are a few things to keep in mind:


  1. Know your child – what makes him or her tick
  2. Know yourself – your finances being the most important one
  3. Find the right education from the myriad educational institutions
  4. Let Stoodnt help your Student



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