Glamour Industry: No Longer A Path Less Trodden


By Debasish Dutta; Managing Partner & CEO; Orange Corp, Global



There was a time when glamour industry used to be looked down upon. But much has changed since the advent of social media and glamour industry spreading its wings far beyond ramp walks and silver screens. While most people believe that jobs in this industry is limited to modelling and acting only, the truth is quite bigger than the notion.



Modelling and acting are definitely the most glamorous jobs one can think of. At the same time, the industry is run by hardworking professionals who hire and drive models and actors to work in projects. Job roles in this industry are varied and too vast to list down. There are specific backgrounds required for each of the paths chosen. However, modelling remains the most elusive of them all and most aspirants are not aware of the steps necessary for entering the industry and making a mark.



Here’s why Modelling and Acting Professionals are in great demand


With a boom in social media and online entertainment platforms, actors are no longer limited to cinema and television only. Modelling has also boomed with online shopping and marketing platforms. It has in fact gone on to overlap with acting and the opportunities are endless.



Previously the main problem with pursuing this career was the lack of a specific direction. Now there are a number of opportunities: you can pursue modelling and acting courses, get your portfolio shot and tie up with one or multiple ad agencies or talent hunters.



Things you need to know before you decide to be a model


However, if your ambition is to be a successful model or actor, be prepared for the hurdles on your way.Maximum people believe that the life of a model/actor is all about glamour, money, make-up, trendy attires, fame and a posh lifestyle.But you need to keep in mind that this is not easy. Like any other profession, modelling and acting need hard work, dedication, sincerity and talent. Achieving success isn’t easy either. Aspirants need to constantly evaluate potential opportunities and competition, and need to gear up for the ever-changing trends in the industry. Be it with fitness goals, getting new portfolios made every year, buying all the top-notch makeup kits and clothes in order to portray your best, this profession really demands a lot from an aspirant and is too expensive to maintain unless you are a success.



It’s always good to have a thorough idea about a profession before entering into it. These are certain things that you may expect from this profession:



Long working hours


In the glamour industry, there is no fixed time for work. You may have to appear for shoots and events at odd hours of the day, day after day, month after month. There may be back to back events for which you have to keep yourself fit and strong. Even on the go, you need to ensure that you stay in shape while eating food outside.



Lack of a personal life


If you want to be successful, you have to keep yourself busy most of the time. And for this, you may have to sacrifice the bliss of your personal life and numerous joyful moments with near and dear ones. Expect your day to be packed with gym hours, beauty and grooming sessions, shoot and attending meetings for possible projects.



Expect tough competition


There is a lot of fresh talents coming in this industry every day. So, you have to fight hard to maintain your ground in the industry. Not to mention, this is a profession where age matters. So, it is a constant fight to keep yourself looking like a 20-year-old when you are nearing 30s, while other new 20 year olds are entering the industry everyday.



Criticisms and comparisons


People are bound to be critical and in the glamour world, even more so. Comparisons will always be there with other models as well as with your old performances. Even your physical features will be judged by all. People around you may not be nice but don’t get disheartened with criticisms and comparisons and keep your focus in your performance and keep improving.



Payment not at par with hard work and expectation


In the initial days of your career, you may not get highly paid. If you are unsuccessful you may never get back the money you put in for your grooming in the first place. However, once successful, money will no longer be an issue and you’ll lead a super glamorous life.



What I am trying to state here is that entering the glamour industry is no casual endeavour. Go for it only if you are serious about it. Success comes quickly for the right candidate and one can be rich and famous within a couple of years. However, failure is also just as normal. Life in this industry is not easy as it may look on screen. Always remember one thing, if you are truly talented and sincere, your qualities will not go unnoticed, since there’s always a demand for good models.


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