Graphology For Effective Parenting


By Vinit Bansode, Founder, The Graphology Research Institute


Ever wondered why our parents were called to have a dialogue with our teachers at school especially related to our handwriting? As a child one of the biggest pressure points in school performance is to have a good & clear and legible presentation of what they write. Though the world is turning digital, writing plays an important role in their upbringing and at times is a showcase of the personality of the child.  A child’s handwriting also reflects how it has been parented. In a way, it is a parameter matrix of your own performance as a parent!

As a child we are just given a pencil to hold and write the way we want. We were taught how to write and we were left at that.While we started writing the way we felt most comfortable with, we did imitate certain people or peer group which were our strongest influencers. Mostly our parents.  In the journey of copying others, we start losing our originality since we our handwriting was mostly influenced. Come to look at it, our personalities too are a conglomeration of various influencing personalities. We tend to act like the person we tried to emulate as a child. Again it is our parents as they are our first teachers. In a way our unique personalities are mired by influencing personalities in our lives, like our handwriting.




How graphology can help in becoming a better parent

 If you are a parent reading this, you are lucky to have a beautiful child. Now it’s your responsibility to make your child run in the right direction by analyzing your child’s handwriting. For this, you need to understand what your child wants, what are his capabilities, what fields he can perform best. There are different talents a child has. Some are developed with practice, experience and age while some are innate and naturally occurring. One needs to recognize the talents that are natural and instinctive of which not many are familiar with. If the child is encouraged to work and sharpen the skills of that which she/he is naturally endowed with, then it would definitely get the success at ease. And how do recognize that? With the help of Handwriting Analysis. A child’s handwriting must be checked and corrected in required manner. As a parent and/or a teacher, you teach them how to write the right alphabets but then gradually children learn and add their own changes to the alphabets. As the changes are made in a child’s handwriting out of their own mind or by imitating other person’s handwriting, the changes in personality also starts taking place. If the influencer is aggressive and somewhere handwriting formations related to that trait are copied by the child, then the child inherits the same quality in him/her. Thus, it becomes necessary to keep a check on the child’s handwriting. Being a responsible parent, you must get your child’s handwriting analyzed by a Graphologist.


Understanding your child’s emotions through Graphology

In the fast paced lives that we all lead, things have started becoming more complex. One of the common place challenges that young parents face is bonding with their own children. Sudden changes in eating habits, clingy behavior or a completely opposing attitude could stump the new age parent who is considered as a more aware individual. Graphology can make you identify, emotional traits such as loneliness, lack of concentration & confidence and lack of interest or enthusiasm in daily activities. The rebellious nature of a child can also be observed and the core reason for such triggers can be determined through professional handwriting analysis. A child’s handwriting might look very decorative and appealing to your eye but as per the Graphology it might have some hidden dangerous meanings. Therefore, don’t just teach your child to write nicely, but get his/her handwriting analyzed to nurture his personality and life.


How Graphology can help

Every child’s mind is programmed in the childhood by the influence of the male and female images in the child’s life usually the parents. By the help of graphology Parents can understand their children in a better perspective & will come to know there strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, skills, ways of thinking, health & influence of their parents on him and can mold them to enhance their hidden skills for becoming better loving responsible individuals of tomorrow. When parents start taking graphology as a method of healing, they are actually giving their children a bridge to overcome their fears and work towards bringing in positive changes in themselves. Graphology can help in enabling a child to showcase their talents, providing a radar towards goals and nurturing the abilities of a child.

Parents need to be vigilant and alert towards understanding what emotions are running through your child’s mind. It is also important to keep in mind that the responsiveness would differ from children to children. While there are certain aspects that can be ignored in some children but in some their expression in an early stage could be a point of concern. Your child is beautiful and unique and the science of graphology can aide you in understanding her/him better and forge the strength of your unique relationship with your child.



About the author – Vinit Bansode is a leading graphologist (handwriting & signature analysis) and life coach, with a stellar list of clientele, including India’s top businessmen, politicians, sportspersons, and many Bollywood Celebrities. Apart from the impressive clientele, Bansode has also worked closely with the private investigators for crime investigation through handwriting analysis. Throughout his 18 years of practice as a Graphologist and Life coach, Bansode has personally analyzed more than 75,000 people’s handwriting and signatures and helped them grow in various areas of their life.

Apart from practicing, Bansode has also been actively training people in the art of handwriting analysis. As founder of the Graphology Research Institute (2002), Bansode has trained over 4,500 people in the art of graphology, through 500+ workshops across India and the globe. He has been in the news for his expert analysis, including his views on late actress Jia Khan’s suicide note, which received wide spread popularity.



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