How to Score 168+ in GRE Quant with One-Month Preparation | GRE Quant Preparation Tips

Most of you are preparing to take the GRE or retake the test if you didn’t have your dream score. There is no time to delay and return back with your low GRE score in the month of October.

You are taking GRE in one month and you are targeting 168+ in GRE quant and an overall score of 320+. What will you do? 

GRE Quant Preparation Tips

Tips for Scoring 168+ in GRE Quant and to Boost Your Score beyond 320 in 30 Days

I topped my class from nursery to the 12th board. In fact, I scored a perfect 100 in both my high school qualifying exams. During my undergraduate studies, I used to score outstanding in mathematics. I was confident, quant was my strength and I could conquer any maths in this world. Having practiced around 100 questions before taking my first GRE attempt, I was sure I would score a perfect score of 170 in the quant section.

When the score flashed on the screen, I was the unhappiest person at that moment. It was 161 and I had made at least 10 mistakes out of the 40 questions on GRE.


Coming back home, I kept questioning myself why I messed up with my strongest point – maths! As I reflected upon through the next 2-3 days, I understood I faintly remember the basic mathematical principles of arithmetic, number system, geometry, and mensuration.

Though I could solve problems at home in a calm and quiet atmosphere without the performance pressure of time and accuracy, in the examination the scenario is different. Apart from concentration lapse, there is the biggest constraint in human’s success – Improper time management.

This is why taking up mock tests and/or diagnostic tests is very important.

Brush up your Maths

To efficiently manage time in the GRE exam, it is required to know the basics of mathematics, be it arithmetic, number system, geometry, data interpretation or mensuration. Every test taker should know the theory behind the problems coming on GRE. Only if you know the theory, you can approach a problem with ease and confidently, thus answering in 1.5 minutes time frame per question.

Having understood my mistake, I started learning the basics and revising them in-depth with their application. In the event of structured study from basics to advanced techniques, I luckily learned many short cut tips and tricks to solve GRE problems in 30 seconds or less, allowing time to revise or revisit the data interpretation questions which are often lengthy and takes time.

I appeared for GRE after learning the basics and practicing another 200 questions. I scored 167 easily. I was still not too happy. But, at least I learned that it is the basics that were lacking in my first attempt.

Focus on the Basics

Most GRE takers are tempted to skip studying basic concepts and jump directly to the tricky parts of the GRE preparation. However, it is proven that unless you know the basics correct, no matter how much you practice or solve questions, you cannot boost your score beyond 305. Many test-takers may end up scoring 310 with a messy combination of 165 (Quants) + 145 (Verbal) which will eventually be of no use for most dream schools for graduate studies.

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Test takers often have some overconfidence in their grasp over a given subject, be it math or vocabulary. Poor basic but a good practice may make them feel that they are ready for the test. But history says ‘little learning is a dangerous thing’. So, when they actually take the test, a lack of proper understanding of the basics completely confuses them up and ruins the score.

Fortunately, GRE is not as adaptive as it was in 2014 (the year I appeared first!), so if I would have had a bad start, doing much better later wouldn’t have had much of an effect on my score. Luckily for 2019 test-takers, though, the GRE is only section-adaptive and doesn’t change difficulty levels with every passing question like in past. Hence, test takers do have some leniency for mistakes at the start, but it is limited.

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Fall 2020 Deadlines are Approaching Fast

The application season is around the corner, most of you are preparing to take the GRE or retake the test if you didn’t have your dream score. There is no time to delay and return back with your low GRE score in the month of October, blaming it on an inadequate understanding of some of the basics. It is time to revise the basics, learn easy calculation techniques and dive into the test preparation.

How Can We Help?

At, I want to help you revise your basics, learn the fundamentals and build upon the advanced techniques required to crack the GRE Quant with ease. “A smart study is always better than a tough and difficult study” and can guide you through easy win techniques to boost your GRE score beyond 168 in the GRE quant and to boost your GRE score beyond 320.

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