A Complete Guide to Study in USA for International Students [2022]

The USA is the top destination for international students. With more than 1 million students from other countries coming here to pursue higher education, this country has come a long way. In 1954, when 35,000 international students were enrolled in higher-level education, the USA was on top of the world. Now, 5% of all students enrolled in higher-level education are international, and the numbers are only growing.

The United States is home to 33 of the top 100 universities in the world. That’s not all, though. The US boasts countless opportunities to gain experience on a global stage, which will undoubtedly make your resume stand out. Due to this, many Indian and International students have been drawn to pursue their degrees in America. This article will give you all the information you need to know on how to study in the USA.

USA Education System

The US higher education system is something to brag about. With 4,550 universities and colleges to choose from in the US, this country has ten times the number of tertiary-level universities than any other nation. This gives the students a wide variety of opportunities to pursue their career goals without needing to go abroad.

Here’s an outline of the United States’ educational system. The most common option for students is a four-year degree program, which includes core classes and electives to central in. When you’re done with your four years, you graduate! Colleges and universities are the two different levels of schools that offer undergraduate degrees.

Types of Degrees offered in the USA

1Master degree (Academic)2 years
2Master degree (Professional)1 to 3 years
3Bachelor’s degree3 – 4 years
4Doctorate or Ph.D. in US5 to 8 years

Best Places to Study in the USA for International Students

Institutions across the US are evenly distributed. There is an esteemed institution for every state from the East coast to the West coast.

  • New York
  • Boston
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Chicago
  • Atlanta

According to QS World Ranking, these are some of the best student cities of 2022. These international cities offer attractive, engaging opportunities for students to study abroad and develop their careers.

Cost to Study in the USA for International Students

Studying abroad in the United States can be expensive. The key to making your university budget work is to plan. Preparing for your study abroad USA cost should include food, health insurance, and travel costs. It’s important to factor in your tuition fee as well. College students should apply for scholarships available in America for Indian students.

There are a few methods to deal with the cost of studying in the US for International students. Scholarships are available for international students to study at American universities. Many private banks and institutions can loan money towards a student’s education, depending on their educational level.

S NOSchoolTuition fees in USD (indicative)
1English language studies₹51,509.92 to ₹1,47,171.20 per month
2Undergraduate bachelor degree₹14,71,712.00 to ₹29,43,424.00 per year
3Graduate programs₹14,71,712.00 to ₹33,13,959.75 per year
4Doctoral degree₹20,62,019.40 to ₹40,50,395.25 per year

Top Universities to Study in the USA

With a wide range of top-ranked universities, the United States is one of the world’s most well-known education destinations. Not only are their universities known for their excellent education system but also their innovative pedagogy.

These are the top 10 colleges in the USA that offer the most academic programs.

  • Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Stanford University, California
  • Columbia University, New York
  • Yale University, Connecticut
  • University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
  • Boston University, Massachusetts
  • New York University, New York
  • Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania
  • University of Southern California, California

Best Courses to Study in the USA

Studying abroad is often the first choice for students when considering global education. With the United States ranking first with almost 100,000 international students enrolled in its universities, there is no other explanation for why it’s so popular. Studying in the US offers a broad range of choices and versatility of courses which is why it continues to attract international students like never before.

If you’re considering studying in the United States, you’ll need to consider what you want to learn.

S. NoTop coursesNo. of students
1Business management (MBA in USA)197,258
3Math and Computer Sciences112,950
4Social Sciences75,951
5Physical and Life Sciences73,838

Visa Requirements to Study in the USA

It’s essential to understand the Student Visa USA. The first category is for students who attend school, college, university, or other academic institutions. The second category is for vocational and non-academic programs.

There are two different types of student visas:

  • Students who attend school, college, university, or other academic institutions, including language programs, are eligible for an F-1 visa.
  • Students who pursue vocational and non-academic programs can apply for an M-1 visa.

To apply for a Student Visa in the USA, the following steps must be followed in this order.

  1. Apply to the Universities with the help of the education counselor
  2. Take an IELTS exam or any other accepted English test
  3. Collect an i20 document
  4. Collect the student visa document
  5. Fill out DS 160 form & book the visa interview
  6. Attend the visa interview
  7. Collect your passport from the authorities

When it comes to studying abroad, many students are ready to take on this new and exciting experience, but in the end, they do nothing about it. Why is that? It’s because they fail to realize the amount of preparation that goes into studying abroad. Whether you’re going to a country, an independent university or even a study abroad program, planning ahead of time makes all the difference.

This can include booking your accommodation in advance so that when you arrive at your destination, you don’t have to worry about anything but your studies and enjoying yourself

abroad. That’s why University Living professionals can help you plan your perfect holiday or studying adventure.

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