How to Apply for VISA for Germany from India

Germany remains one of the top Schengen countries to be visited by Indians. Most of us are aware of the student visa as Germany is one of the best destinations for Indian students. However, there are other purposes as well, be it work, business or trade. Depending on the purpose of visit, Indians are granted different types of visas and this post covers the most popular types and the required documents to apply for the same.

Germany Visa Types

Visa for Language Learning

A German language course visa is the type of visa issued for Indians planning to take up a language course lasting 3-12 months. This is subject to extension if the German language courses will not be followed by full-time studies. The course should consist of 18 hours of lessons per week.

Required Documents

  • Visa Application form
  • A valid passport
  • Confirmed letter of Registration/Enrollment at the language course
  • Proof of financial means “Finanzierungsnachweis
  • A blocked bank account or Sperrkonto
  • Travel Insurance followed by Health Insurance for language course students
  • Proof of accommodation – for the complete stay
  • Proof of a paid visa fee – 60 Euro
  • Two recently taken portrait photograph that complies with photograph requirements

Tourist Visa

Germany is one of the most beautiful countries: be it the medieval castles, cathedrals, or the Christmas markets, it attracts tourists from all across the globe.  Planning to visit Germany for a period shorter than three months for tourism or visiting friends/family requires a Tourist Visa.

Required Documents

Student Applicant Visa

This is the most common type of Visa for Germany. Once offered admission to a German university, Indian students need a Visa to enter the country and complete their studies. The type of study can be either full-time or State preparatory college ‘Studienkolleg’, which is a recognition of their foreign pre-university studies or for some internship purposes.

Required Documents

  • Two visa application forms filled and signed
  • Offer/Admission Letter Proof
  • A recognized school leaving certificate if going for Bachelors or an equivalent undergraduate degree if going for Masters
  • German or English Language Proficiency Proof (as deemed by the university/school requirements)
  • Proof of financial means “Finanzierungsnachweis
  • A blocked bank account or Sperrkonto
  • Proof of former education
  • Proof of paid visa fee – 60 euro
  • Proof of accommodation

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Work (Employment) Visa

Germany is one of the most promising countries when it comes to employability, not only for German citizens but also Indians. It is one of the most flourishing economies and as such provides opportunities to thousands of qualified foreigners to work and settle. The employment Visa can be extended into a residence permit depending on the duration (long-stay vs short-stay) and type of employment.

Required Documents

  • Completed and signed application forms and related documents
  • Valid national passport 
  • Proof of residence
  • Health insurance: Initially a travel insurance to be presented for the initial time window from arrival to Germany until the beginning of employment
  • An employment contract / offer letter with details of salary/stipendium
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Complete Proof of Qualification.
  • Cover Letter explaining the purpose of stay and wo
  • Proof of paid visa fee €75.

Germany Trade Fair & Exhibitions Visa

The Federal Republic of Germany is a top venue for leading events in trade and exhibitions. The country hosts more than 100,000 foreigners per year who come either as visitors or as participants. Because the required documents can differ based on nationality, it is advisable to communicate well with the respective German Consulate to get an updated checklist.

Required Documents

  • Application Form filled and signed
  • Valid National Passport
  • Declaration of Accuracy Information
  • Documents that clearly state the purpose of visit: official fair invitation letter, entry pass,
  • Schengen Travel Visa Insurance
  • Proof of Financial Status
  • Proof of means to cover expenses during the course of the stay
  • Flight Itinerary
  • Proof of Accommodation
  • Additional documents from the employer of the applicant if applicable
  • Proof of paid visa fee €80

Germany Guest Scientist/Visiting Scholar VISA

Germany s a lucrative destination for international scientists and researchers across several disciplines. The country is replete with opportunities in science and technology attracting scholars/scientists and researchers from everywhere, including India.

Required Documents

  • Application form: filled and signed
  • Valid National Passport
  • Health Insurance
  • Flight Itinerary
  • Proof of Accommodation : Hotel or host or family/friend
  • Proof of civil status
  • Documents pertaining to coverage of financial needs: pay slips of last three months if employed or Certificate of Proprietorship or other proof of ownership if self-employed
  • Personal covering letter explaining the purpose of stay in Germany
  • No-objection letter of your local university / research institute with adequate contractual information
  • Invitation Letter from German University
  • Proof of academic qualification

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