How Coding Can Help with Cognitive Development

Coding is becoming an integral part of the curriculum in primary schools around the world. However, very little is being known on how it improves the cognitive skills of a kid. In this post, guest author Vaibhav Viswanath writes about the importance of coding in cognitive development in kids.

Learn Coding for Cognitive Skills Development

By Vaibhav Viswanath

One of the biggest misconceptions around coding courses is that it is only limited to people of age. Coding is like food for the brain and so it is favorable to enroll your kids into coding classes as per their age group to allow them to benefit from multiple mental improvements, especially cognitive development.

How Coding Helps with Cognitive Development

However, cognitive development plays a vital role in the overall brain development of a child and thus, coding is a necessary investment for your child’s complete progress and development.

Multiple types of cognitive skills are targeted with the help of coding courses, and some of them include the following- 

Improved Working Memory

One of the biggest learnings, according to the job, is the newfound ability to retain information for longer which helps in performing tasks more efficiently. Now, for kids, this might not be a priority at such a young age. However, with the help of this cognitive development, your kids will benefit in the future and will also learn to resolve small issues like code errors, bugs, etc. 

Better Visual Processing

Visual processing is a crucial cognitive ability that requires you to understand the placement and contacts of each image and object in a given space. This feature of cognitive development directly impacts the capabilities of the kids to learn new languages.

When they learn how to read or write codes through coding class, they need to strengthen the basic concepts, which will require them to focus on visual processing more than mind learning.

Ability to Sustain Attention Longer

Attention is the key requirement for everyone today, whether it be an adult or a child, to ensure that being present at the moment is possible. With the help of cognitive development through coding courses, kids will benefit from sustained attention as this course is a new thing and will teach them how to look at, think about, and implement codes when needed.

Other Benefits of Learning Coding for Kids

Other than cognitive development, there are multiple other benefits of enrolling your kids in coding classes. At present, encouraging kids to participate in activities to keep the brain active is the need, especially since the pandemic has shut down the regular traditional learning methods of classrooms time in again. Let us discuss the top ways of how coding classes help kids below.

  • The first and the most important advantage of enrolling your kids in coding classes is teaching them the life skill of problem-solving. Regardless of the age group or gender, problem-solving is a necessity as it requires your brain to think outside the box and resolve problems with the most appropriate solutions.
  • The second advantage of enrolling your kids in coding courses is encouraging them to get in touch with the creative side. Coding requires multiple attempts to get the right fit across and so creativity, which is essential for all age groups, can be instilled in the kids from a young age itself.
  • Keeping in mind that they are kids, coding is a skill set that not only increases the knowledge foundation for them but also is a fun class to participate in. Even though it is logic-based, the creative and innovative mind takes the driver’s seat and thus intrigues a deeper interest in the kids. 

FAQs about Learning to Code

Is it Hard to Learn Coding?

There is no set guide to train the kids on how to learn coding as the main idea behind coding classes is for children to question and break down different codes to encourage the brain skills to carry out all tasks with increased simplicity. Additionally, the level of difficulty in learning depends from child to child as not everyone has the same learning pace and capabilities.

How Long Does it Take to Learn Coding?

According to studies and market research, the time required to learn to code depends on factors like age, learning capacity, grasping ability, etc. However, for most kids and adults, a minimum of 3 to 6 months is necessary to learn the basic foundational knowledge about the different holding tricks and tactics.

The end goal should be to attain maximum information around coding, without letting the peer-to-peer competition get in the way of your learning. Furthermore, as you can now learn coding online, there are more benefits of participating, other than just an increased knowledge base.

Benefits of Learning Coding Online

Given how online classes are garnering maximum popularity today globally, it is important to step up the learning from a coding teacher by shifting it online.

  • The first advantage of learning coding from a coding teacher online is that this new learning environment will act as a diverse tool of socialization for your kid. With online learning, the kid will be interacting with multiple students as well as the teacher, without having to put the health at risk.
  • Along with safety, the convenience and flexibility offered by an online coding course to learn different coding classes are very high. Moreover, this encourages better focus and attention span from the kid for learning.
  • Lastly, with the help of online coding classes and courses, the children will also feel more accountable towards their learning, making them more independent for the future.

Getting Started with Python Programming

If you wish to pursue a career in the field of machine learning or Data science, coding is an essential skill to learn for all ages. The top programming languages to learn in 2022 are as follows:

1. Java

2. Python

3. C and C++

4. C#

5. Visual Basic

As one of the most popular computer programming languages worldwide, Python is an essential tool that helps build successful software and websites. However, to begin your journey with Python, it is important to first begin with the basics, and then once the foundation is strong enough, slowly pace up the learning by adding on courses as per your level of difficulty. For most people, the basic or foundation course for Python takes approximately 6 to 8 long weeks to excel.

Post that, the choice of the Python course level you pick determines the time you will be needing to learn the complete python language to become a successful coder. Some other factors that play a vital role include the learning method you adopt, the time you give to complete the Python course, and the level of previous experience you have which comes in handy and adds speed to the learning.

Why should you choose Python?

Python has been among the famous programming languages to learn in 2021 and continues to witness a rise in popularity since 2020. According to the PYPL index, Python ranks the number 1 programming language, ahead of Java.

Being a high-level, object-oriented language with dynamic semantics and is known for supporting multidimensional paradigms.

According to PayScale, the average salary of a Python developer in India is around INR 427,000 per annum for a fresher, which amounts to Rs. 35,000 per month. With proper experience, the salary can increase to almost Rs.100,000 per month as well. 

TIOBE Programming Community index ranks all computer languages according to popularity every month and currently python ranks number 1. 

The language is extensively used in web development and software development. In the near future, machine learning and data analytics will utilize the popularity of Python to grow in its sector. The language is also extremely compatible with most upcoming career options for students and provides a fantastic base to grow in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Learn more about why you should learn Python programming.

How to Find Coding Classes Near You?

After understanding the multiple benefits of coding classes, it is also important to know the right way forward if you are looking for coding classes near me for your kids. So, if you wish to enroll your kid in a coding course, the easiest way forward is to go online and start your research.

Now, there are multiple types of research you can conduct based on what you are looking for. For instance, if you are looking for offline classes to teach your child, you can search for coding classes and courses in and around your area.

However, if you are looking for online coding classes for your kid, you can find a variety of different coding courses available, without the limitation of location. There are multiple online platforms that connect with students who wish to learn coding with the right coding class and/or coding teacher.


One such platform is Superprof which offers an easy user interface to allow students to research for the right coding courses to begin learning. All you need to do is set up your profile on the platform to explore the multiple coding courses and classes available for your kid.

Superprof is an online teaching platform that has more than 18 million teachers across 38 countries across the world. The platform aims to become a knowledge-sharing community with teachers and students getting equal opportunities to teach, learn and earn.

So, sign up with Superprof today to give your child the opportunity to learn at his own pace and become a successful individual in the future, even as a working professional.

About Vaibhav Viswanath:

Vaibhav is a digital marketer. You can connect with him on LinkedIn or his website.

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