How Data Analytics Can Improve Academic Performance – Q&A With Rajesh CKR, Managing Director, Prifact


Prifact Solutions Private Limited is a cloud-based platform designed for students and educational institutes to empower them with emerging technologies. Prifact enables institutes to digitise every operation, including academics, to help students, teachers, parents and administrators. By digitizing courseware and classroom assignments, Prifact tracks students’ performance and helps them improve by providing powerful insights using data analytics which helps to continuously improve academic performance. Digitised courseware allows students to refer teachers’ notes and not depend on their classmates to copy notes. It also allows students to post queries for the teacher online and get an instant response. With the help of Prifact, students are able to track their performance compared to rest of the class and identify areas that will help them score better to improve their academic results.


In an elaborate interaction with, Rajesh CKR, Managing Director, Prifact Solutions Pvt Ltd, shared interesting details about this unique platform.


Rajesh was in the US for a couple of years, during his stay in the US he developed a voice over IP product so that he can talk to his family back home without much cost. The product took off in the market and was even covered by CNBC news and ultimately led to the birth of a company. He is also Microsoft’s Most Valued Programmer and is acknowledged world over for his reference implementation of Microsoft Healthvault. He is also an expert in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning and has developed an AI system using Artificial Neural Networks back in 1997 during his college days that was later acknowledged by IEEE. His passion for programming continues for he spends most of his time writing code which solves complex business problems of our clients. Rajesh is also an avid musician. He is a guitarist and runs a band called Muzic5. If is not coding is playing music.






 – A selected excerpt –


What was the idea behind launching Prifact Solutions Private Limited?

Here in India the industry of education is not heavily standardised unlike in the developed countries. Not enough standards means institutions device their own systems of running and managing them. This fragmentation or non-unified processes and procedures is the gap we intend to fill with priFact. While the gaps are present in many facets of the education domain, we are committed to help institutions fill them, one step at a time. Our idea is to bring about automated processes which will enable collaboration, continuity, transparency, accountability and efficiency among all the stakeholders of the ecosystem of education. We are convinced that with our information technology capabilities we can achieve these goals ultimately, one step at a time.


What is Prifact Solutions Private Limited all about?

priFact is for us a constant quest for efficiency and collaboration. It is a never ending engineering feast where we constantly seek problems, hurdles, roadblocks that hinders the knowledge delivery process and solve them.


How many students have you reached so far?

priFact has over 200 teachers, over 7000 students and close to 13000 parents as active users of the system. Our system manages transactions worth 35 Crores per year; and we have just started. priFact is an active system, which means it is always alive and live; here information flows in real time.


How many schools?

Three school in the Bangalore depend of priFact for their day today operations, communications and collaborations.


In which cities are you operating?

We are in Bangalore primarily. We are onboarding a government school in Kerala as our own CSR initiative.


Prifact has 26 features – mention the key ones

We have managed to simplify some of the most complex activities and deep dived to identify the complexities in some of the perceived simple processes –


Students’ management

  1. Enrolment
  2. Attendance entry
  3. Attendance system
  4. Performance reports
  5. Student search
  6. Communication


Staff management

  1. Enrolment
  2. Performance reports
  3. Syllabus coverage reports
  4. Class attendance reports
  5. Leaves management
  6. Communication
  7. Announcements
  8. Enter/view special comments on students



  1. Customised access to information
  2. Transfer Certificate management
  3. Bus pass and ID card generation
  4. Record verification process
  5. Caste certificates


Examination management

  1. Examination scheduling
  2. Scheduling class rooms & student classes
  3. Assigning invigilators
  4. Assessments/tests/exams results entry
  5. Rescheduling Assessments/tests/exams
  6. Scheduling across the institution
  7. Scheduling across a department/class/group


Syllabus management

  1. Import/create university/board syllabus
  2. Decompose syllabus units into sessions
  3. Create Lesson plans
  4. Create sharable session content
  5. Create personal session content
  6. Add/modify session contents
  7. Assign session content to class sessions
  8. Track session coverage
  9. Track syllabus coverage
  10. Syllabus coverage reports


Reports management

  1. Monthly mass reports for parents
  2. Send reports as PDFs/printed/SMS/email
  3. Performance reports
  4. Attendance reports
  5. View department/semester/class/group specific reports
  6. Statutory periodic reports


What does Prifact Solutions Private Limited do differently?

We are keen listeners and explorers. Our system is not a stiff jacketed monolithic off the shelf product. It is an extremely adaptive and customisable system of automated processes. We constantly seek challenges and problems faced by various stakeholders like teachers, principals, parents, students and many others through dialog and experiences. We not only do what is wanted we do what is needed. The ‘needed’ part is what we are passionate about.


What does it take to be an edu-preneur in India today?

Tenacity and resilience. Tenacity to constantly engage the present and prospective user base to the cause of serious and effective automation and resilience to deal with nonbelievers or semi-believers of automation.


What are the challenges?

Here is an example, Smartphones are the new computers, TV, text books and notes all built into one. Now one can choose to believe and put his/her trust in it or ignore them. We have seen that there still is a considerable percentage of academicians who tend to ignore them. Getting them to believe in it is one of the important challenges we think.


What are the career opportunities in edu-tech in India?

India is among the top three countries in terms of number of students present. Add to that the complexity that comes from autonomous nature of many large statutory bodies, regulatory bodies from states and center, large number of languages, types of education institutions, not to mention the challenges and complexities of the day today running of institutions…. all these put together there are unlimited opportunities for innovations in the edu-tech industry.


How has technology helped you deliver your idea?

Considering the number of challenges big and small and size of the market in terms of student numbers, there is no other way than automation. We have been in the business of automation for over 15 years. We have automated processes in the developed economies, now we are out automate our own school, colleges and universities.


Where do you see Prifact Solutions Private Limited in next five years?

We will be enlightening every stake holder of the ecosystem with knowledge and information that they never knew existed or could be determined. It is this knowledge that will help parents take most informed decisions about their wards, that will help schools adopt the most effective knowledge delivery mechanisms, that will help the policy makers in making meaningful and effective policies.


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