How The Final Year Dissertation Can Help You Land Your Dream Job

At the mention of the word, “dissertation” many students’ heart may start to beat faster than usual. Then in the final year, students are also stressed about finding jobs after graduation. Hence, a combination of dissertation thesis and job hunt makes it very stressful for the final year students. So, is there any way your dissertation can help you with job search?


A dissertation is a very challenging task indeed. But behind the stress lies enormous benefits. Completing your dissertation in a grand style can definitely benefit your career. Earlier we have discussed how choosing the right dissertation topic can help you with your job prospects. In this post, guest author Lianna Simmons talks about how your final year dissertation can help you land your dream job.


How The Final Year Dissertation Can Help You Land Your Dream Job


By Liana Simmons



  1. Dissertation writing can improve your skills


In today’s highly competitive business environment, employers are keenly looking for the best candidates that have the needed skills and personality traits to move their businesses forward. And, by completing your dissertation, it then means that you possess some of the skills and personality traits that employers seek in candidates.


An article that was written in the Wall Street Journal indicates that most of the skills employers seek in job candidates can be acquired from dissertation writing. In a survey conducted, most of the answers given by employers show that problem-solving skill, critical thinking and ability to work independently are top of the list.


However, the aforementioned are skills students typically require to complete their dissertations. So, even if your skills are not well-developed, being able to complete your dissertation is an indication that they have improved massively. And, for employers, finishing your dissertation means you have those skills, which might be highly needed for the job opening.


  1. You can work independently


There is nothing more pleasing than for an employer to find and hire an employee that can work independently. It will give them or those appointed to supervise freedom to face other work-related tasks. But your dissertation should be well-researched and be written appropriately too. Keep in mind that a poorly written thesis will not tell well of you.


But when your dissertation is well-researched, employers will not only assume that you have reached a level where you can work independently, but have more confidence that you can deliver expected results with little or no supervision.


  1. Self-motivation and perseverance


Presenting a well-researched piece can affect your career or job search positively. It tells employers a lot about your personality, not just skills. Having the endurance to sit for hours, deprive yourself of many things to ensure you complete your dissertation at the stipulated deadline is not an easy task.


But if you can pass through these hurdles successfully, then it equally means that you are willing to go to any length to complete assigned tasks once hired. So, have in mind that completing your dissertation shows perseverance, commitment, and self-motivation which are traits needed to thrive in any work environment.


Plus, there is also the opportunity to gain various skills in dissertation writing, which would be of great value to your career.


  1. Opportunity to acquire more knowledge


Dissertation writing involves a lot of research, which is something that will benefit you in the long run. You will gain insight and become an authority in your chosen field.


Employers are looking for candidates who have sound knowledge in the position they are being hired for, not someone with just a degree.


So, if your future career plan is to become a social media professional, for instance, then let your dissertation be squarely on social media marketing or any related area. If you want to become a human resource manager, your paper should be on management.


First, you will acquire more knowledge in the field during the cause of your research. And secondly, writing a dissertation paper on that particular field tells employers that you are passionate about the said area and would likely be an asset to the company.


Can a poor dissertation land you a job?


A poorly written dissertation will place you on the same level as other average candidates. So, you need to channel more effort and use every available means to deliver a quality paper.


But bear in mind that having a dissertation will not automatically land you an interview. Your involvement in student organizations and experience working in the industry can play a crucial role in the hiring process.


So, you have to be a well-rounded candidate. Participate in school activities that will add value to your resume. And, according to, ensure your dissertation is top-notch.




You will not secure a job automatically because you have a dissertation. That is the fact. But having a well-written paper can cause you to stand out from the crowd. In other words, it will increase your chance of landing an interview. And from there, you can prove your worth to those looking to hire you.


So, do not relent in your dissertation. It is no doubt a tiresome task, but remember, that it is once in a lifetime. So, put in more effort to deliver a quality paper that will put your career in the right path.


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