How Dr. KK Aggarwal, President HeartCare Foundation of India, Solved A Critical Social Problem Through Innovation


President of HeartCare Foundation of India, Dr. KK Aggarwal, also a Padamshree Awardee, has come up with a unique innovation, just when we needed it. In this time of serious air pollution, he has guided to Make the Air Purifier at home which will cost from Rs.500 to Rs.1000/-.


He now wants to include the making of air purifier in the school syllabus and a compulsory component in physics labs. Intrigued by this distinctive invention we at got in touch with Dr. Aggarwal to delve deep into his exemplary research and development project.

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How did the idea of making Air Purifier at home come to your mind?


A traditional air purifier can cost anywhere between INR 10,000 to even a lakh. Given the high prevalence of air pollution in Delhi and its surrounding areas, there is a high demand for air purifiers but their cost very high. The way they are advertised means there is also a huge margin involved. This was what gave me the idea of an air purifier that could be made at home using a simple fan and filter.

What is the basic technology used in the air purifier?

The basic technology in an air purifier is a 0.3 HEPA filter and a high-speed fan with or without carbon filter.


How easy is it to make the air purifier?

For those who cannot afford to buy air purifiers, it is possible to make them at home by fitting a dust filter (0.3 microns) in front of the table fan.These makeshift filters can also be placed in front of the air conditioner or water air cooler.With this simple inexpensive do-it-yourself method, you can reduce air pollution by as much as 80%.


Why should the making of Air Purifiers be incorporated in the school syllabus or made compulsory in Physics Lab?

Air purifiers are the need of the hour every day including in every home. At least 10% of school-going children have an allergy and installing an air purifier at home will take care of this aspect. Apart from this, it will reduce absenteeism in schools as well.


Do you think the current school curriculum lacks in building problem-solving abilities in students? Or building entrepreneurial skills?

It is imperative that the seeds of all startups are sown at the school stage itself. Children have brilliant ideas and sometimes, these can materialize into great concepts. When they start young, there is a likelihood that they will also go on to become entrepreneurs of the future. This is more so in Tier 2 and 3 cities, where there is less exposure.


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