How to Find an Ideal Student Accommodation During The Lockdown

After confirming your admission to the University of your choice, the next important step you should take is to look for the best student accommodation nearby. While also making sure it’s safe, secure, and meets all your expectations as it’s going to be your home for quite a time.

It’s no secret how coronavirus has affected the world. It almost managed to stop the world in its tracks. Many people are still stuck where they were, including students in accommodations that they chose because it was affordable or luxurious. The pandemic has changed everything, humans are social animals, but for now, we must maintain distance and refrain from socialising too much. If you’re thinking of studying abroad, you need to be sure you’ll be provided with adequate facilities and amenities with your chosen accommodation to maintain a healthy and safe lifestyle.

Many of you aren’t sure what to look for in accommodation but don’t worry. Here are a few smart tips that will help you to pick out your ideal accommodation even in the midst of a pandemic.


Tips for Searching for Ideal Student Accommodation during Pandemic


By Suvrahadip Ghosh


Raise Your Budget


The pandemic has left a considerable hole in almost everybody’s pocket. Before you move out to find suitable accommodation, evaluate your finances. Once you’ve decided on your budget, you can move ahead with your plans much more smoothly.


Searching Student Accommodation during Pandemic


It’ll also help the dealers know about your expectations, and they might recommend places that suit your preferences. If, after tenancy, you find yourself unable to pay the rent, don’t worry, the UK’s Government has come with schemes to help the students during the current time.


Check for Safety and Well Being


Self Isolation


The Government of the UK has outlined some rules and regulations for every incoming passenger. Make sure your chosen accommodation provides you with a safe space to self-isolate for 14 days.

The Government has also ordered the local ‘Public Health England Consultant’ to collaborate with the proprietor and ensure that students are adequately provided with food and medications during the isolation period. Enquire about all the repairs needed and make sure your landlord fixes them before you move in.


Mental Health


Every international student staying on their own away from their family must be stressing a lot. Questions have been raised about their physical and mental health. Students will be restricted from going out and enjoying life like they’re supposed to. This can result in budding stress due to a lack of fresh air, greenery, and sunlight.


finding student accommodation during COVID-19


Many accommodations provide a meditation zone, game rooms, cinema rooms, and an on-site gym, which can help students to stay fit, relax, and fresh throughout this ordeal. Check before if your accommodation is equipped with these facilities. Even if not all, at least some of them.


In addition, having a good internet connection will also help students stay connected with their friends and family virtually. Many facilities have also enlisted contact information of mental health supporters. They can also be accessed online.


Cleansing of the Probable Contamination


Make sure your accommodation is being thoroughly cleaned as per the guidance of the Government, at least three days before your tenancy begins.


Once in there, maintain self-hygiene- wash your hands regularly, keep your clothes and bed clean, limit contact with other people, and follow all the rules & regulations instilled by the staff.


Consult with your roommates over a phone call (if you’ll be living with any) so that you can mutually decide on the date or timing of your shifting so that there’s no congestion. Avoid sharing amenities for the time being. If you don’t want to meddle in the complexity of this task, you can also choose en-suites you don’t have to share.


Availability of Amenities at Ease


Do a prior check of all the amenities and facilities provided by your student accommodation. Basic amenities like food, groceries, medicines should be available in your accommodation or in the vicinity of the building. So, that you don’t have to travel much for procuring these items in times of need.


Distance from your University


The closer your accommodation will be from your University or the city center, the more favorable it should be for you. This will save you plenty of time and money in your daily commutes. Also, in emergency times, you can easily access public transport, supermarkets, and hospitals nearby. This is as important as living in a safe and well-equipped facility. Check whether the accommodation you’re opting for lies in the heart of the city or not.


Now that it’s been all said and done, beware of Rental Frauds during COVID-19.


Rental frauds are becoming a common phenomenon in the midst of this widespread pandemic. Some agents are using this pandemic to beef up their pockets by tricking people into buying a property that doesn’t exist or is entirely different from what’s been shown in the pictures. Some are targeting multiple people at once by renting them all the same property.


There are specific ways in which you can avoid this fraudulent:


Communicate with your rental agent. Be upfront about whatever that makes you uncomfortable. In case the agent isn’t available for conversation in person- you can mail or call them. Seek assistance from the nearest Citizens Advice center if you need legal help or advice.


If talking to the agent doesn’t solve your problems, you can directly write to the rental agency about the issues you’re facing and the details of your agreement with the agent. File a complaint to the local council in the case of illegal eviction, harassment, or fraudulent. They’ll help you to fix your problems as quickly as possible.


How AmberStudent will support you:


Amidst this pandemic, AmberStudent is concerned about the International students who are planning to study abroad. We understand our responsibility towards the students, colleagues, and community, and that’s why we have updated the cancellation policies to give students certainty about their accommodation.

With over 1200+ apartments around the world, you can pick the accommodation of your choice at affordable prices. Students will be able to cancel for free and get a full refund if they are not able to attend the University due to travel or university restrictions. At Amber, they not just care about your student accommodation but also your well-being.


Author Bio:

Suvrahadip Ghosh

Suvrahadip Ghosh is a civil engineer turned writer whose work has been published in many books including one with Durjoy Dutta.

He has worked with major web pages like Terribly Tiny Tales and The Scribbled Stories. He has also been named amongst the top 50 national windward poetry competition. He’s currently working with AmberStudent as a content writer

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