How Graphology Can Be A Vital Tool To Manage Stress For Entrepreneurs



By Vinit Bansode, Founder of The Graphology Research Institute


Starting a business is a big achievement for many entrepreneurs, but sustaining one is the larger challenge. In the era of entrepreneurship, it is more so, when the competition is tough to become the next big thing and innovation is the buzz word. Entrepreneurs these days are often besotted with fears regarding loss of clients or sales, issues with sharing work among employees, known as delegation. These fears and emotions directly impact their personality traits. Nobody is born with a permanent personality. It undergoes changes & transformations and gets shaped under pressure. Though personality traits may remain stable over time, you may be able to identify certain “fault lines” under the guidance of expert graphologists. Identification of these is of paramount importance especially when you are experiencing stress and dynamic challenges.


Getting rid or at least knowing the worry factor of your personality traits is simplified by use of graphology. Graphology provides an overview of the thought patterns and behavioral aspects through hand writing and signature analysis. Handwriting and signature analysis is a scientific method of identifying, evaluating and understanding personality through the strokes and patterns revealed by ones handwriting or signature. It reveals the true personality including emotional overlay, fear, honesty, defense and many others. Professional handwriting examiners called graphologists often identify the writer with a piece of handwriting sample. Early predictions on personality of a person is baseline, the pen/pencil (writing instrument) pressure, the t-bar, the lower loop of alphabets like y or j and the slant of writing as found in an individual’s handwriting.


As an entrepreneur, having issues being a team player can be a red flag for a person being of an introvert personality. Check by drawing line through the up and downward strokes. Backward slopes indicate an introvert personality and forward slopes are extroverted personalities. Writing which rises to the right shows cheerfulness and optimism, an important trait for the New Age Entrepreneur. Sagging at the right shows physical or mental weariness. Being gushing, eager and impulsive as an entrepreneur can also be checked if one has a more continuous flow of writing. Flowing writing with linked letters and sometimes linked words, more so known as a threading of words – show that entrepreneurs would like to keep key departments to their own selves and won’t delegate. One should also check for spacing between words, this indicates the social attitude. Larger spacing between words indicates that the person is comfortable being alone and may even distrust others. Look where the writing is mainly concentrated and where the emphasis is. As the writer matures he/she learns the more sophisticated method of joining letter forms called the cursive writing. The four most common connective forms are garlands, arcades, angles and thread. No one of us use one connective exclusively. One form usually dominates and the others are secondary. The garland connective hand writing shows that the person is warm, sympathetic, empathetic and sentimental. Arcades or reverse garlands shows trait for a person being creative. The writer who habitually uses angles are often analytical, tense and self-disciplined.


Entrepreneurs need to have specific traits which if absent in one doesn’t define that the person is incompetent in being one. Certain checks and changes in your regular writing habits can get you inculcate those specific traits. Start consciously practicing the change first thing in the morning and as time passes continuous and conscious practice shall become a habit. If practice makes one perfect then graphology is the way to perfection.



About the author – Vinit Bansode is a leading graphologist (handwriting & signature analysis) and life coach, with a stellar list of clientele, including India’s top businessmen, politicians, sportspersons, and many Bollywood Celebrities. Apart from the impressive clientele, Mr. Bansode has also worked closely with the private investigators for crime investigation through handwriting analysis. Throughout his 18 years of practice as a Graphologist and Life coach, Mr. Bansode has personally analyzed more than 75,000 people’s handwritings and signatures and helped them grow in various areas of their life.

Apart from practicing, Mr. Bansode has also been actively training people in the art of handwriting analysis. As founder of the Graphology Research Institute (2002), Mr. Bansode has trained over 4,500 people in the art of graphology, through 500+ workshops across India and the globe. He has been in the news for his expert analysis, including his views on late actress Jia Khan’s suicide note, which received wide spread popularity.
Apart from Graphology, Mr. Bansode is also a founder member and partner at the ‘Business Opportunities Club’ – a high net worth entrepreneurs networking group. Mr. Bansode has also authored India’s first Marathi book on Graphology and India’s first Marathi book on Business Networking.

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