How to Make Money Online as a Student

Getting an education is an important aspect of every student’s career. But a lot of them look for ways to make money online as a student to sustain their daily lives without financial help from their parents.

Even young high school students who have just passed out after their boards have quite a long gap before getting into college. Utilizing this time to get some extra pocket money might come across as an idea for these students.

But they end up not doing anything due to a lack of information and knowledge. If you are a student then here’s a list of ways how to make money online as a student:

1) Become a Freelancer

If you have some extra skills, you can use them to make a quick buck online. A lot of websites have slowly crawled up over time that let you publish a gig of your own for free. You can design graphics, edit videos, write content, or anything that you feel that you’re really good at.

Check out the following video on how to make money online as a student through freelancing:


  • You get to choose the intensity of your work.
  • The timings are flexible.
  • You gain a lot of exposure by handling different types of clients.


  • Getting customers is never a guarantee.
  • You will not gain an increment or any kind of certificate for your work.
  • The income is very volatile.

2) Take up a Data-Entry Job

Data Entry Jobs are the go-to option for students who barely scratch the surface when it comes to having an extra set of skills. Nowadays every student has knowledge of how to operate a computer and the basics of Microsoft Office. That’s all it takes to do this part-time job.


  • Getting a job is very easy.
  • Practice makes you perfect.
  • It doesn’t require an investment.


  • Requires a lot of time and constant effort during that time as time is money.
  • It can get very monotonous and boring after a point in time.
  • The payment takeout is not very high.

3) Become an Online Tutor

Imagine you study in the 12th standard and your friend has sent his little brother who studies in the 5th standard to you for some math classes. As an Online Tutor, you have to teach your friend’s brother from the comfort of your home. I cannot think of a better way to make money online as a student.


  • Time & Effort to be given are manageable.
  • You can do this without hampering your studies.
  • Getting students isn’t very hard.


 4) Become a Customer Service Agent

A lot of business companies and websites don’t have a proper in-house calling system or group and thus hire people online to do the job. A smartphone is all you need to do this job. If you have proper communication and speaking skills and are proficient in any language you can always opt for this type of work.


  • No experience of work is needed.
  • You will develop client handling & management skills.
  • The opportunity for growth is high.


  • Shifts are long and timings are not flexible.
  • There is a lot to be accounted for.
  • You need to be present at all times.
how to make money online as a student
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5) You Can Become a Translator/Subtitler

This is where you can use the French or Spanish that you were forced to learn during your middle school to good use for earning money online. A lot of companies hire translators to translate emails, documents, letters, and fax.

Don’t have power over any other language than your native language? No problem. There are several websites that pay you to add subtitles to pieces of films and movies in the language that you prefer.


  • Decent pay
  • Increases your knowledge.
  • You may get hired if your work is good.


  • This type of work has very strict deadlines to be met.
  • Mistakes are very costly.
  • The scope of growth is minimal.

6) Paid Internships

A lot of companies hire freshers and high school students as interns to get new creative content, understand the mindset of the young generation, or just simply to help them gain experience through exposure. Here’s a list of the best places to do internships in India.


  • Companies pay interns well.
  • You can add this to your CV
  • It makes you more eligible for better jobs in the future.


  • The workload is very heavy.
  • Paid doesn’t mean it’s right for you.
  • Competition is stressful.

7) You Can Become an Influencer (Paid Collaborator)

Nowadays getting famous online and getting a digital audience is a piece of cake for a lot of students. Start-ups and small businesses will pay you to showcase their product or services in order on your account through several media to make their product or service famous through you. If you accept this process, you become a paid collaborator.


  • You can earn really well.
  • You get free products and services from the company you’re promoting.
  • There is literally no pressure of work.


  • The online audience is volatile in nature.
  • You may not always be trending.
  • It isn’t really accepted as a professional career.

8) Sell Your Photos/Videos Online

If you have a decent DSLR and have a passion for photography or videography then this might be the best option for you. There are some websites that will pay you per piece of photo or video that you upload on their website.


  • Allows you to be flexible.
  • Allows you to follow your passion.
  • A phone with good camera quality can be used instead of a DSLR.


  • Payment is flexible.
  • Your work might be rejected if similar content is present.
  • Competition is very high.


Being a final year student, I understand the need to earn money for your own daily expenses and straight-up being tired of asking for the same from your parents. It instills a sense of responsibility and a rush that helps you take down further hurdles in life.

Even though all these jobs are online, they require a specific amount of hard work, time, effort, and dedication. So be careful and choose what’s best for you and don’t stress over it. I hope this guide will bring to light the best ways to make money online as a student. The opportunities and the possibilities are endless only if you go looking and aim for them. All the best!

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