How Self-Paced Online Prep Courses Can Help You to Score More in SAT and ACT

At present, there are more than 15 million students are preparing for various competitive exams in India. In India, still, the majority of students (and parents) prefer the traditional offline model of tutoring (coaching centers). But, over the course of the last 5-6 years, online learning has seen a sharp rise in popularity all in India. According to Technavio, the rising student competition along with a significant decline in the test pass percentage in competitive exams will lead to further popularity of the online test prep vertical.


In this post, Rohan Ganeriwala from Collegify will talk about how the self-paced online test prep courses can help the high school students to score more in SAT and ACT.

Over to Rohan!


How Self-Paced Online Prep Courses Can Help You to Score More in SAT and ACT

Co-authored by Rohan Ganeriwala



Online Tutoring - SAT and ACTSelf-paced online SAT/ACT courses offer up big benefits for students looking to accelerate the completion of their test preparation. Different from traditional online courses, the student determines the pace for studying their class materials, allowing you the opportunity to move at your speed through your courses – and completing classes on your timeline.


Here are top benefits of enrolling in self-paced online courses that will help you improve your SAT/ACT score:  


Self-paced courses are Personalized:


Personalizing the lessons for each student taking the test prep for SAT/ACT gives students a clear direction and a customized course plan before he is ready to take his first attempt of the SAT/ACT. Personalized course plans according to each student’s unique requirements is also an effective technique for time management – which is a problem that plagues multitude of test takers.


During the preparation and mock tests, a student understands through repeated practice and detailed test reports as to how he should devote time to each section and how much overtime he’s giving to which section on the SAT/ACT.


You can complete the test prep for SAT/ACT at your speed:


One of the major advantages of a test prep platform that is powered by AI and ML is that the student can first gauge his strengths and weaknesses through dynamic diagnostic test reports that they provide and hence devote more time to the areas that he is weak in and lesser time on his strengths.


Gamified course plans:


Nowadays, E-Learning test prep platforms have grasped that student engagement is paramount for their performance to improve in the SAT/ACT. Online test prep courses have come up with interesting features that help the student stay engaged on the platform. Students can even choose avatars, part of a “gamified” work-and-reward approach that speaks to the target age-range and encourages consistent progress. This includes the gradual unlocking of content, in line with our pedagogy of balancing performance with difficulty and avoiding inundating students.


Adaptive platforms:


Content is carefully categorized and separated into incremental difficulty levels, which is then driven by AI to respond to and anticipate trends in each student’s learning and performance patterns in real time.


This adaptiveness not only ensures students spend their time productively, it ensures teachers, counselors, mentors, and parents also fully understand how best to support applicants both on and off the platform.


Dynamic reports provide constant updates through visually captivating charts, statistics, and diagrams for all parties, helping to steer both learning and teaching every step of the way. Hence, improving scores in the tests!


Flexible Learning


Most of the high school students opt for SAT and ACT in Class 10 – 12 period. This is one of the busiest and most hectic phases in a high school student’s life. It’s not always easy to do school, extracurriculars, subject tutoring, and then preparing for SAT and ACT.


The introduction of online test preparation has made life and learning simpler. You no longer have to manage your busy schedule and set your priorities around classroom timings. You can now prepare at a time that suits your convenience.




Online test prep courses are cheaper than the offline classes. Additionally, they will also save you money on transportation and study materials.




Online test preparation hasn’t yet completely replaced traditional forms of learning. However, more and more students are now opting for online tutoring, primarily because of the ability to choose how they study. But, every time a student decides to go the tech way, they contribute their bit to the shift from brick and mortar to online test preparation.


Education comes at a cost no matter which school you attend, but you should choose which costs seem more relevant to your current lifestyle.


Author Bio: Rohan is a passionate mentor with an experience of more than 10 years in Study abroad industry through his company – Collegify. Having worked with admission committees abroad, he is well versed with every changing trend. With a network of more than 1000 students in the US, you bet, he knows what’s gonna work for you. Rohan and Adarsh Khandelwal (Co-Founder) have a decade of experience in the education space, longstanding business relationships with school boards, extensive networking with top college representatives.


About Collegify: Collegify has launched an education portal, powered by a proprietary machine-learning algorithm focused on building a personalized and adaptive learning programme when preparing for exams. They offer tailored online solutions for the SAT and ACT tests, with the goal of fully introducing content for the International Baccalaureate (IB) later this year.


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