How a Study Abroad Experience Changes You as a Person

An international experience (travel, work or studying abroad) changes teaches you a lot about life. Studying abroad helped me a lot to shape my own career path. In this post, our guest author Trisha writes about how a study abroad experience changes you.


How a Study Abroad Experience Changes You


By Trisha Som (from Leverage Edu)



Study abroad and you won’t find yourself the same person in you. The most substantial benefits of studying abroad are not just limited to getting hold of foreign language skills. It goes far away from textbooks and language learning capabilities and gives you a complete and deep knowledge and expertise. So to maximize your learning capabilities you have to make local friends know their languages and cultures exactly.


Everyone has a unique study abroad experience and it plays a major role in finding the right career path, what you intend to pursue and what you want to become in life. From career-related advantages to life-related rewards, it may just be the best and meaningful decision you make all your life.


How You Can Make it Abroad


First off, in order to study abroad, there are multiple ways and routes one can explore. Right from the flexibility institutions offers in terms of selection criteria and eligibility requirements, for instance, contrary to popular belief you can study in the UK without IELTS as well, to the extensions of visa. Further, as international education is increasingly being made accessible for students hailing from diverse countries, there are opportunities waiting for everyone.


Chicken Soup of Cultures


Another aspect of learning and studying abroad is the intermixing of one’s own culture and way of life with that of the host country. With numerous places to visit, restaurants and masterpieces of paintings and architecture, one can find endless parallels, similarities. This helps not only to better get acclimated into a foreign culture but also to understand the important characteristics of the home country.  Through whatever means you find possible, interact, communicate, write, speak and learn about different identities, ethnicities. Compare texts and materials of literature, philosophy, music and followed customs about your country along with its rich legacy and heritage, its meaning so that the local people get interested to know more from you about your country.


To make you presentable and knowledgeable you have to keep abreast of certain information that would help you to be updated. And for that, you have to keep yourself aware of the current events and topics. This certainly will help you find friends and interested listeners. And once you are making yourself ready to keep abreast of events that have been happening around you, you’ll find it easier to explain them suddenly because you will feel those topics interesting that earlier felt boring and disgusting. This would simultaneously help you gain knowledge of global political awareness and confidence.


The Problem of Homesickness and Its Cures


At the very beginning of your first arrival in a foreign country to study things will make you somewhat emotional and you have to adjust in the different culture and atmosphere. This definitely makes someone very lonely and emotive during the early days because the food, culture, and surroundings are entirely different. This so happens because you are not in touch with your family and friends and living in an entirely different part of the world. But these missing moments become very enlightening and cherishing once you are back.


While abroad for some time suddenly you will have a liking and love for that country and this phase of mind can extend your stay past your study abroad program. You can find some opportunities to work in your field of studies which ultimately may help your career. This longer stay can turn your fate in a different way. You can probably find a soul mate there too. Although it is up to you whether you are interested to grow a relationship with a local and bond a lifetime commitment and obligation.


Break your Comfort Zone


Another crucial way a study abroad experience changes you is to let you out of your comfort zone. With a range of experiences from bungee jumping to surfing and ice skating to going in the wild, it doesn’t merely offer countless avenues of adventurous journeys and experiences but also helps realize your true potential, aid you in working on your interests and in improving concentration. If you have a long bucket list, keep it on your home screen because you will have to do a lot of crossing out.


A Plethora of Travelling Options


If you ever had a wanderlust wallpaper, this is your time to put it up again.  Studying abroad can raise one’s interest in traveling and can give you a tag of habitual traveler and suddenly the world becomes a very small place to live in. Travelling broadens your thinking horizons, let’s you discover what fascinates as well as get over your fear. In particular, on a European Union student visa, you have the freedom of traveling throughout Germany, France, Sweden, Belgium, Italy and that’s just the start.


From getting lost in the seemingly endless galleries of The Louvre to seeing the Leaning Tower of Pisa for yourself, you will come to know that the places to visit are limitless. Do not spend your years in college crouched on your sofa,  sign up for college trips, camps or go solo but get traveling before you regret.


After You Graduate


Once you are finished with your studies it is highly likely that you will keep continuing to come to the country in the near future. Studying abroad can help you or even motivate you to contemplate pursuing an international career. Staying alone in an alien country makes you self reliant and this gives your confidence level very high because your maturity comes along with the days.


While studying abroad patience and adaptability, as well as temperament, get increased. Living in a different country and under a different rule can make you grow your maturity level and help you to control your emotions and make you more flexible even in adverse and difficult circumstances. Living in a different new country where the circumstances are not familiar to you can lead you to solve problems in new innovative ways. Starting a new journey in a completely different country leads you to manage your whole world in a different way.


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Author Bio: Trisha Som is a graduate of economics who writes on issues of finance, business, and management. Her work has been frequently been published on numerous online portals.



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