How Technology Is Shaping The Future Of Fashion

The future of technology is a very interesting question in hand. By its very nature, technology changes at a fast pace and making it accessible to pupils, teachers and other stakeholders is an ongoing challenge. The future is not about one specific device. Technology should be seen as a modernised and futuristic stand point. It has to be a trial and error to see if using them really does support teaching and learning – and they have proved effective. The future is about access, anywhere learning and collaboration, both locally and globally. Teaching and learning is going to be social. Technology can also be a barrier to teaching and learning. Rather than being ‘taught’ students can learn independently and in their own way. There is also a massive amount of resources online that students can find and use themselves, without the help of the teacher.

The truth is technology is changing so fast that the differences in skills that used to happen between generations are now happening between students who are in the same college at the same time. And regardless of where you stand on the debate between manual and digital skills, the fact is that every successive batch of students becomes more and more tech-savvy. Since this is a reflection of what’s happening in the actual world, it makes sense that design educators – and educators from all streams – should seriously consider this issue about technology trends.

In the fashion industry, it’s crucial to be at the cutting edge. In the current retail environment, businesses often focus on social media and e-commerce platforms, but miss out on the other ways technology can accelerate their growth and help them truly understand their customers. The future of fashion is in tech. The fashion industry needs real leaders, who are ready to tap into the powerful opportunities of evolving technologies.

3 key tech trends all fashion companies need to engage with

1. It’s predicted that by 2020, half of all web searches will use voice or image searches rather than text. Fashion apps and websites that allow customers to go from search through to purchase in one smooth voice stream – rather than multiple clicks – will build a strong competitive advantage.

2. Retailers with an eye on the future will use exciting tech advances to design interactive virtual showrooms and attractive apps.

3. Integrating fashion platforms with camera and video technology will be key, and the most successful companies will develop a “live” strategy to tap into the power of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat live video streams.

Mixing the creativity of the fashion industry with the innovation of tech is a sure-fire way to engineer incredible user experiences and delighted customers. Time has come to bridge the gap between the inclinations and desires of youth with the needs of the professional world. It is now critically important to have a holistic and balanced approach towards technology – embracing new trends while holding onto meaningful methods of traditional learning.

At the moment, fashion media industry is booming. It is one of the most paying and big new opportunity in India with so many fashion magazines around. In the past decade, the professional world of fashion in India has expanded to much more than the art of designing clothes. There are several fields to choose from today. You could be a celebrity stylist, a fashion editor or editorial stylist, a shop window designer, a fashion consultant for commercials, apparel or accessory designer, a merchandiser, a fashion buyer, retail expert or an entrepreneur who brings international fashion brands to India.

Fashion blogging on a rise due to modernization in the fashion Industry

Fashion is a complicated business involving long and varied supply chains of production, raw-material, textile manufacture, clothing construction, shipping retail, use and ultimately disposal of the garment. However, it is one of the consumer oriented decisions to make in terms of the impact of it over the world. A fashion industry is traditionally a fashion hub which is steadily evolving over the years.

With technology becoming more and more accessible as well as affordable and with rapid mobile penetration in India, fashion bloggers from the city have taken it upon themselves to bring about a fashion conscious city with their unique dressing sense and exquisite fashion tips. Fashion blogging has thus become a big opportunity for youngsters.

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