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By Shambhavi Mishra, blogger and influencer at





Shambhavi Mishra, an ex journalist and now a successful blogger and influencer at comes with close to a decade of experience in media industry. She carries an experience of over 10 years in creating content in Fashion & Beauty segment, has been nominated as one of the leading beauty blogger of 2017 and is a verified  celebrity influencer/blogger. Mishra shares her do’s and don’ts on how to become a successful blogger:


Know your passion

This is the first and the most important step while starting off with any business. One must find out what you are good at , or what interests you the most. What subject inspires you the most or what subject intrigues you. Blogging is extremely passion driven , you wont be able to write at length about topics which do not interest you therefore , One must discover the passion which later on becomes your expertise or Niche.

Develop a strategy

When you say professional blogger , it means someone who is making a living out of the Blogging. Remember, it’s a business and not a charity. A name which defines what you blog about , what all mediums are you going to use for promoting your blog, what is your target audience, how much money are you willing you invest during initial stages, who all are already in the market as thought leaders of your niche.


Read and Research

Never stop this practice If you really want to be known as an expert of your niche. Dedicate one day every week to the Reading and researching about your niche, Current trends of the markets etc .This will help you in choosing your next to pin for the blog.


Create quality content

Keep a check that you are doing the best you can while creating content. Of course there is no limit to making it better and better but making sure that your basics are right is the least. Double check the minor grammatical errors as well as the Get your facts right. Even while posting a photograph on social media one needs to be sure that the quality as well as the but idea behind making the post is clear and precise.


Learn SEO

You can’t ignore this one. Obviously you can hire someone to do the search engine optimisation for you but still you need to know at least the basics of it. You don’t want to fooled off your hard earned money right? You are making fabulous content with high quality images but still nobody gets to read it. That’s because you are not writing Search engine optiimised article. No matter what, this is one skill one has to master if you really plan to make it big In blogging.


Scale up the social media game

This is the need of the hour and if you don’t take it seriously you will be left behind. Blogging is most volatile right now and has come up as one the sought after profession. In fact , today even when one doesn’t have a blog or a website are put in the category of the Bloggers and that’s precisely because of the rise of social media. This is actually a great opportunity for those who really want to step up their game and make a mark . social media is more interactive and more friendly, It lets you know your audience in a better way and drives good traffic to your blog , So why not. Put some energy in building a good social media space for yourself and you will not only fuel your Blog with more traffic but also generate another means of making money.



Make sure you follow a schedule while writing blog post or even for your social media. It’s a commitment to your audience, they expect you to feed them with information and if you are not doing that timely then you are sending a signal to them that you are not serious. Not only to your Audience, being inconsistent will also make you look unprofessional in front of the brand.


Networking is the key

Biggest of the business deals are cracked over a glass of wine or a coffee so go out and meet new people. Be seen at important events of your industry but be relevant and exclusive. Stay connected with the other bloggers of your niche. This will not only keep you abreast with their work but will also make you have a deeper foothold in the industry . Nobody wants to work with a blogger who nobody knows.


Know your worth

Its only after few years of continuous work on yourself and your blog and social media that you can start commanding a big pay check. However, if you are making quality content with a decent audience, don’t shy away from talking money. After all you know what value you are bringing onto the table.


Be ethical

This is the key which is going to take you places . Your audience whether on your blog or social media trusts you and take each and every word of yours very seriously. They actually follow your advice. Do not ever take up a project which you do not believe in. if you are recommending a product make sure you love it in your personal life as well. Add value to the life of your audience and you will never have to look back.


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