How to Build and Promote Your Personal Brand

Brand identity is very important in this digital world. Nowadays the competition is very high that if you can’t stand out among your fellow competitors then you won’t be able to grab opportunities. You have to prove yourself, sell yourself, and create your identity in the market so that you can show your worth. Whether you are company/organization/individual branding always helps you to show who you are and what you capable of.


For company/individual, there are two ways that you can create your brand identity and build your brand. One is a paid method- which is basically used by big organizations to promote their brand and reach out to the more customers. But for personal branding, organic promotion is suitable and recommended.


In this method, you have to put much effort, dedication, and patience. In the end, as a result, you’ll be connected in the hearts and minds of your targeted audience successfully. Individuals like students/working professionals/influencers, startups, and small firms will follow this as they can’t afford to spend money like big firms.


In this blog post, I’m going to share with you a few tips which will help student/working professional/startup to build their brand in the market.


Before getting into the brand building, one should first determine their target audience to whom they are going to sell the service/product. If a baby product selling startup starts following/adding people in their social platforms who are aging under 25 then it won’t make any sense. For them, their target audience is housewives, married working professionals, etc. Similarly for students or freshly joined working professionals who want to work in big MNC companies or want to start their new venture their target audience should be HR’s, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, trainers, etc. Not many actors, comedians, etc. Until and unless they want to pursue that profession.


Building and Promoting Your Personal Brand


After choosing what you want to do in life and finding your target audience consider the below tips:


Be a Stand-Out Performer


If you are a startup/small company before building your brand and planning your marketing strategy you should focus on creating a great product/service. If Cadbury chocolate wasn’t tasty then no matter how many ad’s or influencers they on board it would have been a disaster. So for company growth, it’s product/service plays a vital role.


In the case of students and working professionals, they themselves are products/services.


For example, if you are a computer engineering student and wants to build an exciting career in that filed you should be graduated from good college by knowing basics of programming language and apart from that you should be up to date with the new trends in the present it firms.


If are working professionals and you want to move to the big organizations then you must reboot yourself with the desired skillsets etc.

Use Your Social Platforms Efficiently


With the help of new technology, connecting with various people from different regions around the globe is like a cakewalk in this digital world. By using the social platforms strategically we can take our organization/self-image to another level and ultimately reach out to our targeted audience. Below I have suggested how individual/company can use each social media for their branding:




Every company wants to hire only those individuals who can contribute some value to their organization. As a student/working professional you have to show your value and identity to them so that they can believe that are worth for them.


For example, you are a mass communication journalism student. Now during your college days, you started a free blog website on WordPress and posting local news and also covering trending news with your articles and videos. This helped your journalism skills and also created a brand for yourself. Now at the time of your college placements, you’ll stand out among your fellow candidates and ultimately gram some good opportunities.


For company/startup website is very necessary these days it’s like the backbone of their organization. In this digital world bringing product/services online, they can expand their market reach and eventually build great customer base.


Social Media Channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)


LinkedIn: publishing articles, posting updates, making new connections with students/working professionals, and to be in sight of HRs and other company officials.


Instagram & Twitter: here the influencers can increase the customer base pretty well. Here the hashtags perform very well. Using specific hashtags one can show services/products to their required audience.


Facebook: creating groups and pages can help to be in touch with a specific audience. This will help to continuous communication and engagement with the audience. Because branding is about what customers and clients say about you when you’re not in the room.


Quora: here you can help other people with your answers. If some ask some questions regarding it, the education you help them out by giving the right information also cam acquire new customers.


Ask for Referrals


If your customers know that you have great products and services and that you have amazing customer experiences, why wouldn’t they want to refer a friend, colleague or family member to you?


If you’re established company/startup ask your client to give you ratings & feedback to in Facebook, Google, and website. If they know anyone who needs your services or would love your product.


If you’re student/working professional ask your teacher, boss to recommend you and give feedback on professional sites like LinkedIn, Quora, etc.

Have a Strong & Consistent Message


People like getting behind strong causes and messages – something they can believe in and become a part of. The clearer your message, the easier it is to communicate. If your prospects and customers don’t understand what you do and how you can solve their problems, you’re going to lose them. Get clear on who you are, what you’re about and how you help your customers.




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