How to Find a Job Near You as a Fresher

Are you looking for an entry-level job close to your home? Finding a job in a specific location requires a combination of certain job hunting strategies, online research, and networking. Besides, finding jobs as a fresher is always a little bit tricky. In this article, guest blogger Amit Singh will discuss how to find a job near you as a fresher. Over to Amit!


Six Ways to Find a Job Near You

by Amit Singh


Are you stuck in a mid-career crisis? Are you thinking about shifting to a new job or joining somewhere as a fresher? Most of the people who apply for jobs are clueless. All they do is look out for jobs aimlessly, without any direction. This is why they are not able to make through it.


Find a Job Near You

The main idea behind choosing a new job or taking a big leap of faith, by shifting from one job to another, you need to know the right process. All the people in search of jobs should select a few companies and mail in their resumes. No point flooding every company inbox with your resumes. Let us understand this through an example.

When a farmer plants a seedling, he makes sure that the right seeds are being sown in the soil. This way he will not end up wasting time on growing those trees that won’t bear fruit or a good crop by the end of the season. Similarly, all the job seekers should first formulate a direction and then segregate the right opportunities for them.


In this article, we will talk about the 6 steps that you should take to search job near you. A step by step guide to help drive through the rigorous work of choosing the right career path and being a successful employer.


1. Set Your Focus on the Right Goal:

This is the time for you to decide your designation. If you are a fresher, you need to take a look at all the positions that are being offered by the companies in your niche. In case you are jumping from one career path to another, fret not; all you need to do is set a goal for yourself. You just can’t send your resumes to the company and assume that the company hiring people will decide the position for you. You need to fix things and give it a shot.


2. Put in Efforts to Sell Yourself in an Amazing Way:

This is your chance to go ahead and give an insight to the people of the company regarding the solutions you have brought in, in your past organization. A company is burdened with loads of work and they are looking for someone who is solution oriented and is quick enough to ease down the company in times of need. So, instead of showing off your skills, take a step forward and talk about the solutions that you have given out in past organizations.


3. Research Your Employer:

A well-versed job seeker is always a preference for all the employers. It is your duty to hunt for the perfect employer for your target and read on all about the company before sending out a resume or setting your foot in the company premises for the interview. This shoots up your chances of getting selected as you will be very well acquainted with the goals, objective and functioning of the company.


4. Know Things about the Department you are Focusing on:

Now is your turn to be best friend with the department and the head of the department you are aiming to be in. The hiring manager is not going to be of much help, rather the department head will be.


5. A Nice Cover Letter with Resume:

A well-written cover letter is your invite into a company. It is your time to send in a very well written cover letter with your resume. This way the cover letter will highlight your skills and experience and will show some light on your personality. It gives a nice opening to your personality for all the hiring managers. So, never forget to team up a cover letter with your resume to make it even more appealing. Remember, the cover letter should not exceed a page and should not beat around the bush. It should be precise and point to point to elaborate complete details about you.


6. Work on Promoting Yourself and Building Contacts:

Once you have established your resume and cover letter you have sent them out, you need to follow up with the hiring managers. The follow up is the last step where all the people searching for jobs lack. They send in their resumes and just forget about it. You need to call up the hiring manager put in a word regarding your resume. Second, build a contact for this thing and try to reach out to them for your job position. This is the way of building a network and working on it to prosper. Thirdly, you need to promote yourself. In your resume include your phone number, email address, LinkedIn profile etc.


Find a Job Near You


So, once you have followed all these steps you must be wondering about the next step that you should take. Just sit back and relax. Give some time to the company’s to contact you. If you have a particular job in your head, do not get attached to the idea of working in that office. Attachments lead to disappointments and that will lead to a loss in your confidence.


Just wait and watch. I am sure a good opportunity will knock on your door at the correct time. Put in your best to frame quintessential curriculum vitae and work wonders. Go hard and make it work. Utilize your good judgment and choose the best job offers for you.  So are you ready to try these steps and get the desired job proposition?


Also, try some popular websites like Just Jobs, which often lists many latest job ‘opportunities’ (especially for the entry-level jobs near your location).


Amit Singh


Author Bio: Amit Singh is a Digital Marketer obsessed with startups, technology, and apps. He loves to read and write in his free time on various topics such as Career Advice, Marketing, Technology, Apps, Business, and Startups. 


Currently, he is working as a senior digital marketer at Just Jobs, a leading blue-collar job portal in India.




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