How To Improve Your Note Taking Ability


It is quite essential for every student to take notes for future reference in their studies. Taking notes helps you to concentrate while you are reading or listening. You must understand the text properly in order to write something sensible and take proper notes. Taking notes helps an individual in understanding the text properly. It is very important to understand what to write as notes; because you do not need to write each and every single thing.


Following are some of the key strategies that you need to follow to make good sensible notes –


To make clear and accurate notes

It is very important to take intelligible and accurate notes since it is quite common to forget key discussions and important aspects done in class. Most often students ruminate to remember important information or keywords done in class. However, after they come back home and go to revise the lessons they cannot recall what it was they needed to recollect. As teachers in the class discuss a lot of topics and various subjects, effective notes in each subject will help students to focus on particular important and necessary areas.


Come prepared to class

Students must be well prepared before coming to the class, which eventually will help them in taking better notes than people who are unprepared. Proper preparation means revising and reading the notes given by teacher in the previous class. It has been seen quite often that students who analyze the prior notes have a better understanding of the subject and they are keen to learn more. In addition, they can put up their query if they have any doubt from the previous lessons.


Compare your notes

Once the class gets over to make sure your notes are perfect and accurate and you have not missed anything it is better if you match your copy with some other person. This is effective because it happens sometimes that we tend to miss some information. To make class notes through and precise this strategy could be quite effective.


Organize your notes

If the notes are arranged in proper manner such as with appropriate date and subject, it is very easy to study. Fororganizing your notes in a proper manner there is a method called Cornell System.


Write clearly

The notes will not be useful if it cannot be read or written in such a way that is difficult to figure out. Leaving space in margins and near important concepts could be beneficial for adding something the teacher might instruct in near future.


Write down questions

It doesn’t matter if a student is very intellectual or not, he may end up with some confusion regarding what the teacher has taught.Therefore,it is a good practice to jot down the questions which the student has problem and then clarifying it with the teachers immediately or in the following lecture. You can also solve or get your answers by a web search or taking help from your colleague.


Avoid Digital Notes

In this digital era, it has become a common practice for students to take notes in mobiles,tablets,laptops.But research has showed that it is not a convenient method. Rather students who take hand written notes end up in recollecting and remembering more.Students should consider reducing the digital devices in favor of taking notes using outdated pen and paper.


If you want to increase the effectiveness of your studying and performance on exams, it’s imperative to learn how to take good notes. Effective notetaking is a key element of the formula for success for successful students.



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