How to Make the Most of Your Study Abroad Experience

Are you ready to move to a new country? It’s a complicated process with lots of moving pieces. Using this moving abroad guide to prepare your transfer to help make things easier and make the most of your study abroad experience.

Whether you’re moving overseas to study abroad at university or to start an exciting new career opportunity. As a consequence, losing yourself in the complexities of the move can be easy. Don’t panic, however! You’ll have a much less stressful step if you split your move down into a bunch of small duties.

Embrace the Diversity 

Transitioning in life abroad is surely challenging but manageable. The moment you land in your new country, you will be fascinated by everything around you. But as soon as you’ve settled in and classes begin, the tourist within dies and you start feeling homesick.

The best way to overcome this feeling is by appreciating everything around. You should familiarize yourself with the culture of the place and accept changes positively. The moment you begin to appreciate your situation, you’re transitioning into life abroad will get easier. 

Don’t Be Confined to Your Room

One should spend as little time as possible holed away in their bedroom, even if they have decorated it to look amazing! One of the best parts of the university is getting to work with other students, in study groups or on shared projects. Nothing unites everyone as much as an all-nighter in the library with snacks.

When given a group project assignment, one should not just opt to team up with fellow international students; try and find some local students to partner up with. One would have lots of time to chat, come up with great ideas, and celebrate their success over drinks.

Get Acquainted with Other Students and the Neighborhood

As soon as possible, get immersed in your university community and culture. Try to connect with other local or international students and, from the very start, enjoy your new student life. Knowing your new neighbourhood, regardless of the type of accommodation you select, will also help you feel more relaxed and familiar with your new life. You’re sure to discover fun places to dine, work out, shop, etc.

With UniAcco you get a range of exceptional amenities which will make your study abroad journey less stressful and more enjoyable.

Apply for an International Student Scholarship or Financial Aid

The deadline for applying for a foreign scholarship or financial assistance is another one you can consider. Be sure to review your choices, the application criteria, and the deadline if you need or are interested in getting one. To cover your expenses, such as travel costs, housing, food, etc., this can be a big help.

Be Prejudice-free 

Although one may think they know who their ‘type’ of a friend is, one should not let that hold them back. University is full of all different kinds of people and one shouldn’t make snap judgments about anyone before getting to know them.

Friendships can spring up in the most unlikely of places. It’s great if the student is able to establish a group of amazing friends at university. But one should try and make a few friendship circles in different areas of their student life, such as people from their class, in the clubs they join and in their accommodation.

One should think about their interests and how they might manifest in one’s host country. If one enjoys cinema, joining a group that watches and discusses films each week is a great way to meet people and improve one’s language skills.

If someone’s into hiking and is craving an outdoor adventure, a local trekking group might be right up their alley.  This means they’ll always have someone to call if they need company, and guarantee they’ll never have a dull moment!

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Research is the Key to Make the Most out of Your Study Abroad Experience

One of the major challenges in transitioning into life abroad is academic adjustment. Life change abroad is inevitable. It’s possible that the new academic system and grading system are different from the ones you’re used to at home. Getting past this adjustment can be difficult at times.

The key to getting past this problem is familiarizing yourself with this information prior to your departure from your home country. This will benefit you greatly, while also lessening the cultural misunderstanding and academic frustrations.

Do an Independent Study

This goes along with learning what you want to learn. An independent study is when you meet with a faculty advisor and conduct your own research study with the supervision of that faculty member. You are in control of what you study!

You are learning what you want to learn. I went to a university where an independent study was required for our capstone project, so I did not really have a choice in the matter. However, it was great for me to take control of my education and learn about topics that were actually going to matter in my field.

From that independent study, I learned so much information about what we are doing in the public education system that we can improve upon. I felt like I was contributing to teaching as a profession by doing this research. It can be uplifting to know what you are doing is making a difference.

There are some universities that do not offer independent studies, which is really a shame because it is really a good way to get the most out of your education. If you feel like you are not getting the most out of your study abroad experience, talk to a faculty member about starting an independent study program, or at least starting a research seminar where you can conduct your own research.

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