How to Organize a School Fundraiser Successfully

School fundraising can be easy and fun when you use the right approach and tools. And the key to a successful fundraiser is usually organizing and planning ahead of time. And even though hard times may require a strategy change, there are already a number of expert-approved tips that can help you out. So let’s have a look: 

1. Network (and fundraise) smart 

The best way to start with the preparation of your school fundraiser is to create a fundraising network. The most basic form is to build a committee of people who agree to raise money for you. 

However, suppose you decide to go the extra mile. In that case, you can, for example, opt for Graduway to connect your alumni, students, parents, volunteers, and supporters, cultivate their engagement, and turn them to donors. 

Nowadays, going digital is nothing new. It is more of a requirement. Using management tools to help you build your network will help you do more in less time and do that smartly. You will reduce costs and structure your support to encourage people to be your donors and maybe even mentors. You will be able to cultivate their contribution beyond fundraising events this way. 

2. Know that a good team is everything

Teamwork is essential to fundraising. As a part of a team, you can raise more money than you can as an individual. Moreover, you have a backup, support, extended connections, and more human resources. Still, it is not all in the numbers. 

For your fundraising to be successful, you need an effective team of people who bring different skills to the table. For example, you’ll need someone who is great at sending out short, friendly reminders to the parent community and rallying support throughout the fundraiser. Then, you’ll need a bean counter who can count and keep track of how much money is coming in, as well as a taskmaster who can keep track of fundraising deadlines and milestones. 

3. Involve the students

School fundraising is a fantastic way to improve social skills while also boosting school spirit. That is why it is essential to involve the students in the planning and organization process. 

Participating in fundraising activities provides many benefits. To begin with, being held responsible for something gives them a sense of cause and effect. It also helps them understand how they are accountable for the actions that they choose to make and have the power to influence the outcome, whether good or bad. 

Furthermore, raising funds is a great lesson in economics. It demonstrates to students how hard work and earning/saving money can result in a large payoff. In addition, it teaches them motivation and teamwork, and, most importantly, communication and leadership. 

The ability to speak one’s mind and articulate one’s thoughts in a way that makes others want to listen is invaluable in almost any situation. Last but not least, taking part in school fundraising events enables them to build their self-confidence. 

4. Set clear goals and display your values

Setting a clear school fundraising goal is crucial because it ensures that you and your team are on the same page when it comes to the intended outcomes. Always keep in mind what are you raising money for and how much do you need? Being clear about what you want to achieve will keep everyone motivated and on track. 

Moreover, relating the fundraiser to your values greatly influences the community, especially if they can visualize what the students will get. Promoting your goals and values, for example, through branded t-shirts or new sports uniforms, is one way to achieve this.

5. Say thank you 

Let your team, volunteers, students, parents, and supporters know you appreciate them. Consider writing thank you cards from the kids, make personal thank you videos or post social media shout-outs. 

These are all great ways to greet and thank donors. Remember also to thank your community supporters. Thank you notes, community announcements, or a thank-you party is an excellent way to encourage people to participate and support you again next time.

The bottom line

Figuring out the best way to raise money for your school is not an easy task. In addition, organizing the whole thing can also be a challenge. However, by following our five essential pointers, you can ensure that your school fundraiser will be successful.

Hope this article proves to be helpful to you.

Best of luck!

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