How to write a plagiarism-free Research Paper? | 3 Tools to use online

Writing unique content can be a difficult task, but we do have some solutions that help us stay unique.

It is pretty clear that writing a research paper and being unique at the same time is difficult, but it is not something impossible.

The majority of students need to write a research paper at some point in their educational career, but many students are unaware of writing it.

First of all, we need to understand plagiarism and how we can avoid it in our research papers.

When you copy something from the internet or a valuable source and use it as your asset, you plagiarize content.

The most straightforward concept is that when information is mentioned more than once on the internet, plagiarism is considered.

But we can easily avoid plagiarism by just be following some basic steps.

Before moving ahead, we need to be clear that plagiarized information can be very discouraging and disliked so, we need to avoid it.

How to avoid plagiarism?

The best way to avoid plagiarism is to use your own words, but it Is not possible in every situation.

But we have many solutions to avoid plagiarism, especially when we are writing a research paper.

We are going to share some of the solutions below.

1. Keep track of your sources

A research paper is all about researching, and when you are researching something from the internet, you must have plagiarism in your research paper.

The best way to remove it is, you should keep track of the sources.

You can add a reference page at the end of your research paper, and in this way, you will be free from the charge of using plagiarized content.

It is strictly prohibited to show someone’s content or idea as their own, which is the biggest reason for plagiarism in your research paper.

2. Use quotations

Some sayings or statements cannot be changed like you cannot even change a single word.

So, we can use quotations if we want to make our research paper the best and plagiarism-free.

You should specify the author or writer’s name at the end of the statement, and it will surely leave a good impression on the reader.

It can also improve your credibility, so; it is essential to use quotations in your content.

3. Paraphrase the text

As we mentioned above, being unique can be difficult because hundreds of writers write on the same topic.

We can paraphrase the text, and the first thing that must be cleared in your mind is that paraphrasing is legal.

How can we paraphrase the content?

There are two approaches to this task; one is to use a paraphrasing tool from the internet and secondly, you can do it by yourself.

Paraphrasing is a simple task that refers to change words by their synonyms, and it can also be done manually without using any tool.

4. Use citations

Citations are the best way to make yourself plagiarism-free, and it is also a professional approach, especially when you are writing your research paper.

We frequently force on research papers because they are essential, and you should be unique while writing them.

There are mainly two methods of using citations, and these two methods are listed down:

  • In-text citation
  • Reference page

In-text citations are mostly recommended when you are writing assignments, academic papers, and news articles.

The second method is to add a reference page, and you can add it at the end of the research paper, but for adding the reference page, you must keep track of all the sources.

Three helpful tools to use online

When it comes to online tools, we can get hundreds of tools, but the thing is to conclude and get the best tools that are authentic and according to our requirements.

We have shortlisted some of the tools that will surely help you in writing a plagiarism-free research paper.


It would help if you had an editor when you write your content, and we can say that Microsoft word is one of the most used tools.

But sometimes, Microsoft word is not available, or we need to use an online tool to use surely.

After having a personal experience, we recommend you, and we find out Editpad is one of the most suitable tools.

This tool is readily available, and everyone can use it for many purposes.


It is not wrong to say that is one of the most authentic and best platforms for online tools.

As we mentioned above, paraphrasing can make you free from plagiarism, and you must use a paraphrasing tool for this.

So, you can go for the Prepostseo paraphrasing tool as we find it efficient, and it also keeps the readability and uniqueness in consideration.

You can write on google, and you are there to rephrase your research paper.


Here we find out one more top-notch tool regarding rephrasing your content.

While rephrasing, all we need to focus on is readability and preservation of the central meaning. Therefore, this tool is dedicated to providing you the readable and unique rewritten text.

Discussing this tool is its interface because it has a user-friendly interface, and we don’t need any technical knowledge.

Bottom line

A research paper is all about writing what you have explored about a topic, and the fundamental rule to write a research paper is to be authentic and to the point.

But the second and one of the most important things is to make the research paper plagiarism-free or unique.

Just follow these two steps; we can make our research papers more readable and impressive so, it is not wrong to say that these steps are compulsory.

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