HR trends to watch out for in 2020

Sameer Makani, Co-Founder and MD, Makani Creatives


2019 was a year of flux for Indian working HR professionals with a complex political and economic landscape that created roadmap to survive the falling economy. While many companies had to lay off employees to cover the losses, some personified Human Resource as a term by enhancing the work experience of the employees. 2020 promises a newer opportunity to the HR leaders to get their house in order to be the required change and become a strategic force which advocates data driven actions. The industry has adapted to new approaches and has witnessed significant change as compared to the last decade. Today, the HR industry is not restricted to cliché practices and is now getting influenced by new trends that may alter the sector at large. Technology has played a pivotal role in transforming the entire sector and increasing the overall productivity which in turn has changed the approach towards the work. Companies on the other hand need to bank on the emerging trends to ensure that employee experience in the company is enhanced. While some trends do not last long; there are few that will shape the next decade.


Embracing Data-Driven Talent Strategies – leveraging AI for human resourcing

Digital credential movement has been around for a while now and it has managed to create a culture of recognition. The next phase of this movement will put those credentials to work. 2020 will surely see a consistent momentum in utilizing the real time data credentials to make better decisions on human capital front. This will largely increase the success of certification and skill development programs. Many companies are trying to create and build holistic talent strategies that are to be backed by digital credentials which in turn will create a new currency for verified skills brought into every part of the talent ecosystem.


Effective Internal Communication – Texting all the way

Texting is a great approach in communicating with people without taking their much time as open communication with employees is highly appreciated.2020 will open new avenues for companies to initiate text first protocol and begin texting the employee any process related communication. Texting is a great method of outreach for customer service, considering employees as the customers it becomes easier to establish effective communication with them.


Leveraging AI to improve Employee Productivity

Little do people know that artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligent automation (IA) can significantly increase productivity in the recruitment process. Technology driven innovation can assist teams by eliminating mundane workflow tasks, ultimately accelerating the entire hiring process. AI will help HR teams in maximizing candidate touch points in most effective way possible. Continuous development of this tech and implementation at various stages can improve the recruitment cycle by automating regulatory and compliance-related task. Applicant tracking system can largely help in creating better conversations with prospective employees.


Employee Engagement – Modern Employee Modern Approach


Over the year the work cultural has evolved and traditional training methods do not work effectively with the younger workforce. One of the major reasons for that is the celerity of those methods as it is insufficient to get workers up to speed on job requirements, critical procedures and processes that could help workers be productive and safe. More than 95% of the employees today uses a Smartphone daily and millennial learn better when visuals are involved and hence, a different approach to learning and engagement should be implemented. Structuring content into a series of micro learning, while leveraging mobile technology for instant information access will provide rich content consisting of video, picture, real scenario training. This will educate employees in a short span of time and enhance their capabilities to accomplish their KRAs.


Shifting online for remote work

Remote working has become a global phenomenon now as it plays an imperative role in easing the working time while saving the commute time of the employee. Many organizations have adapted this approach to provide more flexibility to the employees. There are many advantages of remote working but it may not always work for organizations it purely depends on the services they offer but it is something companies should embrace for better flexibility.


2020 will provide a new opportunity for HRs across sectors to position themselves better than the competition while utilizing these tools and tactics that provide innovative solutions and prepare them for a successful year ahead.










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