Reviews by Students: One stop solution for IELTS needs is one of the most trusted online platforms for IELTS preparation. It provides a plethora of free and paid resources to students. In addition, students laud it for its one-on-one sessions, in which aspirants are trained through personal training sessions.

Let’s have a look at what students have to say in their reviews.

 Tuhan said, “This is a really valuable course that includes lectures on how to approach various things and provides lots of test-taking strategies, tips and tricks. The video lectures offer in-depth explanations and lessons on all four sections of the IELTS exam. This course helped me clarify so many doubts and improved my test-taking abilities.”Huỳnh-Hoàng

Huỳnh-Hoàng said, “I followed all the lessons and content rigorously and practised all the practice tests provided in the eBook. It is well-organized content, and I am highly impressed by the quality of the course content. It did help me boost my confidence and test performance.”

Suhana Kapoor said, “It is far superior to all the other courses I encountered online. All thanks to IELTSMaterial and my trainer, I got the required band score for the IELTS exam, that too in my first attempt. I registered for the IELTS Master Expert program. It is a well-articulated course. The trainers are very cooperative and make sure to keep the sessions interactive through various fun learning activities and in-depth explanations of various topics. Also, the wide range of learning materials that come along with the course is excellent and helped me improve my overall performance. I highly recommend this course to everyone!”

Carl Hans said, “It is an amazing website. After much searching, I discovered this website IELTSMaterial, which has by far the most legitimate and trustworthy materials. This website offers a wide range of free IELTS study materials, including a large range of practice activities based on the recent actual tests, vocabulary lessons, tips, techniques, and strategies for both Academic and General Training modules. In addition, I benefited greatly from all the free resources which they regularly update on their website.” Wang Shu said, “So elaborate! I am glad I took this course. It not only helped me get familiar with various test patterns, strategies and practice tests, but also helped me improve my test-taking skills with the IELTS-related vocabulary lessons. All thanks to this course, I could achieve an 8 band score in my IELTS exam.”

What makes IELTSMaterial appealing to the students?

IELTSMaterial is a self-guided online preparation website that provides everything you need for the IELTS exam, including detailed one-on-one live sessions, video lectures, eBooks, webinars, practice tests and a plethora of free resources on its website such as blogs and articles which contains detailed explanations about various topics, tips on how to approach different question types, topic-related vocabulary and many more. It provides an enriching learning experience that students treasure throughout their lives.


The eBook provided by IELTSMaterial includes example questions, band 8+ answers, and elaborated lessons and explanations on various question types to help you get familiar with the test format. The eBooks offered by them range from individual to combo sets. Also, for the maximum benefit of the students, it provides books like the IELTS self-study guide and vocabulary eBook, covering all ranges of topics related to vocabulary.

Live one-on-one learning session.

The live one-on-one learning sessions include fun live interactive learning sessions with the IELTS professional, more than 24 hours of self-study materials,  7 full-length practice tests and tons of learning material. IELTSMaterial’s IELTS trainers offer classes and assist you in improving your IELTS Listening and Speaking abilities. They assist you in becoming aware of your weak spots and help you overcome them through various exercises and feedback. Trainers also assist in ameliorating the test-taking and time management skills of each individual.

Video courses

The comprehensive band 8 complete preparation video course incorporates lessons on all 4 sections of the IELTS exam – Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening. This course includes more than 20 hours of video content, 5 full-length practice tests, sample band 8 answers and various tips, strategies and guidance on how to enhance your test-taking skills. Apart from that, the course also assists you in becoming acquainted with various test formats and patterns. This course includes complimentary Ebooks worth $185 to maximize your learning experience.

What makes IELTSMaterial stand out from other institutes and organizations?

Easy accessibility

The resources such as eBooks, video courses, live learning courses, and free website content are customized in such a manner that it is easily accessible to anyone on any device. Thus, a student can effortlessly access the website content at any given point of time and from any location at his or her convenience.


The courses offered by IELTSMaterial are quite affordable. It also offers a plethora of free IELTS-related content on its website, allowing you to get the most out of your study experience. It also gives lifetime access to the purchased courses.

Customized learning plans option

IELTSMaterial has a way of making things easy to understand. They make topics simple to learn and comprehend. It provides practice exercises with answer keys to make learning more fruitful. Moreover, it offers live one-on-one sessions and webinars to make its teaching more interesting. It strives to focus on students’ weak spots during live sessions and gives them feedback on their test performance and ideas and techniques to improve their test-taking ability. It also provides an option to customize your study plan according to your requirements, such as if someone wants to improve only their IELTS Writing and Speaking skills, they can purchase their online Duo Module program. Also, if someone wants to take a quick 15 days course, they can purchase their IELTS crash course.

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