Important Of Making Informed Career Choices

This blog on creating career awareness is a part of the foundation building for today’s millennials and focuses on building a sense of purpose in what we want to do with our lives. Taking well-informed decisions also encourages in thinking beyond the traditional career choices and think different and beyond the usual. It also helps find the passion in lives and how they can use the passion to build a career or bring about passion in what they do by choosing to align on values and thinking.


It is important to know what the heart truly desires and if that makes sense for in case of pursuing it as a career. If not, then ask yourselves what is close to that calling?


This blog is relevant in two ways: first, the fact that you are at a point where you need to make career choices and the second because of the fact that organisations look for passion in the people they hire. They may even ask questions about it, while putting it in different words, or looking for solutions. So while this blog can be used for immediate career choices, it is also act as an educational and preparatory model for future decisions and interview preparations.


In this blog we will discuss –

  • Understand the need for passion at work
  • Learn how to link passion to building a career
  • Explore options in career choices that incorporate our passion and our skills


What is passion?

Passion with reference to career is the deep interest and enthusiasm for what one does for earning a living. Remember there is always a difference between doing something and getting it done well. Being energized about Mondays the way most are thrilled about Fridays, indicates the difference between enjoying job and struggling or coping with it.


Why is it important?

85% of the people are unhappy with their jobs! – Deloitte study. Employers want happy employees too.

Having passion at work affords people purpose. Without purpose, people drift through life underachieving. There is a gigantic difference between doing work that you’re passionate about and doing work that bores you. Most of the evidence-based career advice suggests that employees who are passionate and zealous about their work are both happier and more productive at work. Their passion is generated from being deeply involved in what one does or where one works and being personally invested in and motivated by its mission.


Passion: the good, the bad & the ugly

  • Group A: What are the benefits of having passionate people at work – for the organisation?
  • Group B: What are the benefits of having passionate people at work – for the employees?
  • Group A: What are the reasons we don’t see passion at work ?
  • Group B: What happens when there is no passion at work?
  • Discuss and list as a group. You have 5 min.


Benefits for Organization

  • Increased Focus
  • More Creativity
  • Energy
  • Motivation
  • Better Work Environment
  • Extra effort & hours
  • Achievement of goals


Benefits for employees

  • More motivation
  • Happiness & enjoyment
  • Achievement of goals
  • Less stress
  • High energy


Why people dont follow their passion

  • Unaware of the Passion
  • Unaware of Self
  • Wrong Guidance


What happens when Passion is missing

  • Innovation
  • Visionaries
  • Impact

How to get career clarity

Step 1: Passion Identification

Step 2: Career Information

Step 3: Career clarity

Step 4: Connect with Career Experts


Find the match

  1. Get clarity between Passion and Career
  2. Get the Career domain out of Passion
  3. Create Plan-of-Action for Career


90% Of Indian Startups Will Fail Because Of Lack Of Innovation – Forbes


Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-Bound



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