Inomi prepLABS – Interdisciplinary Summer Programs for High School Students on STEM and Creative Arts

Since the last decade, summer programs have become very popular; especially among the kids who are eyeing admissions at the top colleges after Grade 12. However, with COVID-19 (and lockdown), residential and offline summer camps are a little bit risky for the time being. Hence, several summer programs have switched to the online mode. In this post, we will talk about Inomi prepLABS, one of the best online summer programs for high school students in India.

Summer Programs for Self-Discovery and College Admissions

With summer around the corner, the high school students will be looking forward to getting a nice long break. However, with changing times, summer breaks are now not only limited to summer camps & vacations. Counselors and mentors say that summer-time is an important time of the year, and colleges want to know what you have been doing during that period.

Summer classes are a great way to get exposed to higher-level academics in an inclusive and experimental environment. The interactive learning method at the summer schools results in a deeper form of learning & practical applications. Summer programs are very effective when it comes to self-discovery and figuring out career paths.

According to the “summer school effect” study by Bristol University76% of children who attended a summer school program, went on to study at an elite university, compared with just 55% of children with a similar academic and social background who did not attend any summer school program.

What is prepLABS?

Inomi prepLABS is a great opportunity to turn your passion into a project. Through a range of courses, facilitators strengthen participants’ academic foundations for college and career.

PrepLABS courses are designed for high school students to explore the challenges and opportunities of the college experience. Students will enjoy the excitement and responsibility through balancing challenging coursework and enriching creative activities—without the pressure of formal grades.

Parental guidance, peer pressure, advice from family and school can leave your child confused or make him or her take impulsive decisions.

PrepLABS allows your child to take a balanced journey of self-discovery, exploration, and planning.

– Team Inomi

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Story Behind prepLABS

prepLABS is the brainchild of Inomi Learning, a self-discovery-based platform providing career counseling and college applications services. Inomi is led by Richa (Dwivedi) Saklani, an IIM-A alumnus and author of the best-selling book – The Ultimate Guide to 21st Century Careers.

At Inomi, Richa and her team deal with a lot of students who are always looking for the best options to build their profile which is at par with their interests. Hence, they came up with the idea of helping students build their own projects in their field of interest with experienced faculty. 2021 is going to be the 2nd batch of prepLABS.

How is prepLABS Different from other Summer Programs?

Inomi prepLABS aims at building the critical thinking and analytical skills of high school students.

One of the key features of prepLABS is the combination of Major and Minor.

Each major is designed by experienced industry professionals to provide the students with practical knowledge while working on their individual projects. These experiential learning modules provide the working knowledge of the subject and help students get a deeper understanding of the subject of their interest. The program also offers an opportunity for students to publish their work and get feedback from experts.

The main objective of prepLABS is to help students build their profiles while developing a deep understanding of the subject of their interest. The major-minor concept helps students to explore their interest as well as their creative skills. 

Free Webinar on “How to Leverage Inomi prepLABS Summer Programs for Self-Discovery and College Admissions” on April 17, 2021 (Sat) at 4:30 pm (IST).

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How can prepLABS help with College Admissions?

Top colleges look for individuals who demonstrate outstanding levels of aptitude (defined as an exceptional ability to reason and learn) or competence (documented performance or achievement in the top 10% or rarer) in one or more domains. Domains include any structured area of activity with its own symbol system (e.g., mathematics, coding, data analysis) and/or set of sensorimotor skills (e.g., writing, film-making).

best summer program to prepare for college admissions
Inomi’s College Admits in 2021


profile building for admissions at top universities
Inomi’s College Admits in 2020

prepLABS Majors

Python and Data Analytics: Students will learn how to use Python for data analytics, analyze real-world data, and publish a data visualization report.

STEM and Arduino: Students will work with Arduino sets and software to analyze, plan and design intelligent circuit-based systems.

Academic Research: Participants will learn how to conduct research, critically think and analyze a subject that intrigues them, and write a research paper that will be published on

Podcast and Blogging: This is a great course for the creative folks in today’s digital age. Students will set up, write and publish blogs. Additionally, they will write, record and publish their own podcast.

Film Making: Students will learn to storyboard, script, shoot, edit and publish a short film. It’s an excellent way to learn the art of story-telling and make a film that tells your story.

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Feedback and Reviews from 2020 Summer Program Cohort

feedback on best summer programs

Palwasha Fazeel Ahmed, City Montessori School, Lucknow, Grade 12 (Last Year); Inomi PrepLabs (STEM & Arduino) – 2020 batch

“It was a wonderful experience and made me even more certain that I would like to pursue a career in STEM. It was incredibly rewarding as later on, through the knowledge gained, I did a personalized project. I truly appreciate the confidence Inomi Preplabs instilled in me through the program where things were taught from scratch.”

online summer program reviews

Sreya Kadagattur Srinidhi, The International School Bangalore, Grade 10 (Last Year); Inomi PrepLabs (Art & Design) – 2020 batch

“Inomi was one of the best experiences I have had. As someone who had little knowledge about art and design and wanted to go into that field as a career, this course gave me a real-life experience as well as prepared me for my future path. I thoroughly enjoyed myself for those 3 weeks!”

Dates and Fees:

  • 1st Batch: May 16 to 30, 2021
  • 2nd Batch: June 13 to 27, 2021
  • Program Fees: INR 29,500

How to Apply

Interested students (and parents) can fill out this Google Form.

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