Is it all about getting admitted into Ivy? A critical question many parents struggle with as their children prepare for college admission…

Getting admission into an Ivy League school is a great achievement for the student and the family. It is an achievement to be proud of given the tough competition and high bar of credentials required to get into Ivy schools. Ivy schools have the faculty, facilities, endowment funding and a class of high-achievers to offer an entering class a great environment to learn and grow. However, the question on many parents and students mind remains What-if I don’t get into one of the Ivy League schools?


I have been fortunate enough to receive the opportunity to complete my graduate degree in business from one of the best Ivy League schools in the US and an engineering graduate degree from a top public university. After my graduation, I spent about 20 years working for reputed global corporate organizations in various leadership roles.


Looking back at my education and working experience, I would say Ivy league schools provide a great platform to college students for their future and career, but they are not the end-all. Many of the public schools in the U.S. have amazing programs in various disciplines and they also have much to offer, and may even be a better option for some students to undergo compared to Ivys. Parents and students should keep in mind these key ideas as they plan for college admission:


  1. What are some of the areas, programs that interest me and I would like to focus on my college studies?
  2. What type of school environment (i.e. large or small school) do I prefer for my college education?
  3. Which schools may help with financial aid or managing overall college expenses?
  4. What schools can provide me a well-rounded experience for my next stage in life?


As we all know from our own experiences, we often tend to change our careers repeatedly and end up doing something very different than what we studied in college. Hence, it is important for a college student to have a wonderful time during their college program, learn new skills, acquire deeper knowledge in areas they are interested in and prepare for their next phase in their life journey.


One of my mentors would often remind,  Life is a marathon and not a sprint – prepare well, stay focused and enjoy each moment of it.

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