Jobs That Do Not Demand Formal Education Or Degrees


Gone are the times when only those with higher level of academic performances were eligible to make a standard and decent livelihood for themselves. However, even as academic talents continue to be a priority, the job industry is opening up opportunities to freshers with necessary skill-sets for the requisite job roles, even if they lack formal degrees.

Interestingly, in recent times a number of jobs have come into view which has while being promising monetarily has no demand for formal education. Possession of the essential skill/certification typical to the job is enough to get recruited. Scroll down to read about some of the job positions which have broken the age old typecast prevalent in our country.


Image consultants

This is a very recent position developed in the job market and is attaining huge popularity amongst today’s youth. The position is also at times known as wardrobe consultants, fashion stylists, or makeover consultants. Image consultants counsel individuals on diverse facets of personal appearance and presentation and assess a client’s overall appearance and establish the best way to attain the desired look or profile. Here again, no particular educational qualification or experience is required to explore this field as a professional. This job position does not demand any formal training, although the consultants are expected to be equipped with skills like excellent verbal communication. Today, many new-comers in this field are earning a salary of Rs. 5-8 lakh per annum.


Game Designers

Irrespective of age people are now playing video games which are now immensely popular as a form of entertainment. The industry is booming in our country and taking advantage of this reality one can pursue the career of a game designer after grade XII by enrolling in relevant certificate and diploma programmes. Currently, trainees get about Rs 7000 to Rs 10,000 per month while the experienced ones are earning between Rs 30,000 to Rs 70,000 each month.

YouTube superstars

Internet population in India is clocked at over 450 million users and the emergence and growth of social media sites and internet channels like YouTube have lead many to build a career out of them. ‘YouTube Stars’ is fast becoming an all time rage and includes positions like comedians, musicians, chefs, doctors – all a rage with the millennial generation.


In India the phenonmenon is new but fast catching up. The emergence of YouTube role models like AIB and The Viral Factory (TVF) played the role of catalysts. Today, names like Tanmay Bhat, cofounder of All India Bakchod (AIB), Sahil Khattar YouTuber, television host & actor with channels Khattarnaak and Being Indian, Bhuvan Bam, known for satirical videos making fun of people or situations, Chef Sanjay Thumma – are names to reckon with in the digital space.


Real Estate Agents/managers/consultants

Home is the third most important thing in one’s life, after the basics like Food and clothing. With the advent of time and technology, changes in the socio – economic background, the demand of individual homes increased, which introduced us with the real estate boom. In the last few years, we have witnessed immense growth in real estate scenario, which gives a very positive impact in the overall infrastructural development of the nation as well.


This in turn has created great demand for real estate agents/managers/consultants. The job of these professionals is to offer consultations or advice on properties or real estate. These agents belong to different strata of the society and have diverse academic backgrounds. It has been seen that many real estate managers have eventually turned into entrepreneurs in sectors like education, health with core funding coming from real-estate business.


Party planners

Parties are a grand affair now and we love to make it look organised and professional. Be it a birthday, wedding anniversary or any other occasion, a party planner is in great demand. It is fast becoming a sought-after profession by today’s youngsters. There is no need to write competitive exams or possess high cut-off percentages – this job actually needs high organisational, communication and interpersonal skills. Many are now working as independent or freelance party organisers or managers against reasonable fees. A party planner armed with all the necessary skills can certainly earn in lakhs per year. However, the work-load is high and one has to work very hard to build a robust clientele.

Personal fitness trainers

Due to the steadily increasing lifestyle disorders today, many people are turning obese and struggling with many health issues. The best way to combat these health issues is by making time for physical fitness. Due to this need in the market, personal fitness trainers are in great demand today. Many trainers today charge Rs. 7,000 on minimum basis per client for personal training. The trainers aim to have at least ten clients every month. Though this profession does not require a graduate degree, it requires one to pursue a physical training course after class XII.


Dance/music/fine arts instructors

With much awareness in this area parents are now waking up to the reality that more than the academic qualifications, children must follow their dreams and cultivate their inherent potential in creativity. As a result more and more parents are getting their children enrolled to dance, music and fine arts classes. This has created a huge demand for faculty/instructors in dance/music/fine arts classes or institutions. The teachers in this field are expected to have completed relevant course in their respective streams and have the required certificates before taking up coaching as a profession. Instructors launching their individual coaching studios are now earning up to Rs. one lakh per month.


Ethical Hackers

Cyber security is one of the biggest areas of concern today for government, banks and big MNCs. Today, teenagers are bombarded with various career options that did not even exist until a few years back. The focus has shifted from the traditional choices of being a doctor, CA etc to unconventional alternatives like stand-up comedy, gamers, cyber-security experts, etc. Now, millennials can choose to be full-time gamers or cyber specialist and yet earn a lump-sum amount as their monthly salary. And this is made possible by offbeat institutes that offer courses and programs to young people who wish to take up these career options.


For instance, Institute of Information Security (IIS) by NII trains youngsters to tackle online fraud. This institute has different courses like Ethical Hacking, Web Application Security, Network Security, Forensic Training etc. which ranges from 1 day to 6 months. Many are now pursuing these certification courses after grade XII examinations.


Ethical Hacking is a medium of examining a company’s data security structure. To become an ethical hacker one requires good knowledge of computer operations. Rthical hackers can earn a salary ranging from 15 lakhs to 20 lakh per annum.



Traditionally, nannies in India were under-paid and looked down upon. However, times are a’changing and with the surge in educated upper-middle class and nuclear families where both parents have demanding jobs, the demand for qualified nannies are at all time high. Most women today are uncompromising about their careers and readily go back to their jobs after having babies. The two feasible options for these working moms are either to leave the kids with day-care centres or crèches or to employ full-time nannies. This demand in the job market has opened up new vistas of job prospects for professional nannies. What is even more interesting is that these positions do not demand formal educational qualifications. What is required of a nanny is primarily a huge lot of patience and forbearance and love for the kids. Armed with these personal attributes and skill-sets anyone can become a nanny today and earn up-to Rs. 15,000-Rs.20,000 per month.



With Ola and Uber apps dominating the public transports systems in the cities and even in towns, the concept that  the profession of being a cabbie was not fit for graduates or those hailing from well-to-do families – have changed for good. Today, it is a delightful reality that cabbies working with with Ola and Uber, are successfully earning up to Rs. 50,000 per month. With this being a trend many many academically qualified people have switched to becoming part/full-time cabbies in the past few years.



There has been a boom in the beauty industry in the last decade with everyone trying to look their best. As a result beauticians are seeing a great opportunity in the market and many are making it big in the industry. Most men and women now have become exceedingly conscious of their looks and go to beauticians regularly. The demanding work hours in corporate and MNCs have led to the trend of service at the door. Many apps are now in the market that enables one to book appointment with beauticians at home. Hence in order to be a beautician one does not need to join or open a parlour, they can very much work as independent professionals. However, Beauticians need certain trainings and can get that done through diploma courses to develop the essential and desired skill-sets. Today, an experianced beautician can easily earn up to Rs. 50,000 per month.



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