Key Career and Skill Trends of 2019

Future job interviews will focus heavily on your skills. Whether you are looking for a new job or perform well in your current job, you need to stay competitive. Here are the key career trends that you need to know and top career skills you will need to get ahead in 2019.


Major career trends to influence the workplace in 2019


Emotional quotient


Future job interviews will focus heavily on you, your choices and the people and brands you have experience of working with. In short, the potential employers and HR managers will be keen to assess your emotional quotient as the new-age theory is – ‘higher EQ means efficient teams’.


Diversity and inclusion


Corporates are now keen to incorporate diversity in thought processes and also in employee profiles. Employers are going to make the work environment more inclusive by hiring more women, persons with disabilities and other socially marginalized communities.


AI will be in focus


Like before the data scientists will be highly in demand while the growth of Artificial Intelligence will remain the prime focus. More and more job roles will be designed in the AI space as it continues to touch our lives through numerous products and services. Strong knowledge of AI will enhance the career prospects of young job aspirants.


Tech professionals


Key progress is expected in computing, security, and automation which will, in turn, create new job opportunities. It is time for future engineers to upskill them to be relevant in the current job market.


Non-tech professionals


With the growth of technology innovation companies, a number of non-technical job roles will be created. The difference between workplaces that engage tech versus non-tech professionals is fast becoming nebulous as both components are becoming critical.


Retention policies


To trim down the cost of attrition and increase retention, companies are expected to increase investments in non-financial terms. Employers are expected to provide training programs to upskill their workforce.


Organizations and hiring managers will value candidates with technological prowess. Every enterprise’s viewpoint for 2019 is to increase automation and go digital. It is high time to leverage automation for enhancing your career prospects. Be ready and suitably armed to read available data in order to analyze, create and tell a useful story.


Skills that will be in demand in 2019


Skills will be of utmost importance for employability in the new job market reality. Following skills will be highly valued –




Today the major skill gap in the job market is communication. Employers are expected to highly value a team member who communicates effectively with other members, write reports and make a sleek presentation during a business meeting. Oratory skills will also be much in demand.


It is now a general belief that no one knows how to talk anymore. Social media has entirely altered the way we interact with. But if you can express your thoughts well – either in writing or verbally, you will be one step ahead of the competition in the job market.


While candidates think organizational skills are of greater importance, business schools are focussing more and more on communication.  The schools are also toying with the idea of including humanities or liberal arts curriculum to build communication skills.




For faster growth in 2019, other than good communication, you need to be proactive in helping team members, take efforts and responsibility of delivering outcomes. Leadership is the need of the hour and employers need this trait in today’s time of fast change.


The current professional world needs professionals with the ability to work well with diverse communities located at different geographical locations. While technology makes this possible even well-situated, it still the individual ability to appreciate the fine distinctions of different cultures and ideas and learn to adapt.


Social media expertise


Today every organization demands basic social media skills and web skills in order to stay ahead in the game. Those in sales, have to use these skills to engender leads and augment business. Others must get hold of resources and new ideas through their reach.




The society is facing numerous intricate problems and technology is disrupting fast which is providing us with an array of solutions. Companies are looking for professionals who can come up with bright and useful solutions to the existing problems in real time.


Business schools should use case studies to teach problem-solving, but replication of real-time problems of today’s companies is a better idea. Courses in analysis and problem-solving are also a smart way of learning and internships to develop your experience in this area is the best approach.


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