Skills Candidates Must Have To Make Career In BFSI Sector


By 2022 Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector of India is likely to ensure 1.6 million additional jobs to skilled professionals, opening multiple opportunities for job-seekers.


According to National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) the BFSI sector will require a combination of skilled workers in numerous departments, like the corporate banking, retail banking, treasury, finance, technology and HR to meet upcoming challenges. Hence, this is the perfect time to consider a career in BFSI. But in order to do this, you will need a set of core skills.


Here is a list of some of the qualities BFSI sector seeks in candidates:


  • Capability to remain on top of the sector

Thorough understanding of the sector and awareness of the latest developments in order to stay competitive is a must. Also skills to learn new concepts are extremely beneficial.


  • Analytical power

A candidate armed with analytical power, mathematical prowess and learning dexterity will perform well in the evaluation process.


  • Familiarity with new-age technology

Innovation and advanced tech have disrupted every sector, hence, an aptitude to learn new technologies will give you an extra edge.


  • Excellent communication skills

Communication (verbal, non-verbal or written format) is an essential skill for jobs in any sector. It is communication that helps you cope and connect with colleagues and clients. Communicating well will enable you to be heard and appreciated better, facilitating your professional growth. The sector requires huge people skills, essentially capabilities that allow you to deal with others well, relate to others better, patience, and ability to listen and show empathy.


  • The ability to remain honest and exhibit reliability

We know that be it a bank, mutual fund or insurance firm, the sector essentially deals with money, hence personal integrity is an invaluable quality for this sector.


  • The uprightness to be flexible and stay ahead

The global economy is in a state of flux with things changing rapidly across industry sectors, candidates with the ability to withstand challenges, and survive in the highly demanding and difficult times will be appreciated.


The BFSI sector is a diverse space with an array of job roles for professionals and employees here are in charge of varied departments. However, the above mentioned skills are relevant for most of the job roles while individual departments will demand area-specific skill sets.


If you are seeking a job on the investment banking space you need to be very sharp, curious and must have comprehensive knowledge of current affairs. Similarly, in order to do well in retail banking or insurance industry, you should exhibit excellent problem solving skills, be an expert at time management, an ace team player, and have leadership skills.


With these attributes those interested in a career in BFSI sector will do well and shine!


Today, a large number of recruiters are facing challenges while looking for skilled candidates. In a disruptive use of technology in the recruitment landscape, more and more recruiters are using to tech-enables online job search platforms which provide access to a large number of high-potential jobseekers.


Five groundbreaking apps that assist employers decide on the right candidates are as follows –

India’s second-largest job search platform, is one of the most prominent destinations to find skilled professionals. The platform boasts 2.5 crore candidates and more than 3 lakh jobs. One of the most cost-effective platforms for recruiters, it offers unique features such as multiple support channels, employer branding services, advanced job search, and comprehensive company reviews. It also has a user-friendly mobile app that can help recruiters find the right candidates on the go. Its state-of-the-art Smart Search and Smart Match capabilities make for seamless hiring, every time.



Naukri allows recruiters to post jobs in less than 2 minutes with its easy job posting services. The platform allows recruiters to directly contact relevant talent from a portfolio of over 6.68 crore verified candidates. It also offers a cloud-based recruitment management system along with referral and branding solutions to simplify hiring.



Glassdoor, which is the most comprehensive career community, gives jobseekers access to the latest job listings as well as research for jobs as per their choice. It has a range of features to make the job search process easy and comfortable. Candidates can even read company reviews from previous and current employees. Therefore, it is the best place to help your organization stand out and attract new talent. Its unique features make Glassdoor a popular choice for recruiters, and you can definitely find best-in-class BFSI professionals here.



Another pioneer in the recruitment space, CareerBuilder offers services such as comprehensive labor market data, marketing tools to engage candidates, and robust background screening for an extensive group of candidates. Its AI-led talent discovery platform allows recruiters to automate several aspects of hiring to drive positive outcomes.



SimplyHired is another renowned and trusted job search app which has delivered over 1,000,000,000 job applications to date. It allows recruiters to post jobs across 100+ job boards with a single submission, boosting exposure and the chances of finding the right talent. Its client management services allow recruiters to receive resumes directly to their inbox as well as their dashboard, making for simple and seamless hiring.


Having profiles in these job portals will do you a lot good as the profiles on these relevant sites will help you in gett spotted by the employers, easily.

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