Key Takeaways for Students from the Movie “KABIR SINGH”

Every aspect of life has some good and bad message to take from it. Kabir Singh is a double-edged movie. It can inspire some to change for good. At the same time, it also can also turn people bad and take the path of self-destruction. Now, it’s up to you which message you select from the movie for yourself. So In this blog, I’m going to share 5 key takeaways from the movie for students that they can relate to.


Note: It might be difficult to understand this blog if you haven’t watched the movie)




To all the people who didn’t watch/ don’t know who is Kabir Singh: It is an official remake of the Telugu cult classic blockbuster ‘ARJUN REDDY'(2017), both directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga. Kabir is a house surgeon at Delhi Institute of Medical Sciences. He is a kind of character who is Brilliant, Topper of his university, extremely talented, dedicated, sincere, aggressive, obsessed, short-tempered, and Alcoholic.


The Film focuses on the title character, Kabir Singh (played by Shahid Kapoor) who goes on a self-destructive path after his girlfriend (‘Preeti’ played by Kiara Advani) is forced to marry someone else. At the end somehow they both will reunite and then the three of them will start a new Journey.


“In a world of distraction and demotivation, stay focused and determined to become better in your Mission to Success”


1. You must complete your study!


Kabir has gone through the worst situations in his life but he never gave up on his studies!


Each student, at some phase of their life, must get the thoughts of leaving study for various reasons family problems, long-distance relationships, making a career out of passion, etc. But the motion picture Kabir Singh encourages us to not leave studies in the middle regardless of whether you need to leave from your love of life. Be loyal to your profession (if you have seen the movie there’s a dialogue were Kabir says “the only thing I liked about myself is my profession”)

2. Excel in your Career!


Regardless of being an alcoholic, short-tempered Kabir was the topper of his university.


If you want respect from your family, friends, relatives, society, and colleagues then you have to excel in your career. Another importance of excelling in a career is you’ll become financially strong. Financial independence is very important, it can help you in the low phases of your life and can also accomplish your dreams. Kabir couldn’t have survived those dull phases of his life if he’s not financially strong.


3. Be like Shiva (True Friend of Kabir)


Shiva is the true friend of Kabir. He was with Kabir in every bright & dark phase of his life. Shiva is the friend we all want in our lives. But to have a friend like a Shiva, we need to be honest, show respect & love for our friends. Also, be like shiva in someone’s life. Dear students college is the place where many would find their true friends and many would lose, so utilize this properly so that you don’t have to regret later.


4. Every Phase in our Life has a Certain Meaning


There is one dialogue in the movie where Kabir tells his mom while he was lying in the hospital bed. “Meri Life Ka Ek Phase Chal Raha hai” ( This is one phase of my life). And eventually, he understands & fights with that phase and comes out of that.


There will be a phase in each student life whether the cause is a breakup, family issue, financial issue, etc. Every phase has a certain meaning and purpose, so we have to fight with that phase like a warrior and come out of that instead of escaping.


5. Don’t take your life for granted!


There’s a scene between Shiva and his senior, where senior says about Kabir “There Comes a time in life when you hear warning bell, that’s when you should stop all this, Otherwise, he’s done for!”


We all know the Genius & Topper of the university KABIR SINGH, who is a big alcoholic, chain smoker, and also consumes cocaine and other drugs. He was just close to being dead!


But he was lucky enough to get a second chance from God. Everyone will not be lucky as Kabir was. College life Defines the rest of your life whether professionally or physically. Don’t consume something which is injurious to your health. Use this precious life productively and achieve your dreams and goals and be a role model for the people who admire you.


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