Law degree jobs that don’t require passing the bar exam

If you are considering a career in law and are wondering what, if any, job prospects await you if you
haven’t yet passed the bar exam, you will be pleased to learn that there are great opportunities out
there for law graduates to find work. And your first step into this exciting and varied career? Is
by choosing a law school.

Choosing the right law school can open the door to many jobs within the legal field; an excellent
legal education is viewed as valuable in many professions where a potential candidate’s knowledge
of the law is helpful for the job role.

Law graduates can find roles within both the public and private sectors.

Finding work in the private sector:

A law graduate can find many rewarding roles within the private sector, with many industries willing
to take on those with legal knowledge without requiring them first to take the bar.
Financial services are one industry that always hires entry-level positions, with law graduates finding
their skills most suited to compliance work.

Human resources is another industry who those graduating with a law degree can find legal work.
However, while a law degree is not required for many HR roles, many candidates will find their legal
knowledge of great value.

Insurance companies are another great place to start looking for a legal role after graduating, as are
accountancy firms and tax attorneys. Again, legal expertise and experience can be both beneficial
and required for these types of positions.

Finding work in the public sector:

And if working in the public sector is more for you, then being a law graduate can also help you gain
entry with or without passing the bar, with many government agencies looking for candidates with a
sound legal background.

It can even be possible to gain valuable experience in specific fields of law such as patent law by
finding entry-level roles within the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Compliance work isn’t just available in the private sector; with the need to comply with laws and
federal regulations, it can be just as easy to find similar work in the public sector too.

Many law graduates find roles in the public sector rewarding and a great step to further their law careers.

Passing the bar exam:

And once a law graduate has passed the bar exam, having previous job experience in a related legal
position will put them in a great position to find work in a legal firm as an associate. Many law firms
preferring to hire candidates who have a legal education and practical skills gained through work

Non-legal careers that having a law degree can benefit:

Many careers that aren’t traditionally in a legal field can also benefit from a candidate who has
studied for a law degree. For example, a great lawyer’s skills and qualities are transferable and make
a great journalist or politician.

Likewise, those pursuing a career in journalism may find that a law degree’s analytical and research
skills can be advantageous to have.

And having a legal education can make a career in politics a natural progression. Of course,
knowledge of the law and legal system will help further a political career, but the problem-solving
and analytical skills learned in law school will also put you in a great position to progress.

Hope this article proves to be helpful to you.

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