Looking For A Career In Film Production? Industry Experts at Daisie can help you out!

Many people seem to forget making a film is a long and arduous process. More than just pointing a camera at the scene (albeit the obvious), there are many steps along the way where pre-production is as important as cinematography, writing, art direction, among others.

If you are starting out in filmmaking, chances are you are highly interested in film production — the whole process of making a film. I know that sounds remarkably obvious, but the “process” can take up years, as in the case of Harry Potter.

Film Production essentially opens into multiple stages: the development stage where initial production decisions are made before entering pre-production, which focuses on research, storytelling, shot design and listing, casting, locations, and others.

Then comes actual shooting where all the months-long action takes place. Afterward, post-production where you sniff out the best from the rest, put your mind, eyes, and ears into software, and complete your production. Now you enter publishing, distribution, release, and are ready to take on hungry critics hasting to dissect every second of your production. Congratulations, your film finally achieves a two-star on Rotten Tomatoes! (pun intended)

If you are thinking of throwing your hat into film production and joining the list of a multitude of producers that have contributed to some of the outstanding big screen and television titles of our time, you do not necessarily have to enroll in a film school.

In this day and age, what you can learn and discover from the comfort of your laptop is unbelievable. It seems daunting and quite intimidating, the mammoth tasks film producers have to do — obviously, only the nerdiest from the New York Film Academy qualify. But that isn’t true. You don’t have to have a valedictorian to create the next big sci-fi blockbuster.

You can start now and hone your talent. A remarkable way I discovered this was by signing up for the online classes on film production. While most of us were bracing for the season finale of HBO’s Game of Thrones, actress Maisie Williams broke the headlines for killing the Night King only to break them again for her company, Daisie. Co-founded with Film Producer Dom Santry, Daisie is the one-stop for creators looking to showcase their talent, take on projects, and collaborate with a whole community of creators, much like social networking.

Incredibly, the platform hit 100,000 members just 11 days after its launch and it bagged $2.5 million in seed funding on starting.

What’s exciting about Daisie?

Daisie has made it possible for us to learn a great number of disciplines, courses, and skills from industry-leading creators. It brings workshops, courses, videos, and classes on a complete roster of creative disciplines such as fashion, film, photography, design, music, literature, editing, art direction, illustration, and a lot more.

Daisie is a promising platform that is empowering creators from around the world. No matter from where you are, what stage of career or experience level, you can start out at Daisie and meet a community of happy and motivated creators.

Learn from those who have made a big difference in the creative fields. Learn the secrets, the recipe of success, the benchmark which allows industry-leading creators to stand out from the crowd.

Learn Film Production at Daisie

Just like many different classes on art and photography, film and music, Daisie also brings Film Production. It continues to be hailed as a much-in-demand course for creatives. Students and those just starting out in their careers are cramming the internet searches for Film Production workshops and courses, and Daisie certainly provides them with a series of classes.

Let us walk through an example. I signed up on Daisie and found a class:

How To Become A Film Production Designer hosted by Jessy Moussallem

Eager to learn and explore what this dynamic class offers, I discovered that it’s one of the highly sought-after classes in the filmmaking community. Here you can learn just how production design incorporates into the production process and adds value to the film. It basically helps you learn and master the look of the film — the first thing your audience sees and the first thing to let them decide if it is worth sticking around the two-hour-long marathon.

This course particularly focuses on building up the right skillset for production design. It would let you discover and work on your potential as an artist and be a confident leader on the set.

Since Daisie brings only the best-in-the-business creators to teach you the skills and help channel your innate abilities, this class host Jessy Moussallem enjoys a handsome reputation in storytelling and production. She graduated from the Lebanese Academy of Arts and bagged the first prize at the European Film Festival to her name.

Jessy joins the league of hundreds of other creators who are giving their best day in and out, adding value to the professional acumen of the Daisie community.

The industry-leading creators at Daisie come from diverse backgrounds, credible experience, and highly acclaimed careers, adding different perspectives, challenging the status quo, and bringing new ideas to the table. They are reworking the rules of the past and introducing them back to the culture of arts with a fresher and newer perspective.

This is what Daisie strives to create for its community. It’s so much more than an online class.

How do I sign up on Daisie?

Join by downloading the iOS app or signing up on the web. You can access an unlimited number of live workshops, interactive videos, audio talks hosted by more than 250 expert creators.

You’ll be joining a group of creators just like you looking to make the most out of it. Each class is an opportunity to learn and experiment, get your most pressing questions answered, collaborate, make friends, and see your career take new heights.

With a holistic community of like-minded creatives, you will have an opportunity to network and grow, share your creative journey and inspire others.

By the time I was done creating an account, exploring the depths of this platform, I was expected to be hit with a flat fee costing an arm and a leg but to much surprise, it only costs $34.99 for an annual subscription or $9.99 a month with unlimited access.

If you’re looking to start with film production or expand your skills with the creative input of experts, sign up for a free trial now.

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