How to Make Money as a College Student

Colleges are getting more and more expensive. Tuition has more than doubled since the 1980s – at both public and private colleges. There’s over 1.4 trillion in student loan debt in the US (as of June 2018). The average debt for a Class of 2017 graduate exceeded $35,000. Moreover, adults aged over 60 owe $67 billion in student loan debt. But a college education is becoming more and more necessary to stay competitive in today’s economy. In this post, guest author Mian Azhar writes about how to make money as a college student.


How to Make Money as a College Student

By Mian Azhar


Not only is college often expensive, but you may also have limited free time, which means that you could have trouble holding down even a part-time job. Paying for books, gas, groceries, emergencies and whatever else that’s not covered by your scholarship or financial aid can prove difficult. Know that you still have several options available to make money no matter how packed your school schedule may be.


Become a Tutor


If you get top grades in your classes, why not get paid to help other students get a better grasp of the material? Becoming a tutor helps you make money and could give you a chance to look at the information you’ve learned from different angles, deepening your understanding. That new perspective could be just the thing other students need for the lesson to “click.”


See If Your School Offers Incentives


Depending on your school, there’s a chance that you could make money just for earning good grades. Get in touch with the dean to find out for sure, and if the option is on the table, focus on building and maintaining your grade point average to keep the money rolling in. Additionally, ask if there are any limits or stipulations on earning money for good grades so you can plan your budget accordingly.


Look for Internships That Pay


As you’re exploring your options for internships, focus on those that pay you while you’re learning more about your chosen field. Paid internships are just as good for your bank account as they are your resume, but they can be hard to come by. If you manage to find one, be sure you act early and do everything possible to boost your chances of being chosen.


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Drive for a Ridesharing Service


If you have a car, you can also think about driving for a ridesharing service, which is an especially good idea if you live in a college town. You’ll be able to set your own hours, and you can work for multiple services at the same time. Let your friends and classmates know that you can serve as the designated driver…for a fee. Should anyone take issue with paying for a ride, remind them that the cost of a ride is less expensive than the cost of a DUI and that a DUI can negatively impact one’s college years.


House Sit


There may be homeowners in your area in need of a responsible and reliable house sitter while they’re out of town. Not only can you earn some money staying at someone’s home for a few days, but you may also have a four-legged friend to keep you company as well as a new and quiet space to study. Know that you could have to do some light cleaning and other services while watching someone’s home, but nothing is likely to be too strenuous or demanding.


Buy and Resell Textbooks


If you don’t mind spending money to make money, look into buying textbooks online and selling them for a profit. Know that you can look further than your own stash of textbooks; check out the local yard, garage, and estate sales to see if any textbooks are up for grabs that you may be able to sell to other students or online in exchange for a gift card or cash. Looking for good deals could take some digging, but you never know how much your diligence may pay off.


Become a Virtual Assistant


Do you consider yourself well-organized and responsible? If so, those attributes could make you the perfect virtual assistant for busy individuals and business owners who don’t have time to tend to tasks like managing their calendars, buying travel tickets or booking hotels. You can act as a virtual assistant between classes and earn some money that way. If you get good enough at it, you may even be able to set your own rates.


Become an Editor/Proofreader


Take one look at social media and you can see that most people don’t have a good grasp of grammar or the English language. If you’ve ever been accused of being a stickler for grammar, you can put your passion to good use as a proofreader or editor for your peers who don’t have your writing skills. This is an especially good idea if you have classmates whose first language isn’t English.


College students have more options than ever for making money between classes. Just because you’re in school doesn’t mean you have to struggle financially or that you can’t put the skills you brought with you to college to good use.


Freelancing / Side Gigs


Earlier, only startups were used to hire gig workers or freelancers. But, nowadays, large MNCs and corporations are also following the trend. Both organizations and individuals are now realizing that the gig economy is as relevant as any other type of employment.


During college, you can work as a blogger, graphic designer or social media marketer on a freelance basis. It has got tremendous benefits.


Firstly, you will be able to work as per your own schedule; so, you don’t need to hamper your studies. Secondly, you will learn valuable skills that can help your resume to stand out once you look for jobs after college. Finally, you can earn good money.


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