28 Best Universities for Masters in Bioinformatics in UK

Bioinformatics has always been a critical field in the biomedical science domain for the last two decades. At present, bioinformatics has become a key component in personalized medicine along with vital applications in basic & translational research and the development of new diagnostic & therapeutic tools. The UK has been one of the preferred countries for biosciences for ages. In recent years, Bioinformatics has been among the top courses to study in UK for jobs for international students. In this post, we will look at the best programs/universities for Masters in Bioinformatics in UK.

Why Study Bioinformatics?

Every field in life sciences has been transformed by the use of computers. Bioinformatics is a rapidly developing field within life sciences focused on developing methods and software tools to understand biological data. The ability to develop and apply computational methods to large and complex datasets will be a key driver of biological innovation in the next decades.

In the face of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the comprehensive application of bioinformatics techniques on relevant genome sequences deposited in online repositories tremendously accelerated the process of vaccine development in record-breaking time.

We all know that the coronavirus pandemic is not going to be the last pandemic on earth. Hence, the demand for a skilled workforce with specialized skills in bioinformatics is there to stay.

Even if you are going to work in the wet-lab vertical, bioinformatics skills are becoming essential; and no longer just desirable.

Finally, it’s also very feasible for bioinformatics graduates & professionals to switch to data science. Hence, a degree in bioinformatics can open up a lot of career opportunities.

Why Study Bioinformatics in UK?

Almost every country, in the world, has begun its own means to provide requisite training to individuals interested in making a career in Bioinformatics. The UK, with some of the world’s leading universities, has degree programs catering to the needs of Bioinformatics training and research.

Advantages of Studying Masters in Bioinformatics in UK

  • Bioinformatics is included in the Critical Occupation List to meet the high demand
  • A distinctive employment rate of 96% upon completing the degree
  • Masters in Bioinformatics in the UK has got a course duration of just 1 year (except a few programs)
  • 2 years of post-study work permit to build astounding careers
  • Availability of various scholarship schemes

Few More Facts

Every country needs experts in the field because preventive medicine, precision medicine, research on diseases like cancer, diabetes, influenza, genetic alterations like research can help in providing better treatments to the patients. In such advancements, bioinformatics is going to play a significant role, and experts will always be in demand. If you are attracted to bioinformatics and wish to make it your career, then Bioinformatics Masters in UK should be your next step.

There is no better place than the United Kingdom to research bioinformatics because of the rich culture, history, and ease for international students, and many other reasons. Another thing that you might be worried about is the scope of Bioinformatics in UK, well there are colossal career prospects available in the field, and it is going to amplify at a very high speed as the advancements will keep on taking place.

Everywhere you will find job prospects like biomedical sciences, biotechnology, research institutions, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, and many other related institutions that need bioinformatics experts.

Scopes of Bioinformatics in UK

There is a pretty good scope after MSc in Bioinformatics in UK for international students such as Proteomics, bio-analysts, pharmacology, computational chemist, clinical pharmacologist, informatics developers, sequence assembly, and many other jobs on the list. Job prospects in the field of bioinformatics are widespread.

Students from India are showing curiosity in the field, and because of the lack of resources in the country, Bioinformatics in UK for Indian students is much more lucrative.

The UK offers a much better quality of education as compared to other countries like India. Also, the degree you get from UK University is globally recognized along with many other perks you will enjoy. Studying in the UK is going to be one of the best decisions, and other great choices will be the bioinformatics course, among others.

Top Universities for Masters in Bioinformatics in UK

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Jobs and Salaries after Studying Masters in Bioinformatics Salaries UK

Job Prospects for Bioinformatics Graduates in UK

Bioinformatics has been on the occupation shortage list since 2016 – 2017. In the last couple of years, skilled bioinformatics graduates under huge demand. This has also influenced the salary trends. Have a look at the graph below – 

Bioinformatics among best courses to study in UK for jobs

The demand for Bioinformaticians and Biomedical Scientists in the UK was a major factor to reinstate the PSW visa last year. To be specific, it was triggered by the launch of the world’s largest genetics project, a £200 million whole genome sequencing project in the UK Biobank. Now, post-COVID-19, there will be more demand for biomedical scientists and bioinformaticians.

Required Skills for Bioinformatics Jobs

Best Universities for Masters in Bioinformatics in UK

Bioinformatics Salary in UK

Bioinformatics salary in UK ranges from £39,000 to £45,000, and many other factors will decide your salary packages. Some of the elements are the company hiring you; locations such as in London, your Average Salary in the UK after Masters in Bioinformatics might be £55,000 or more. Also, your expertise and experience help a lot in deciding your salary package. You must check the salary package online using filters to get a clear idea depending upon the location you wish to earn in. Bioinformatics graduate salary UK increases with experience.

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