Masters in Data Science and Business Analytics in France

Several Indians are applying for US, Canada, Germany, UK, Australia. Another country, which is slowly getting within the radar of Indian and international students, is France. France offers students a full spectrum of academic and career opportunities at affordable fees. Additionally, Masters programs in France come with mandatory internships; hence great for job prospects. In 2018, around 7, 500 Indian students chose France for pursuing higher education. In this post, we will look at the best Masters programs for data science and business analytics in France. Additionally, we will also look at the job prospects and salaries in France for Masters graduates.

The popularity of Masters degrees in data science and analytics is yet to get saturated. Though online courses and MOOCs are good alternatives, a full-time degree from a foreign university is still very popular for a significant section of Indian students and working professionals. The demand for data scientists around the world has risen over the years. According to a report from Indeed this year, there has been a 29% increase in demand for data scientists year after year.

Masters in Data Science and Analytics in France

Top Universities, Jobs, and Salaries

Co-authored by Milind Singh

Exploring data begins with its hidden establishments in bits of knowledge which, itself, stems into a long history into the season of pyramid working in Egypt. In some other later, yet in the meantime early structures, data examination can be seen in censuses, outfitting, and other managerial occupations over the world.

With the headway of PCs and a normally extending development toward imaginative intertwinement, data examination began to create. Early data examiners use ordering machines to count data from punch cards. In 1980, the headway of the social database gave another breath to data inspectors, which empowered them to use Sequel (SQL) to recuperate data from databases.

Today, data specialists can be found in a wide display of endeavors utilizing programming tongues and bits of knowledge to power, sort and present data in various structures in the upside of the affiliation, people, or possibly association.

Data analysts are occasionally called “junior data specialists” or “data scientists in getting ready.” Instead of being permitted to make their own one-of-a-kind enormous data adventures, they may be obliged to dealing with express business assignments using existing instruments, systems, and enlightening records.

In any case, there are a ton of associations who don’t make an undeniable capability between the two employments. Occasionally, a data master/analyst could be creating questions or keeping an eye on standard requests in the initial segment of the day and building custom courses of action or investigating various roads with respect to social databases, Hadoop and NoSQL toward the night.

Finally, data & business analytics is among the top courses to study in France for getting jobs as international students.

List of Top Masters Programs for Data Science and Big Data Analytics in France

Master’s in Data Sciences & Business Analytics – ESSEC & Centrale Supélec

Location: Singapore and France

Duration- 1-2 years depends on the graduating degree

Intake- September

To facilitate student’s needs and goals and to ensure coherent authority and data wisdom, the program is a half and a half between Data Sciences, Business Analytics, and Digital Strategy. Electives are exceptionally fitted to understudies’ specific livelihood goals while being very spoken to significant expert in substance and address continuous examples and troubles.

Students gain permission to corporate Chairs (Analytics guiding, therapeutically improvement) or undertakings (Financial examination, Entrepreneurship…) similarly as Masterclasses in front line subjects, getting ready by assistant associations and a field trip. Interminable supply of the coursework, understudies are required to form a specialist or academic proposition, a phenomenal piece of research where they set up the aptitudes picked up consistently.

Masters in Data Science and Business Analytics in France

Despite your critical choice, later, you would reliably start the program in France. During the principle time allotment that continues running from September to December, you will take lifts and focus courses like Big Data Algorithms, Techniques and Platforms, Predictive Analytics, Foundations of Optimization and Machine Learning, and that is just a glimpse of something larger. Pick your Major(s). During period 2 you will pick among our three Majors to speak to significant experts in; there is no uttermost most distant point to different elective courses and twofold majors are possible.

Depending upon your choice, you will continue with your program on at any rate one of our three grounds and will get the opportunity to take courses or minors from various headings, giving you a reasonable and balanced game plan of aptitudes. Period 2 closes with an International Field Trip, and the length of this period movements depending upon your choices.


Worldwide Recognition – Awarded in QS ranking #4 as best program worldwide.

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MSc Data Science for Business – HEC and Ecole Polytechnique

Duration- 2 years (Year 1 in Ecole Polytechnique, Year 2 in HEC)

Location- France

Intake- September

GMAT- Compulsory

This Joint Degree between HEC Paris and Ecole Polytechnique will outfit understudies with both the capacities and the key disposition to lead viably any business employment requiring strong dominance in Big Data.

The key purpose of the teaching in this Joint Degree is to give students the devices expected to handle authentic issues, using composed and unstructured data masses, training them to ask the ‘right’ questions (both from estimations and ‘business’ perspectives) and to use the reasonable numerical and IT gadgets to address these requests.

Students will be set up to move dependably from data to learning, from figuring out how to imperative decision, and form an indispensable decision to operational business executions.

All these developments pass on with the different challenges that each require an interdisciplinary strategy including science, IT, business framework, and the board aptitudes.

MSc in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence – EDHEC Business School

Duration- 1 year

Location- France

GMAT- accepted

Intake- September

The MSc in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence will hone your business decision knowledge, your business examination ability, and your inclination in data science. Especially, you will verify an ‘ordinary language’ sensible by the two data scientists, IT designers, and business the board. The instructive modules centers around the specific and plan capacities, AI data, and abilities expected to pro indispensable symptomatic methods and gadgets, and data the board, and to be at the cutting edge of AI adventures with the objective of making compelling and inventive strategies. Be the best in the class period of data propelled engineers!

Students will verify a “run of the mill language” reasonable by the two data scientists and business the officials to make productive and inventive strategies for the propelled age.

Students will make sense of how to extend your capacity in essential thinking contraptions and methods to research fiscal and customer rehearses by get-together data, making sense of what is significant, and partner them to pass on to the business focus new things, organizations and assessing models. The Master Project empowers understudies to join acquired learning and aptitudes.

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MSc Digital Business, Data Analysis & Management – SKEMA Business School

Duration- 1-2 years depending on the degree

GMAT/GRE- Accepted

Intake- September

Location- France

The web has transformed standard channels of business activity. Promoting, age, key organizing, etc have all been changed using the web to accumulate data, scatter things and give organizations.

This MSc is a multidisciplinary program combining the fields of the strategy, money related angles, exhibiting and information structures. It outfits understudies with the learning and presence of mind capacities critical to work in a data-rich mechanized condition.

Masters in Data Science and Business Analytics in France

The program has been made in a firmly planned exertion with top-level firms from industry and guiding, who are among the basic future employers of the graduates.

The MSc Digital Business, Data Analysis, and Management instructive projects are balanced yearly to meet the necessities of the market. All coursework is uniquely crafted to emphasize the possibility of digitization and its recommendations for data social event, examination and essential initiative.

This course won the SMBG Innovation Award​ in March 2015.

MSc in Data and Business Analytics – Rennes School of Business

Duration- 1 Year

Location- France

Intake- September

The objective of the MSc in Data and Business Analytics (MSc DBAN) is to outfit graduates with key orderly methods and gadgets that will empower them to advance toward getting to be pioneers in data-driven fundamental administration. Through its speculative and helpful courses, the program prepares graduated class for livelihoods related to data and business examination in different zones, for instance, Supply Chain Management, displaying and cash.

The program is proposed to satisfy industry requirement for graduated class with regulatory and examination capacities that can apply data science to deal with business challenges.

To outfit graduates with data-driven fundamental authority aptitudes so they will likely coordinate significant business examination information and make and use examination instruments of different sorts and structures to improve decisions all through an affiliation.

Business examination limits are given a lot of centrality in all activities, for instance, Marketing, Logistics, Manufacturing, Finance, Retail and both for private and open portions.

With the massive proportions of data (enormous data), it has ended up being noteworthy for the relationship to misuse the headway in the examination and need qualified professionals at the organization level to control the collection and usage of data. Nowadays, we are causing data at a significantly faster rate than we to can make qualified capable that can abuse it for the benefits of affiliations.

MSc in Big Data Analytics – IESEG

Duration- 1 year

Location- France

Intake- September

The Master of Science in Big Data Analytics for Business is a one-year program completely taught in English which goes for planning data specialists in the field of (electronic) publicizing, cash, and undertakings.

Individuals are introduced to the principle edge nuts and bolts in the essential initiative by isolating data from Big Data, including customer esteem-based databases, spouting data, web-based life data, call center data and stock strategy logs.

The Master of Science in Big Data Analytics for Business is expected to help individuals confronting the business learning, the strategies and the insightful instruments to change over BIG data into BIG encounters in advancing, store, and exercises.

The program is offered on a full-time reason and includes 2 consecutive semesters of courses (September – May) trailed by a specialist experience (from June onwards). The instructive projects are made around focus modules in business, advancement, and reasoning, similarly as explicit courses in advancing, reserve, and exercises.

In a related world, data allows associations to alter their advancing, cash and undertakings method with target measurable information focuses. Individuals will make sense of how to advance toward getting to be data-driven managers and will undoubtedly spot logical open entryways in a given business setting.

Top highlights: Partnerships with Capgemini and SAS.

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Jobs and Salaries after Masters in Data Science and Business Analytics in France

The number of jobs for data science on a whole has increased over the last few years all over the world. The number of companies who prefer MS in data science over BS in Engineering is more in Europe when compared to India.

Even if you are an expert in Python and R, the job prospects are good in France. Have a look at the data science and analytics job listings on Glassdoor.

The annual average salary for an entry-level data scientist in France is EUR 39,000 (PayScale). In Paris, the average salary of data scientists is EUR 46,000 per annum (Glassdoor).

Knowledge of French language is definitely a big plus. But, it’s also possible to get jobs if you have got excellent technical skillset.

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Study in France for Indian Students - by Milind Singh

Author Bio: Milind is from Electrical-Electronics background and an MSc International Business (MIB) Graduate from Grenoble Ecole de Management, Business School (France). Currently, he is Country Manager (India) for the French Business School, Ecole de Management Léonard de Vinci.

In the past, Milind has worked with as Admission Counselor. Additionally, he also worked closely with prominent European Universities like Trinity College Dublin, EDHEC Business School, Cranfield, Frankfurt, HAN, Grenoble, EMLYON, Liverpool, Brunel, IESEG, SKEMA, Audencia, Montpellier, Toulouse Business School, Dublin City University, University College Cork, Maynooth, and Jonkoping University.

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