Germany is one of the most preferred study abroad destinations for international students. In my previous blogs, I did mention that Germany has a positive preference for students with consistently good academic grades. However, what is also very true is that it is not the sole decisive parameter in securing admission for them. It is the applicant’s overall profile that ultimately comes to rescue during and post application for convenient conversion. This post covers few of the universities that may accept students with overall above average holistic profile but relatively low GPA.

Universities for Masters in Germany with Low GPA’

The following list of universities offer Masters in Germany with low GPA:

Eligibility to apply for Masters in Germany

The following blog covers the eligibility criteria to apply for a Masters in Germany:

Step-by-Step Application Process for MS in Germany

German GPA System

The German Grading system follows a different method of calculation and representation.

Most German Universities follow the modified Bavarian formula Going by WES Evaluation, a German note of 3 or below is usually equivalent to US grade of 3 or B.

GradeScaleGrade Description
A+1.00 – 1.50Very Good
A1.51 – 2.50Good
B2.51 – 3.50Satisfactory
C3.50 – 4.00Sufficient
F4.01 – 6.00Not Sufficient
  • 1.0–1.5 : Outstanding
  • 1.6–2.5 : Good
  • 2.6–3.5 : Satisfactory/Average
  • 3.6–4.0 : Below Average
  • 5.0 : Not Satisfactory

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