Masters in Engineering and Business Management at Leonardo de Vinci, Paris, France

With an international higher education market of over 1 Billion Euros and around 300,000 international students, France has stormed into the top 5 most popular study abroad destinations in the world. As for Indian students, engineering and business management are always hot favorites. In this article, Milind Singh talks about the Master’s programs in Engineering and Business Management at Leonardo da Vinci, France.


Masters at Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci

Course Curriculum, Fees, Scholarships, Facilities, and Job Prospects

By Milind Singh


Leonard de Vinci Group


The Léonard de Vinci is composed of three higher education institutions with recognized diplomas that cover complementary fields of discipline, particularly in the digital sector: a business school, the EMLV (Léonard de Vinci School of Management); an engineering school, the ESILV (School of Engineers Leonardo da Vinci), a School of web & multimedia, the IIM (Institute of Internet and Multimedia), the first school created in France to train trades of the web. The Group also hosts an Institute for Continuing Education (ILV).


The three schools within the Group (EMLV, ESILV, and IIM) are closely connected and provide a complementary curriculum that blend the competencies of engineers, managers, and designers. The schools run French and international programmes and deliver degrees accredited by the French Ministry of Education.


Each school has close ties with companies located in La Defense and the degrees awarded are highly valued by companies. The Pole prides itself in ensuring that students are competent, operational, reliable, and well prepared for professional insertion upon graduation.


The international programmes are designed for International, English speaking students wishing to follow courses taught entirely in English for one year or longer. The integration of international students into our master’s degree programmes taught in French is also possible with a B2 level of French.


Masters in Engineering (Grand Ecole)


ESILV Graduate School of Engineering trains engineers with strong scientific and technical bases and a real professional experience, who are opened to the world and prepared to the challenges of tomorrow’s industry.


Masters Specializations:


  • Computer Science, Big Data and Connected Objects (Cloud computing and high-performance computer architecture, Company information system and applications, Intelligent and communicative objects, Business Intelligence, Smartphone and tablet applications, Mobility and ubiquity)


  • Financial Engineering (Risk management, Financial markets, Database programming, Financial products, Corporate Finance, Derivative, Responsible Finance)


  • Computational Mechanics and Modelling (Numerical modelling of structural behavior, Complex and multidisciplinary systems modelling, Applied mathematics and scientific computing, Mechanical study and design, Optimisation and reliability, Industrial system management, Materials, Sustainable development, Mastery of digital tools)


  • New Energies (Renewable energies, Embedded energies, Smart grids – sensor networks, Energy transition, Energy efficiency, Smart buildings, Eco-mobility, Green IT)


Duration: 24 months


Fees: 8500€ Euros / per year 


Rankings and Other Stats:


  • Ranked 10th in France by L’Etudiant,
  • Number 1 in Insertion field
  • Ranked 4th in the salary
  • Average Salary of 44,000 Euros
  • ESILV is the 7th post-baccalaureate engineering school


Usine Nouvelle

  • 1st post-baccalaureate school in Ile-de-France
  • 4th post-baccalaureate school
  • 1st post-bac on double-graduates abroad


Masters in Engineering and Business Management at Leonardo de Vinci, Paris, France


Fablab – AI and Machine Learning Focused Lab


The School has got an AI and machine learning focused Fablab. The aims to provide as many several machines and software for prototyping, to realize an industrial project. These associated machines must enable us to manufacture everything


A place of creation, learning, and sharing, the De Vinci FabLab (w) aims to best serve the students of the schools of the association.


  • for example, Vinci Eco Drive engineering students make parts of their vehicles participating in the Eco-Marathon Eco-Marathon.
  • other DaVinciBot engineering students design support pieces for robots participating in the French Robotics Cup.
  • IIM Digital Directors students print the 3D characters they created, while our video game students will be able to design prototypes of in-game 3D printing services.


It consists of 3 learning paths. A 3D printing course, an electro-computer course, a mechanical course. The purchases we have made aim to turn students to a level of technical difficulty higher and higher. The routes end outside the Pole. This is to lead our students to expose their skills to others.


The 3D printing course consists of:


  • 4 Velleman printers
    to get started in 3d printing
  • 3 Makerbot printers, 2 5th Generation, 1 2x,
    constitute levels 3 and 4 of learning 3D printing.
  • 1 printer Scholar Object 30. Highly
    finished, this printer allows students to design moving parts


Strong Focus on Internships and Work Placements


In the 2nd year of the Master’s program, students go through the placement (5 – 6 months) in order to put into practice professional skills and prepare the insertion into the company. This work placement takes place from early January.


Masters Program in Business and Management (Grand Ecole)


The EMLV Business School provides all the De Vinci students (managers, engineers, and designers) with initial training in business based on instruction fostering hybridization, multiculturalism and cross-disciplinary research.




  • Digital Retail Banking
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Human Resources
  • Entrepreneurship,
  • Digital Innovation


Duration: 2 Years

Fees­: 8900 Euros/per year


Vision and Philosophy


EMLV proposes cutting-edge courses in the study of management that covers a variety of fundamental disciplines including finance, sales, marketing, human resources, and procurement. EMLV continuously adapts its programmes to ever-changing economic trends in order to ensure that students are taught the latest, most up-to-date information.


Professional training on the fundamentals of business, commerce and management and striving to build and develop each student potential and promote a global outlook. As a key player in his/her own training, each student takes charge of his/her professional future with the support of academics, professional tutors, student alumni, and the entire EMLV team.


Strong Emphasis on Internships and Work Placements


The second cycle of the program is dedicated to mastering the student’s specialization and starting their professional integration. The areas of specialization are constructed according to the demands of companies and are all entryways into the student’s desired professional occupation. EMLV offers many digitally oriented specializations such as digital retail banking, digital marketing strategy, digital human resources, entrepreneurship, and digital innovation.


There is a strong emphasis on the practical application at the Group Léonard de Vinci. EMLV believes that students can better assimilate knowledge if they apply it to real life examples at the same time. That’s why the school makes students work on practical-based business projects.


The aim is to provide students with a semiprofessional work experience where they are faced with real-life business problems. This experience involves a junior consulting assignment under the guidance of a professor at EMLV and a business supervisor.


Masters in Engineering and Business Management at Leonardo de Vinci, Paris, France


Other Master of Science (MSc) Programs at EMLV


MSc International Business


MSc International Business Students will learn to master the latest tools and techniques that will give them a competitive advantage in today’s ever-changing world.


Duration: 12 months

Fees: 9000 Euros


MSc Digital Business Analytics


The MSc Digital Business Analytics explores diverse digital business models, analytical frameworks and new tools that shape today’s business environment.


Duration: 12 months

Fees: 9500 Euros/ per year


MSc Innovation Management and Strategy


MSc Innovation Management & Strategy Technology, big data, change and innovation, business evolutions and the opening of international markets drive company management & strategy.


Duration: 12 months

Fees: 9500 Euros/ per year


MBA Digital Marketing Strategy


The MBA in Digital Marketing strategy provided by EMLV aims to give the students the necessary skills to achieve a successful career in the digital sector


Duration: 12 months

Fees: 10,900 Euros/per year


Accreditation, Member, and Partnerships of EMLV  


  • Member of “Conference Des Grandes Ecoles”, AACSB and EFMD
  • EESPIG, Campus France and United Nations Global Compact
  • We have partnership with IIM Indore and BIMTECH for the exchange in India


Strategic Location and Facilities


The School is based in the one the biggest business district of Europe –  La Défense


  • Europe’s first business district
  • 70 major French and foreign companies have since installed their headquarters in La Défense including Arcelor-Mittal, Areva, Aventis, Axa, Fiat, Société générale, Thalès, EDF, Gan, Neuf Cegetel, Orano, Total etc.


The Pole Universitaire Léonard de Vinci offers innovative facilities including


  • business research lab with an emphasis on geopolitical risk, digital technologies, entrepreneurial engineering, and customer relationships
  • finance research lab specialized in quantitative finance, corporate finance, management and control of financial institutions


Industry Tie-Ups and Career Services


  • 1500 partners including all the top MNC’s
  • Two fairs on the campus yearly with more than 100 participating companies
  • Professional Conferences
  • De Vinci Startup- Startup Ecosystem





It is our great pleasure to announce that the that “Léonard de Vinci “EMLV, ESILV” Group” is offering Early Bird discount and scholarship for the early applicant. Please find the details below-:


  • For candidates who complete their application before the end of December 2018, we offer a 20% Early Bird reduction to course fees


  • For candidates who complete their application before the end of March 2019, we offer a 10% Early Bird reduction to course fees


  • We also run our own Leonard de Vinci scholarship, the prize for which is a 2000€ reduction to course fees. This scholarship is awarded on a competitive basis to candidates who win an essay competition. The theme and criteria for the essay will be published and sent to all candidates towards the end of 2018


Post-Graduate Work Permit in France


Students will get a 1+1 year of stay back option. Plus students will get 5 years of multiple entry visa. There are ample time and options available to find a job and there are companies offering internships/jobs to international students. Students will be getting Schengen visa meaning they can look for jobs in lucrative markets like Germany, Netherlands etc.


Author Bio: Milind is from Electrical-Electronics background and an MSc International Business (MIB) Graduate from Grenoble Ecole de Management, Business School (France). Currently, he is Country Manager (India) for the French Business School, Ecole de Management Léonard de Vinci.

In the past, Milnd has worked with as Admission Counselor. Additionally, he also worked closely with prominent European Universities like Trinity College Dublin, EDHEC Business School, Cranfield, Frankfurt, HAN, Grenoble, EMLYON, Liverpool, Brunel, IESEG, SKEMA, Audencia, Montpellier, Toulouse Business School, Dublin City University, University College Cork, Maynooth, and Jonkoping University.


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