Masters in International Relations and novel career opportunities in it

International relations is a liberal arts subject that may contribute to a variety of interesting jobs in legislation, foreign diplomacy, and administration. But there’s a lot more you can accomplish with a degree in international relations.

Many prominent colleges offering international relations like Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Oxford view an international relations degree as a well-rounded education that includes history, politics, economics, and even language studies.

This broad exposure to a variety of subjects may qualify you for a variety of jobs. Graduates with advanced training in international affairs, such as a master’s degree in international relations, may be able to work in a variety of disciplines or perhaps even nations.

Structure of the Program

  • Traditional master’s programmes in international relations take two years to finish full-time, however, some schools offer expedited programmes that may be finished within 1 year.
  • Others allow students to enrol at a partnering institution in another nation, and many learners to participate in fellowships and work abroad during their breaks.
  • A variety of master’s degree programmes in international relations are designed for individuals in their mid-career who already have substantial expertise in the area.
  • These programmes, also known as executive master’s degree programmes, are designed for working professionals and provide for part-time or flexible hours.
  • Considering international relations is such a wide, multidisciplinary discipline, master’s degree programmes enable the learners to specialise in one or even more courses, or specialisations, within the discipline.
  • Concentration levels in international relations enable the learners to get in-depth research, managerial, and policy knowledge.

Job Opportunities after Masters in International Relations

Here is a shortlist of potential options to consider after completing your degree in International Studies.

1. Migration Expert

With vast numbers of people moving about at any given moment, international migration is becoming more important in the social, financial, and humanitarian spheres.

It was mostly overlooked in Europe until 2014 since no one understood what to do.

When it became a big topic, it necessitated the creation of a slew of new initiatives.

UNHCR, ICMPD, IOM, and the Swedish and European refugee councils are just a few of the international organisations working on refugee flows.

From housing migrants to engaging in socioeconomic international migration to studying and combating illicit migration, the task has numerous dimensions.

2. Diplomats in the Foreign Service

Most diplomats enter the foreign service at an acceptable professional level and work their way up until they have been appointed to serve their nation in one of its embassy or diplomatic missions across the world, from the Caribbean to Egypt, Asia, the Gulf Region, European, or Australia/Oceania.

Their knowledge of international relations aids them in defending and defending their administration’s actions while fostering favourable bilateral ties.

Many graduates of the University of Cambridge and Harvard University take their chances in the foreign service of their respective nations.

3. International banking Officers

There is a wide range of prominent roles for grads in the financial sector, whether as a regional and global banker, an investor or enterprise venture capitalist, or any other involvement instructing corporate or institutional customers on getting funding, adjusting economic structures, mergers & acquisitions, or strengthening institutional methodologies.

Employment with global institutions such as the World Bank or the Monetary Fund ( IMF) is a possibility in this sector.

4. Managerial Positions in Social and Community Services

To build partnerships with their families and communities, businesses require competent personnel.

This is one possibility for a career in international relations. Managers of social and community services

According to the reports, institutional links organise and monitor initiatives and organisations that promote public well-being.

As more businesses contemplate corporate social responsibility (CSR), they may turn to somebody familiar with international efforts.

5. Intelligence expert

You can serve as an intelligence expert in the military, merchant marine, domestic security agencies, or virtually any other department of state of a national government agency.

Some primary responsibilities that you’ll be carrying out on an everyday basis are Creating mission reports with the help of data, diagrams, and graphs, Reporting information, data, and visuals based on the findings, and Keeping intelligence resources, collections, and documents up to date.

An agency, corporate entity, or non-profit organisation hires a lobbyist to persuade government members to make a choice that leads to organizational success or the corporation they portray.

You’ll supervise, study, and evaluate legislative changes, participate in committee hearings, attain out to public administrators, and use connectivity methods to promote messages to the audience as a lobbyist.

6. News Anchors or Analysts

Reporters and commentators in the media normally interact with topics that surpass the borders.

A degree in international relations may be beneficial in various positions.

As a foreign reporter, a war correspondent, or a journalist voicing a viewpoint on happenings via a foreign affairs perspective.

So, if you are interested in this role then you can take help from your roommate from student housing in London or Boston to help you prepare for this auspicious career.


Many who specialize in international relations have a distinct view on matters.

You may take pleasure engaging with groups and sectors beyond the usual, either you work in the public sector or a consular role, or you are utilising your degree to further shape other international affairs jobs.

Be inviting while looking for international relations employment; go past job ad position names to discover what talents you have to contribute.

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