MEM Admits: Why I Chose UK over Sweden and Finland

In the last few years, specialized Business Masters degrees have become very popular among graduates in India. Some of the highly popular degrees are Masters in Finance, Business Analytics, Management, etc. Another program that is quite popular among engineering graduates is the Masters of Engineering Management (MEM). In this post, Pakshal Shah, a Mechanical Engineering graduate, talks about his career journey, MEM admits in UK and Europe Secondly, why he chose MEM in the UK over Sweden & Finland. Additionally, he also talks about the Hybrid Admission Counselling Services for Masters (MS) Abroad by Stoodnt.

MEM Admits in the UK, Sweden, and Finland

What is Masters in Engineering Management (MEM)?

MEM combines students’ technical capabilities with leadership knowledge and skills, preparing them for career success in highly technical organizations.

They are designed to help early-career engineers and technical professionals reach their full potential in highly technical industries. MEM graduates are suited for the technical world, as the program is designed for those with a background in engineering or a STEM field. 

Pakshal finished his Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from VIT in 2019. Later, he worked with SKF India (SKF is a Sweden-based MNC) for almost two years.

MEM Admits and MS Admission Counseling Services: Q&A with Pakshal Shah

Q 1: Why did you opt for a Masters in Engineering Management?

MEM admits in UK and Europe

Pakshal: MEM gave me a good mix of Technical and Managerial modules through which I will get good exposure to Techno-Managerial roles.

The course which I chose tends to focus a lot on Industry 4.0, Digitization, and Big data.

I believe MEM will give me the right kind of skillsets suitable for the future job market which requires candidates who can wear multiple hats in their role.

Q 2: How did you zero in on Scandinavia and the UK as your target destinations? What advantages were there?

Pakshal: While shortlisting the countries I wanted to study in, Scandinavia and Germany were my top choices. After consulting you, I got some good insights about the UK. Researching about the courses, I found the right kind of mix I wanted to deep dive into at the University of Warwick.

Also, 2 years of PSW in the UK was one of the most significant reasons to pursue my master’s there. Scandinavia has a good bunch of Universities, Better healthcare, Std of living, and Quality education which makes it a great place to pursue your postgrad.

Q 3: How did you find the application processes for Sweden, UK, etc.? What’s the advantage of working with a counselor or admissions consultant?

Pakshal: The application process in Scandinavia and UK is quite straightforward and involves less complexity.

Working with an independent admission counselor gave me the luxury of accessibility and convenience all the time. I was able to communicate at ease and the guidance is given was more specific to my profile and my interests rather than generic advice.

Also, I learned a lot about how to draft a perfect SOP and CV. The biggest plus is I came across a lot of different courses from Universities that I wouldn’t have on my own.

Q 4: You had offers from Sweden and Finland. What’s your rationale for preferring the UK over Scandinavia?

Pakshal: Sweden and Finland were quite fascinating options to consider since the quality of education they provide is above par compared to other European countries.

On the other hand, in the UK, I found a perfect blend of subjects I wanted to pursue and the mode of teaching at Warwick grabbed my attention. Tweaks in PSW rules opened the doors for many who thought that the UK was initially just for studying and you can hardly get a job there let alone the PR. In the pursuit of better and the best, I chose the latter.

Q 5: How did you find the hybrid admission counseling approach at Stoodnt – working with an independent admissions consultant and a University Representative?

Pakshal: Hybrid counseling at Stoodnt was commendable. Working with an Independent Admission consultant and University representative gave me a smooth experience in terms of pre and post-application processes. I was able to coordinate with the team anytime which turned the hassle into convenience.

About Hybrid Admission Counselling Services by Stoodnt

Stoodnt is an online platform that connects candidates with independent admission counselors and study abroad counselors (or university representatives).

Independent admission consultants (or counselors) do not possess any agreements with universities. They are application specialists and their consulting charges tend to be more expensive.

Study abroad counselors (including university representatives) usually have tie-ups with universities. Secondly, their counseling service charges are on the nominal side. Additionally, they can also assist with study-abroad loans, accommodation, visa applications, etc.

On the flip side, a majority of representatives tend to provide biased advice as they want to recruit students only for their partner universities. This conflict of interest can be countered to a large extent if the counselor has got a large portfolio of universities.

The majority of study abroad counselors don’t take up the pain of assisting with applications at top universities (since they don’t do tie-ups and pay commissions). Independent admission counselors usually work in the best interest of the candidates and can significantly improve the admission chances at the top universities; and even with generous scholarships.

How Does the Hybrid Model Work?

At Stoodnt, candidates can sign up for bite-size services with an independent admission consultant and end-to-end guidance services from a study abroad counselor (university representative) simultaneously.

Pakshal had opted for a one-application review (Rs. 14,000) with me. He applied to a few universities (in Sweden, Germany & Finland) and to the UK universities (Warwick, Nottingham, Exeter & Sheffield) with the help of Sunita Bose (and her Team).

MEM Admits for Pakshal:

  1. Logistics and supply chain management – Lund University, Sweden
  2. Industrial Engineering and Management – Tampere, Finland
  3. Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management – Warwick, UK
  4. Industrial Engineering and Operations Management – Nottingham, UK
  5. Mechanical Engineering with Industrial Management – Sheffiled, UK

There are more than 20 independent admission consultants on Stoodnt. Additionally, Study Abroad Counselors on Stoodnt have got tie-ups with 100+ UK universities and 50+ universities in the US and Canada. If you need any help with your applications, drop us an email at

Want To Get Into MEM?

Book a free session with Sunita Bose

Q 6: Please provide your feedback on the application review services by Tanmoy and the assistance from Sunita Bose (and the Let’s Talk Team)?

Pakshal: I came across Tanmoy’s profile through one of his blogs – Best MEM programs in Europe. And since the day I contacted him for counseling, The experience was a smooth-sailing ride. From reviewing the application (CV, SOP & LOR) to giving the right guidance on which university to choose and what all criteria should be considered, he was on point and sound in his approach. His clarity and experience helped me to get into my dream university and you can always count on him even after your admission.

I was introduced to the Sunita Bose (and Let’s Talk team) by Tanmoy. Counselors over there were easily approachable and I was able to ask even the silliest of doubts. The guidance and assistance provided by them were impeccable. Their expertise in the UK helped me to shortlist the right set of Universities based on my profile. Even after receiving my offer letter, I received constant assistance from them and it continues. 

Q 7: Any suggestions for future applicants who want to do masters in Engineering Management (MEM)?

Pakshal: Engineering Management is a trendy and popular course amongst employers. But one should not just go with the flow and fall into the trap of following the herd. The right approach is to get a good hold of the modules one wants to study and how will it benefit them in terms of their future goals.

Engineering management (EM) could give you the edge compared to purely technical or managerial candidates. However, I feel the right way to apply for this kind, of course, is after getting some decent work experience.

EM will open doors for a wide variety of roles you can get and can widen your domain. I believe the future holds multiple opportunities for those who are Jack of all trades and Master of SOME. 

Featured Image Source: University of Colorado Boulder

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